MY HERO! Courageous black woman goes on angry rant against Muslim bagheads on a London bus

British media are calling her a “racist.” They should be honoring her with a medal for saying what most people are afraid to say. Unfortunately, all the really good parts of her rant have been bleeped out of the video, but I’ve posted them below.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Mother with a stroller taunts Muslim bagheads whom she called “sandbags” and “ISIS bitches.” In what appears to have started because two of the Muslim women were speaking their own language, the foul-mouthed woman, who had a child in a pram with her, goes on an ignorant rant in front of the whole bus.

The black woman, who appears to be extremely annoyed by the Muslims on the 206 bus, shouts: ‘Talk your f***ing language. Keep laughing. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. With your bombs hiding underneath your clothes.”


‘I don’t f***ing like you people because you’re f***ing rude. You come to England and you have no f***ing manners. Go back to your f***ing country where they are bombing every day, don’t come here where we are free.’

When one of the Muslim women tries to reply to her, the racist woman says: ‘Shut your mouth’. Another woman sitting at the front of the bus intervenes, but the animated and very angry woman resorted to more abuse. She said: ‘F***ing sandbags. F***ing Isis bitches.’


The bus driver then intervenes and tells everyone to relax, but the abuse still carries on. At one point, the child who the black woman is with, appears to ask what is happening. Crouching down to speak to the baby, she replies: ‘What happened? What happened? Isis got into the country, that’s what happened.’ 

The woman then stares at her victims, as the other passengers sit silently. But it only took a matter of seconds of silence, before the woman went on another rant at her targets.  She said: ‘Have you both got the same husband? Have you? Are you still sleeping with the same man? Is that how it works?’


She points to another Muslim woman at the front of the bus, saying: ‘Are you sleeping with her husband? Do all your kids live in the same house together? ‘Dirty, dirty people. All that living together, all that 20,000 wives – I think that’s disgusting.’

The Muslim women try to ignore her by speaking among themselves, in their own language, as she carries on ranting and pointing. But she waded in with threats of violence to get their attention again.


She said: ‘I will kick you in the stomach. I will pull that down and kick you, so you never have a kid again. I will donkey kick you. It will be the first time I’ve ever resorted to violence in public.’

One of the Muslim women can be heard asking her to ‘finish’ and ‘stop’, but she replied: ‘Make me stop. Make me stop.’ At this point the bus driver got out of his cabin and asked everyone to ‘relax’ but he seemed overwhelmed by the incident and returned to drive the vehicle.


The woman carried on: ‘You shouldn’t even be in this country. You’re lucky I don’t work for immigration, I would run the flipping … erm … what do you call it?… Thing.’

As more people make their voices heard, the woman shouts: ‘You’re the devil. You’re an Isis b****.’ A Muslim woman and child walked to the back of the bus and had ‘Isis, Isis, Isis’ barked in their faces.

After verbally abusing the Muslims on the bus and threatening them with violence, she then took out her phone and recorded them. 


One woman was not happy about being filmed and tried to take the phone out of her hand. Three times the verbal attacker shouted at her: ‘Touch me again, I’ll punch you in the head.’ ‘Dirty sandbags, dirty sandbags’, she continued. ‘

The bus driver was forced to get out of his cabin for a second time in a bid to diffuse the situation and again repeatedly shouted ‘relax’, as the video recording came to an end.

Not surprisingly, Islamopandering Youtube has deleted the video but you can watch it without all the bleeps: (COPY & PASTE the link below)


UPDATE: Sadly, the woman was arrested. Not a surprise.


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  1. So sad to read comments on YouTube and LiveLeaks calling her a stupid nigger… How fucking dumb there’s people are… She fully integrated UK and even defends their values… And they try to take her down… I wish misery for these fucking traitors.

  2. Well, I guess Muslims have replaced blacks as the official faux victims of the UK.

    Unfortunately, she’ll probably be arrested and jailed.

  3. The Obama regime again make it very clear that ISIS savages, Al Qaeda, and other Muslim terrorist monsters are NOT the enemy.

    “State, local and tribal law enforcement officials considered sovereign citizens to be the top concern of law enforcement, ranking above ISIL and Al Qaeda-inspired extremists,” he said.
    Department of Justice Creates New Position to Target ‘Anti-Government Views’
    October 15, 2015
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    The Department of Justice is creating a new position to coordinate investigations into violent homegrown extremism, Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, head of the department’s national security division, said Wednesday.

