MINNESOTASTAN: Somali Muslim savage bus driver refused to allow 16-year-old girl off the bus unless she gave him oral sex

A Somali Muslim Metro Transit driver, 32-year-old Mahmud Dabshir Aden of Minneapolis, who came to the U.S. as a ‘refugee’ from Somalia 8 years ago, was arrested by Metro Transit Police for refusing to let a pregnant teenage girl off the bus, exposing himself, and demanding oral sex, according to the criminal complaint filed.


Star Tribune /TopRightNews (h/t Grant B) Aden was charged with soliciting for prostitution, a felony that carries a sentence of as much as 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $50,000. He is being held pending his next court appearance Monday afternoon. (That’s all? He exposed himself to her and held her captive, why isn’t he charged with kidnapping and sexual assault?)

The victim described to police an “escalating series of inappropriate behavior” by Aden.  The complaint says that Aden refused to let her off at her stop, continuing his route “until his layover at 34th Avenue South and Hwy. 62,” even after she “pulled the string on the bus.”

He turned off the lights on the bus and exposed his penis, after telling her that if she performed oral sex on him he would “give her $100 and a cellphone.” After she rebuffed him again, police said, Aden drove the girl back to her bus stop. The ordeal lasted about half an hour, according to police.

Metro Transit Police pulled surveillance video from Aden’s route, which supported the victim’s report. Aden also admitted he hugged the victim while is genitals were exposed, the complaint states.


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  1. Oh and the muslim scum’s claim that he “hugged” the young woman is obviously his attempt to explain away his violent assault of her / his attempt to force her into a sex act.

  2. Right on BNI. Kidnapping and sexual assault are the two additional charges that must be laid on this sadistic pervert muslum. Hopefully the prosecutors will up the charges to the real charges, namely kidnapping and sexual assault.

  3. Slander of this bus driver is the defense that CAIR will use, sharia allows for the sexual perversions of the Un-Believers hence he was within his faith in this act.

    All over the Arabic Islamic Text that refers to Mohammed and how to treat the Kafirs is volumes of verses that consider this act as a good thing relating for the love of allah.

    These Islamist at the early age sing songs of raping Christian/Jewish girls, they sing songs of killing the Kafirs, if this information were to get out it wouldd be considered slander by this administration, we have a situation where when Israel responds to terrorist attacks with force Israel is told to end the violence against the Islamist that conduct attacks, same thing here with this administration who will not allow this Muslim to serve any time in prison which is also based on the Arabic text to prevent a fellow Muslim to be imprisoned.

    Gitmo is a prime example of Hussein caring for his fellow Islamist based on the Arabic text in Islamic teachings.

  4. She should sue the bus company for hiring this crap. Maybe that will be a lesson to never hire moslem s…t.

  5. this was a city bus , and fireing him is just not enough talk to a lawyer this is worth millions……muslims are a high risk person that has is commited by joining the gang of islam to such atrocities and to hide behind sharia law….what a horrible experience for a young girl life changing.

    • That’s a good idea to sue the bus company that hired this filth. It might make other think twice about hiring kidnappers / sexual assaulters.

      And you can bet this isn’t the first crime this filth has committed.

      Teach your children to avoid all the filthy scum. Teach your children what they look like. Tell your children never to get on a bus, get in a cab, but anything from, etc. etc. any of these filthy scumbags. Especially teach them the physical characteristics of Somalians.

  6. he’s been here for 8 years, and this is just the first time he’s been accused of this? Methinks he’s been doing this sort of thing for quite a while, but that too many women are too intimidated to say anything about it.

  7. This ignorant, racist and bigoted 16 girl needs to be immediately handed over to the local Sharia court for her pubic whipping and forced marriage and a life of slavery to the bus driver in recompense for this outrageous offense to his rich and diverse Islamic culture.

    This is why we need more redial leftist, socialist leaders like EUR has. In EUR everything is perfect under socialist authority, they said so in the debate the other night! EUR leaders understand the importance of multiculturalism over any and all freedoms and law and would straighten this girl out by showing here that she’s subservient to ALL foreign Muslim men and can be subjugated and used however they see fit. It’s RACIST not to!

    Stop being racist and intolerant! Vote DEM next year so Muslim men can rape you, your wives and your daughters as they deserve to.

