IRVING, TX: Mayor gets slew of vile, foul-mouthed online threats for not supporting little jihadi-in-training Ahmed “you didn’t build that clock” Mohamed, that he made to look like a bomb

tumblr_nutwq86YML1qb6v6ro1_1280Online communications reveal Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne as the target of troubling threats and foul-mouthed attacks made over the Dallas suburban school district’s handling of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who brought into high school an unassigned homemade clock creation perceived as “hoax” bomb last month.

(Ahmed didn’t even create a clock, phony bomb or otherwise. He simply took parts of an existing clock and rearranged them into a suitcase. See video below)

Ahmed Mohamed didn’t invent, build or assemble a digital clock, but he may very well have intentionally built a hoax bomb. Worse case scenario it was a premeditated act of micro-terrorism’/dry run aided and abetted by his radical Muslim father and sister. Intended to lower defenses under the oh…so…convenient cover of ‘islamophobia’. A tactic applied by stealth jihadists known as litigation jihad.


Breitbart (h/t Emma)  This latest crop of emails, tweets and Facebook posts display an alarming tone of misogyny and sexual harassment. Some even advocate sexual violence towards the mayor. Thursday night, Irving police released 14 pages of messages and social media comments detailing threats sent to the city’s mayor and police following the Ahmed “Clock Boy” controversy.

The vile online correspondences sent to Van Duyne came from Texas, other states and countries. The comments, rooted in the mainstream media narrative, assume a position of Ahmed Mohamed as the victim of alleged Islamophobia. Breitbart Texas reported on the teen’s arrest as the result of zero tolerance Student Code of Conduct policies and the Texas Education Code, not racism.


One tasteless tweeter contacted Van Duyne on her personal account, posting: “Make yourself useful and show us your tits.” Another message was the despicably crass: “I hope you get cancer you filthy AIDS infected cunt.”

A Texas hate-email described how Van Duyne should be forcefully sodomized while excerpts in a different vulgar correspondence called the mayor “a FUCKING IDIOT, a dumb WHORE and a WHORE CUNT.”

This sender even cited the U.S. Constitution for the freedom to say all-of-the-above, ending in an anarchial flourish: “I plainly state this because our government is CORRUPT. FUCK THE NSA, FBI, SCOTUS, POTUS, and FUCKETH-YOUETH. Tell the NSA I said GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!”

One multiple tweeter on the Mayor’s page charged: “You deserve to rot in jail,” adding “Die already!”

A classless correspondence claimed Van Duyne “deserved a severe spanking, a dip in tar and feathers, and then run out of town.”


One of the messages from Texas calls for Van Duyne’s impeachment; one just wants her fired. Two identify as women in their email addresses.

One of the “ladies” blames the mayor, the police, and the entire state of Texas for “its racist, bigoted hatred of anything and anyone not white, straight and Christian.” While most of the correspondence rambles, it ends on a telling note: “Fortunately, that very hatred is helping to end Christianity in this country.”

The other female raged: “Who did you sleep with to get to your level?”


All this vitriol from the avowed “open-minded” side that champions the war on women and worships female empowerment, women’s rights, undying mutual respect and equal pay between the sexes and among all planetary life, the very same bunch that also preaches “no means no,” “yes means yes” and global online etiquette. Yet, the cesspool chatter continued. (BNI believes that  many of these comments came from Muslims)

A male serial tweeter, whose account now shows it as being suspended, also called Van Duyne a liar and a stupid bigoted GOP bitch, then described Irving PD as “fucking pigs.” One Facebook post even dragged in Van Duyne’s children: “Your serial killer looking children must be so proud.”

"If I had a son, he would look just like little Clockmed"
“If I had a son, he would look just like little Clockmed”

These excerpts come from the dozen-plus communications reviewed by Breitbart Texas. Yet, the Dallas Morning News trivialized Van Duyne’s concerns about emailed death threats only acknowledging that one of Thursday’s released correspondences threatened sexual violence against her. 

KTVT 11, the Dallas CBS affiliate, reported among the previously released messages Anonymous weighed in, questioning Irving PD: “Where was the bomb squad? Where was the evacuation? What if it had been a real bomb and not just a clock?,” then cautioned “…We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”


Also, a local, who wrote on behalf of a group of aircraft owners, operators and pilots that provide free emergency and non-emergency space available air transportation, chillingly admonished Irving police and school district employees: “All employees of Irving ISD and the Irving PD and their immediate family members are banned from our aircraft. That means that our members will watch your child die bleeding and convulsing on the (Dallas) Love Field tarmac.”

(h/t Whuptdue) Freeper, “AggieCon” posted the link to all fourteen pages of threats:

“I requested the documents referenced in this thread from the City of Irving through a FOIA request. I’m still waiting on additional records to be released. The records released so far are what the police department had.

Here’s a link to everything I’ve received so far:

Please share these around. It’s frustrating that media outlets try to be sneaky about open records to keep the story exclusive or something like that. It was first posted on Jihad Watch, by the way, and the complete document set is found there as well.