    According to the Associated Press, Carlin told a George Washington University crowd that, while the international terror threat occupies the public attention, federal officials remain as concerned about the prospect of violence from “Americans motivated by anti-government views and racist ideologies.”

    “We need to make sure we have the mechanisms in place so that we can continue to remain just as focused on the domestic terrorism threat while addressing the international terrorism threat,” Carlin said during a question-and-answer session after a speech at the university.

    Carlin emphasized what he called the growing risk from homegrown terrorism and specifically white supremacy.

    “We recognize that, over the past few years, more people have died in this country in attacks by domestic extremists than in attacks associated with international terrorist groups,” Carlin said.

    “Among domestic extremist movements active in the United States, white supremacists are the most violent. The Charleston shooter, who had a manifesto laying out a racist world-view, is just one example,” Carlin said, before also noting killings by white supremacists in Kansas and Wisconsin.

    While he spoke about the threat posed by ISIS, he emphasized that law enforcement is focused on racist and anti-government ideologies, and that such ideologies may pose a more serious threat than ISIS.

    “More broadly, law enforcement agencies nationwide are concerned about the growth of the ‘sovereign citizen’ movement. According to one 2014 study, state, local and tribal law enforcement officials considered sovereign citizens to be the top concern of law enforcement, ranking above ISIL and Al Qaeda-inspired extremists,” he said.

    Sovereign citizens believe that the government is corrupt and out of control, so they do not recognize local, state or federal authority and believe that the government has no right to tax them.

    The new “Domestic Terrorism Counsel” will work with U.S. attorneys nationwide “to identify trends that can be used to help shape a national strategy.”

    From Activist Post:

    This latest move from the fear-mongering Department of Justice essentially enshrines homegrown paranoia about imagined enemies. It also serves to justify the further expansion of the military-industrial-surveillance complex into the lives of American citizens on American soil … especially dissenting ones.

    The truth is that if the so-called Domestic Terrorism Counsel were truly interested in ending homegrown extremism, it would need to look no further than the role U.S. government agencies themselves have played in cultivating nearly every act of false flag domestic terror thus far reported.

    Don’t miss reading this extremely enlightening article. Americans are massively DECEIVED by the U.S. regime for nefarious purposes.

    Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up in the MSM’s Face?
    August 30, 2015

  4. How ridiculous ! Everyone knows blacks absolutely positively can never ever be racist, only evil christian white people can be racist. Nice to see the liberal media tie themselves in knots over something like this, but it does clearly show the social order, so muzzies are higher up than blacks ? All you really need to know is that whites are at the bottom, unless you are queer, then you are elevated a notch.

  5. As I posted here, I live in London, I have a car but it is easier for me to jump on the bus when going into town.

    I am frequently one of two or three whites on the bus surrounded by this filth, on many occasions I have been the only native Brit on board.

    The noise his horrendous, it is like a lot of people clearing their throats with regular screams sounding like a cat being strangled. The stench melts your nose and the back of your throat and the looks of disdain and contempt are everywhere.

    I am made to feel like the invader, like I do not belong here. And when they see my Crucifix and my Israeli Friendship Pin it feels like I am about to be stoned or beheaded.

    And supposedly, they are only 4.5% of the population, well come to London and play spot the Englishman and then tell me they are a small minority.

  6. Bet those half brained muslimas dont understand english and communicated in their own lingo so whatever the brave black woman said went straight over their thick skulls.
    Most passengers and the driver agreed with the hero lady so no one intervened.
    I do see a lot of muslimas on london bus everyday, mostly sudanese with atleast one pram and 2 or 3 children, i guess hidden inside those sand bags they have another baby in progress. It is very rare to see an ethnic british woman with a child
    they are going to overrun us

  7. But blacks who lived in the West Asian Middle East did not easily tolerate obnoxious Arab behavior. Al Jahiz(776-869), a black writer living in Iraq in the 9th century wrote a text titled “The Superiority of Blacks over Whites” in which he extolled the bravery, autonomy, strength, warrior skills, etc. of blacks over whites.

  8. Brave, brave woman! Wish there were more like her! I have a buddy in London, who is as enraged over this muslim onslaught as anyone of us here. He described how he saw this covered muslima, pregnant, pushing a stroller with FOUR kids, and a young child walking beside her. He looked at her and said “We already have one Pakistan, why do you want to create another in the UK”. The woman did not understand English, but a passerby nodded agreement with him with a smile. The UK needs to awaken before it is too late. They are a brave people who have fended off a lot of enemies over the years. But this one is from within, and instead of fighting them, the government seems to be cheering them on.