  8. Kidnapping, attempted rape, gross indecency………… haven’t the authorities heard of these? Watch how fast the MSM (LameStream Media) can “disappear” this story. He will also probably get off with a little slap on the hand, and authorities will cite “cultural differences” for their muslim-pandering, apologist decisions. What a sick looking prick this guy is. Why don’t these muzzrats stick to their own kind……..

  9. time to start thinking about Christian Militias America , it really is , this threat will never stop with peace , Muslims don’t understand or respect peace, they only know war . Europe is showing the US a vision of their own future unless we take our country back , and soon

  10. As a Muslim, the filthy dirty pig REJECTS God’s HOLY Laws given to His faithful Hebrew, Jewish servant Moses.

    God created Sex as a Beautiful Gift in Marriage between One Adult Man and One Adult Woman which had its beginning in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

    The dirty, filthy Muslim predator pig holds the terrified infidel girl against her will and demands sex from the child.

    As a Muslim, he believes Mohammed and Mohammed’s god gives Muslims the right to kidnap and rape non-Muslim females.

    Almighty, God our Precious Wonderful Creator provides Marriage and a Wife for Sex. That was UNACCEPTABLE to Islam’s pedophile founder Mohammed, kidnapper, serial rapist and huge sex slaver of non-Muslim females.

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man whether he sells him or he is found in his possession shall surely be put to death.

    Western leaders are Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by massively importing Muslims into our nations.

  11. 1st:I saw you are on twitter but you can also easily connect wordpress to tumblr and google+ (google+ wants mostly a phone number for ther registration but here http://www.pinger.com/content/home.html you can get an online phone number).
    More people must see whats going on!

    thats why also many are taxi drivers,they looking for girl.
    i had once a nice goth girl,when an older turk drove her home he sayed” i want to play” and wante dto kiss her…when she goes thru a street where many muslims where they always asked her for sex.

    also i read often from rapes be muslim taxi drivers,sometimes they raped drunk womans.
    in england its the same,i think it was a BBC journalist woman who ordered a taxe but wanted a woman and no muslim,i think she lost her job!yes because she wanted a safe taxi for her girl.

  12. Meanwhile… look what’s being touted as the latest “trend” in jewelry — crescent moons. Some with stars. It’s being passed off as “pagan”, which doesn’t help much considering Islam’s origins in the worship of a moon goddess.


  13. It seems like Islam can be summed up not as the religion of peace (it is not a religion it is a Theocracy) but as a death cult obsessed with sex? Sex with children, sex with animals, rape, sex after the woman is dead, slave sex on and on????

    Yes Islam is a death cult obsessed with sex.

  14. Apart from the Muslim being charged is it not a crime to get a 16 year old pregnant in Minnesota? That’s a bit weird. Maybe it’s legal there. Who knows.

    • This post is about a filthy scumbag muslim who kidnapped and tried – after exposing himself – to force a young woman into a sex act. It is not about whether you think she might be too young to be pregnant.

      But just so you don’t give the impression that this young woman or the father of her child engaged in a criminal act, it is legal to have sex at age 16 as 16 is the age of consent.

      The only crime / criminal here is the kidnapping and attempted sexual assault of the filthy savage muslim.

      • Neither of us know when the 16 year old was impregnated. Perhaps She was impregnated when She was 15. Furthermore neither of us know if the male that impregnated her was of legal age. I understand the point you made. If you don’t agree with my post I couldn’t care less. I hate Muslims just as much as anyone on BNI. Look at my post history and you will see that.

  15. They don’t send him back to Somali because? I guess no different to why we don’t send our offenders back to where they come from, weak weak weak, and too worried about what the muslim lovers will say and think.

    • “…why isn’t he charged with kidnapping and sexual assault?)”

      The reason the filth isn’t charged with kidnapping and sexual assault is because Muslims are the BIG FAVORITES of Western leaders who know that the Blood Soaked Quran instructs Muslims to capture non-Muslim females for sex slaves.

      With this knowledge, our leaders massively imported Muslims into our nations, so of course, the dirty Muslim whose role model is the pedophile barbaric mass murderer and huge sex slaver of non-Muslims, the founder of Islam, Mohammed, is not charged with kidnapping and sexual assault.

  16. was he even fired? it just says he isnt driving buses for them, anymore. Is he cleaning bathrooms or a supervisor there, now? I hope not.