MSNBC Jew-hating Muslim reporter caught lying on air about an alleged “unarmed Palestinian victim who was brutalized by Israeli police”

MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin, a reporter who has time and time again displayed bias in favor of Palestinian terrorists and against Israeli Jews, was caught lying about a terrorist attack by his own MSNBC anchor on air Friday while reporting on the newest developments in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Breitbart  Mohyeldin was on the scene in Jerusalem reporting on an incident where Israeli police subdued an armed Palestinian terrorist.

The MSNBC production crew then displayed a picture of the man in question as Mohyeldin continued to mislead his audience. The picture clearly shows the Palestinian attacker in camouflage and he appears to be armed with a large knife.

After asserting that the Palestinian terrorist was an unarmed victim of Israeli brutality, and being caught in a lie, Mohyeldin attempted to backtrack from his aforementioned claim. “Everything was moving fast… it was obviously difficult for us to concentrate on that particular moment,” he then said in his defense (see video below).

This is just the latest in Mohyeldin’s long track-record of promoting Palestinian groups and reporting unfounded allegations against Israelis. During Israel’s most recent war with Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, the MSNBC reporter was known to repeat Hamas talking points and use them in his reporting.

This reporter, who is an anti-American/anti-Israel Muslim, has previously advocated for a ban on mocking Islam and has called  American sniper hero Chris Kyle a ‘racist’ on a ‘killing spree’.