  9. What racism? The woman is a black Jamaican, not WHITE – so how can she possibly be a racist – despite the well known fact pisslam isn’t a race?
    Of course she’s is saying out loud what the majority are too afraid of saying because they damn well know the thought police are around.
    I do find it an irony that a black Jamaican woman complaining about “people” from another country “migrating” to UK, when black Jamaicans aren’t exactly indigenous to England! And the words of Enoch Powell come screaming through:

    “Whole areas, towns & parts of towns across England will be occupied by sections of the immigrant & immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily heaping up it’s own funeral pyre.While to the immigrant, entry to this country was by admission to privileges & opportunities eagerly sought, the impact on the existing population was very different. They found themselves made strangers in their own countries. The sense of being a persecuted minority which is growing among ordinary English people in the areas of the country which are affected, is something that those without direct experience can hardly imagine”.

    “Those who make peaceful Revolution impossible, make violent Revolution inevitable” – President John F Kennedy 1962

    • Note too that there are British people who have retired and live in African countries like the Gambia, Kenya, Zambia. The point is that if you migrate to another country just don’t make yourself insufferable nuisances as Muslims in Britain do.

    • Mo Wazza, you mention the irony of black people complaining about ‘foreigners’. A good point, but most of the black people came to the UK to work. Yes, black gangs set up, but most black immigrants were hard working, humorous and without spite against white people.
      The black woman berating the idle Muslim women probably gets fed up with paying tax to keep these princesses and remembers what jobs her grandparents and parents had to take to get on any ladders, housing, employment etc.
      Black immigrants have never threatened to slyly take over so that they can chop off hands, stone women and commit sexual acts against little girls from age six.
      They can be trusted in positions of power, local councils, politics, banking, the law without carrying a secret desire to force our laws to change.
      The only black people I would distrust are black Muslims. No offence, MW, but I am glad that we have black people, Chinese and Jews in the UK. They have made a difference and it is a good difference.

      • Etti I agree with what you say, I was making an observation basically as an outsider looking at the whole picture.
        Most immigrants work & integrate – except for muzzturds or from other 3rd world shit-holes.
        Apart from muzzturds, problems arise when areas become ghettos of any one particular ethnicity. You only have to look at Bethnal Green where I was born or Tower Hamlets for example.

      • Mo Wazza, spot on! Tower Hamlets, I’ve seen video of Muslim enrichment; rundown shops, shop fronts and houses in need of paint. Local mosque even wanted Olympic stadium for ‘punishments, and the people can watch’.
        At least the mayor was rumbled.

    • We will always have freedom of speech, you just have to get to a place of mental/emotional strength and be prepared for the consequences, freedom of speech is only a problem if you are fearful. It shouldn’t have to be that way, but it is, the rules of the game are always changing, which means for me that I have to change with it, we have to test ourselves and our level of fear, and push through them, otherwise we will never stand up for what we believe in because we will be too scared.

      I worked for a geologist a few years ago, and he was an absolute jerk among other things, I went to HR, I don’t care that it was his company, I went to HR and said if I don’t get a written apology I am going to the Industrial Relations, and then I went on to say that all of you women here have encouraged it by allowing him to get away with it for how many years now!!! sure I lost my job, but I made my point, it wasn’t about an apology from the degrading sexual harassing jackass, it was about me giving myself the freedom of speech to tell the truth.

  10. The ‘authorities’ may have a little problem here. Are they going to charge this BLACK WOMAN with ‘RACISM’? Heh, heh…

  11. What the video tells us, is the rise of discontent in the UK. A lot of the British people are already feeling the effects of all the Muslim refugees (whose countries are not in order) getting priority over them in all aspects of British society; housing, jobs, welfare, etc. And more are on their way, and they do not believe in a mufti-cultural society. Given a chance, the same shar’ia laws they ran away from in the first place are the same shar’ia laws they want introduced to the places they scarper to. Strange, shady, shiftless sort of hypocrites.

    The Muslim lady hitting the Black lady on the bus only signified the historical Islamic facts; of their disrespecting, invading, pillaging, raping, killing, torturing the African Blacks 1000 years before the Christian Europeans got to follow suit in 1501 with the blessing of Queen Isabella of Iberia. And the Arab Muslims are still enslaving Blacks en masse, today, this very minutes in places like Sudan, Libya and Mauritania…

    In many of both Arab and Iranian Islamic writings, Blacks are portrayed as being stupid, untruthful, vicious, cowardly, sexually unbridled, ugly and distorted, excessively merry, and easily affected by food and drink.

  12. This is becoming a ‘trend’ of sorts where the ‘people with dark skin’ really arc-up at both muzzies and the gov’t. On BNI there is also that black guy in the car-park in the US who is (rightly so) putting crap all over Obama. Could it be that when these people’s forebears came from Africa, East Indies etc they came as slaves and had a really tough time and now they see the muzzies living on welfare, everything provided , breeding like flies and basically ‘living the life of Riley’ so to speak. But they really do arc-up …so beautiful to see the passion !!!

    • TBI, I am hoping that more black people begin to understand that Muslims consider them all slaves, even the ones who are Muslims. It’s taken a long, long time, but I am seeing a definite shift. All the people who have identified as black here (more than a few) have agreed with our position on Islam.

      • Not forgetting that it was Arab (Muslim), slavers that caught the Africans for the U.S. slave trade. Livingstone estimated that only perhaps one in five of those captured actually made it to the coast for transport. Other accounts compare the forced travel to that of the transport itself:

        “In the nineteenth century, slaves reached the ports of Ottoman Tripoli by three main Saharan routes, all so harsh that the experience of slaves forced to travel them bore comparison with the horrors of the so-called ‘middle-passage’ of the Atlantic.”

        John Wright. “The Mediterranean Middle Passage: The Nineteenth Century Slave Trade Between Triploi and the Levant”. The Journal of North African Studies 1 (1996): 44.

        Of course the Muslims had plenty of experience – having enslaved black Africans for centuries as Djinn X states.

        And if you were lucky enough to be an African chosen to become a eunuch, you had a circa 90% chance of dying from the procedure.

      • NZGuy, Arabs were not involved in the West African slave trade. Some Muslims–many of whom became captive slaves themselves-were involved but the West African slave trade was based on captives of local wars and raids bartering off their captives to Middle men who then transported their captives to the West African coast where they were then transported to the Americas by ships owned by European traders. Many of the captives themselves were victims of kidnapping. Some wrote about their kidnapping–such as Ajayi Crowder and Mahama Baquakua.

      • The East African trade was predominantly a Muslim Arab/Arabized African affair all along the Swahili Coast to islands such as Zanzibar and Pemba and to the Arabian coast but the West African trade was not Arab-run.

    • True Blue, it would be wonderful if some covert recording of how arabs really think of blacks could be disseminated, not just a lone throw away comment but an extended diatribe or a bunch of arabs probably drunk on illicit alcohol having as high old time putting the boot in.

      It might wake black people up to the fact that they are nothing but pawns for islam who will be done away with once the conditions are judged ripe for doing so.

  13. The view of the muslime that was told the truth, the only thing missing was the fake prophet mohammed (may a thousand hogs ejaculate over his rotting corpse) was not called a vile child fucking pedophile Sweetheart that is a basic diss if you are going to to a rant against islam. If you going to do time in prison you might as well get all the dirty facts into the open.

    I like the bus drivers quote.. She added: “No-one did anything so I walked to the driver and asked him to call the police. And he said ‘You can do that yourself’.
    btw how dumb does the other smiling tard with the blue rags look, its like she has had a lobotomy.
    Can somebody please explain why we have to share out beautiful home with these total retarded muslime bottom feeders? What the fuck do we have in common with these low IQ fuckheads???

  14. She was echoing my thoughts every time I travel on public transport. I really have to “bite my tongue” when I see these bagheads and the men with their dirty white bedsheets and filthy beards. Sometimes I am the only indigenous person on the train/bus. It’s sickening. The UK has turned into a Third World sh*thole.

    • I couldn’t handle that, being on public transport and all around me are shrouded muslamics, I’d have to find another way of getting about, or move, to another country.

      • J – I should have said I’d hate to be surrounded by shrouded muslamics on public transport, as PT is how I get around Aus.

        I checked out islam by country and the UK and US have a couple of million, we have 339k or something like that, but that was back in 2010, a lot has happened since then.

        I’d be catching PT too if I lived in a country like yours, some of the english I’ve chatted with here laugh at us when we have a moan about prices of things.

  15. London is doomed! Islamists will now claim it’s theirs pretty much what they are doing in Israel! They take over slowly but surely and everybody is busy with the lie of “Palestine” instead of seeing what’s really happening around them! Wake up, World! Do not let this happen! Fight for the identity of your country! Its history! Its future!

  16. Her own country has betrayed and silenced her. She is a true guerilla fighter who is striking back in the only way left to her: direct confrontation of the enemy. If the threats of censorship are any indication of what’s ahead, this will soon be among our only means of defying these invaders. They whine about their fear of persecution then strut about the streets secure in the knowledge that the “Islamophobia” police will protect them. If one of us was on that bus with her, how could we help? Distract the bagheads, encourage her to escape? Because what we are seeing here is our own future.

    This defiant woman has been arrested. It is crucially important to keep that from happening, Defiance must succeed in making the invader feel less secure, not reinforce their protected status. Now that everything is recorded, how does she express her outrage, then get off that bus and escape? Exit the bus when the driver first interferes and, if possible, take another route home, tell those close to her what happened, construct alibis, get rid of whatever might be used to identify her?

    The Daily Mail is an enemy collaborator and has apparently dropped all pretense of being an “objective” reporter of news. Not that the same can’t be said for 99.9% of our own MSM.

    • The black lady confronting the parasite invaders isn’t striking out at the true enemy, she’s only reacting to the symptoms of the decay happening all around her.

  17. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

    The black lady told the truth about our terrible danger from Islam and is punished…

    Polls show that a huge percentage of Muslims in Europe regard ISIS terrorist savages as HEROES.

    Geert Wilders states: “A survey among Turkish youths in the Netherlands found that 80% do not consider the violence which groups such as ISIS use against non-believers to be wrong.

    73% of the Muslims in my country say that Dutch Muslims who go and fight in Syria are heroes.”


    There are now 52 million Muslims in Europe. Thanks to our traitor leaders colonising our small nations with Muslims, we are in terrible danger.


  18. I clicked on the link to read the story at UK’s Daily Mail and they are NOT allowing ANY comments, usually they delete what they consider “offensive” ie. “non-politically correct” comments and ban the poster but in this case they’ve forbidden all discourse. It is refreshing to see a Brit and a Black one at that, publicly shame a follower of the pedophile “prophet” and goat raper, moo-HAM-mud, there IS hope for England yet.

      • I read the article and comments on the Mail the day it happened, by far most comments disparaged the black woman.

      • Room, the Daily Mail Moderated the comments, therefore do not believe what you read, go on the Daily Express site (unmoderated) to see a true reflection of what people think. MSM use moderation to sway the public view do not trust moderated comments.

      • Room101, A lot of Muslims would have made comments. When the Daily Mail reports on Muslim terror attacks, Muslims make lots of taqiyya comments, claiming that that is not Islam — emulating the pedophile founder of Islam, barbaric mass murderer, serial rapist and huge sex slaver of non-Muslims, who declared: WAR is DECEPTION.

        As for non-Muslim comments disparaging the black lady, they’re successfully indoctrinated little robots who will be quite shocked when they’re violently attacked by Muslims obeying bloodthirsty Quran commands to wage jihad against the infidels — beheadings, gang rapes….

      • Shanker on the UK Daily Express, they don’t moderate our comments, but we all have to be careful what we say. Many times I’ve had my comments immediately deleted on the Express and so have others. We have to figure out what the ‘wrong’ words are that we say, that will get our comments instantly deleted. Our people are still able to make really good comments.

    • In the UK when comments are not accepted by newspapers, it is because a court case is or might be pending. If a case goes to court, such comments are deemed to be influencing the outcome of the case before evidence has been heard, which also influences the jury.
      Newspapers get heavy fines and criminals go free. Not that I think the outspoken black lady is a criminal; I’d like to shake her hand.

    • I would vote for her if you did and I lived in the UK. In fact, if she was the UK prime minister I would move there in a heartbeat.

  19. I just BET that that bus driver has had to put up with a lot of Muslim riders abusing other riders, and them, too. And THAT is why he pulled back, and let her have her say. He probably AGREED with her, and was tired of Muslim trash, too.
    Can you imagine how, day after day, bus drivers have to cope with THEM on the bus?
    It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of!

  20. hahahaha, I’ll donkey kick you, that’s so funny.

    I shut 3 muslamic men up in the bus about a month ago now, the bus driver spoke the same language as the 3 muslims sitting directly behind me, driver told me he could understand every word they were saying about him, as he is from the same country, they kept speaking in their own language so I boomed loudly, YEAH I HATE IT WHEN FOREIGNERS come to my country speak in their own language, BECAUSE you never know what they are saying about the country and it’s people I CAN’T STAND THE C***S because to me they are nothing but cowards for not speaking in english whilst in an english speaking country, hiding behind language, and most of us australians would rather the rude disrespectful foreigners to just F* OFF if they are going to say negative things about people, weak cowards that’s all they are. I hate em.

    The bus went very quiet, the three guys got off at the next stop via the back door.

    Of course they arrested the brave woman in this story, she is the enemy of the state, dhimmis will make sure she is sentenced too. The world has been dimmed.

  21. Note the huge smile on the Muslim woman. It’s a smile of TRIUMPH. Native Brits are now in a minority in our beloved capital city of London and other cities.

    The Muslim smiles with great PLEASURE. Muslims have been massively imported to live as Permanent Parasites off our people; live lives of leisure, and enabled to raise up huge numbers of Muslim children after they arrive in Muslim Paradise on Earth Britain.

    Global Muslim terrorist Arafat, ADORED by Western ruling elites and media declared, “The Wombs of our Women will Give us Victory.”

    The Muslim woman smiles with DELIGHT. Muslims and their huge families are all financially provided for by intensely despised infidels to replace OUR people with Muslims who will become the future rulers of Britain and enslave us under barbaric sharia law unless things change drastically soon.

    The black lady has had more than she can take. As a non-indoctrinated, informed person she will know that thousands of British vets and other homeless Brits live on the streets DENIED HELP because they’re non-Muslim native Brits.

    The social housing and benefits that were created ONLY for our native Brits in time of great need have been STOLEN and given away to the huge Muslim Third World.

    JUSTICE NOW. Take back the social housing and benefits from the imported Muslims and give them to OUR people and our vets.

    The black lady is clearly distressed — several months ago, ISIS flag holding Muslims were very proud to hold a huge parade in a London tunnel. NO ONE was arrested.

    It’s highly acceptable to ruling elites to support ISIS savage monsters. Dare to protest about ISIS as this lady did and you’ll be hunted down and swiftly arrested by Britain’s sharia police who are very zealous for Islam.

    Native Brits and all Europeans are being led like sheep to the slaughter…

    • Yes I noticed it too. Smugness of victory, like the men who wave their hands in the air showing their victory as they invaded Europe. Ever since watching the video clip you posted about the genocide of white people, everything I read, see and watch now regarding immigration legal and illegal all comes back to that clip.

      Even when I return to work tomorrow and look at the Japanese, Hongkie, Indian, Malaysian, Singarporian, Polish, Russian, South African, Black African, Moroccan, English (brit), Iranian, some of it is connected to white flight and some of it is connected to white genocide, I will never look at diversity as though it’s just people moving about the globe searching for their dream life, it’s all connected to white genocide.

      Oh and by the way, diversity in the workplace, us Australians are a minority in it, at least I get to voice it in my workspace without it being reported and I don’t smother it with humour either so I can get away with it, I blatantly say to them how does it feel to know that you have an aussie on centrelink money that could do the job you;re doing they want to work and you are sitting here next to me with a job, their answer is well if you’re govt is allowing it why shouldn’t we, and your people don’t want to work they are dole bludgers, and to that I say nothing, I don’t need the grief in explaining at a job interview why I was sacked from my last job – racism, which it is not. It’s factism. Again thanks for opening my eyes up more each day to everyone on here that is posting the truth and insight, I love you all!!!!

    • Maybe this cowardly groveling before Desert Primitives have to do with the Government and the Business Elites wanting to maintain good business relationships with those cruel despotic Islamic regimes of the Middle East. The sacred rule is: “we buy your oil and we sell you weapons”.

  22. Too much “f**kin” beeping-out of the woman’s language in the video. I like hearing “choice” words when justifiably used, which is always whenever addressing muzscum. FUCK em!

  23. Unfortunelly I have just read on the daily mail she was arrested for “racism”.As far as I know, racism have nothing to do with religion and islam isnt a race.The worst is that you cant even post comments on the daily mail, because it is blocked for comments!

  24. I love the new name Dirty Sandbags. Now if only some of the White women had the guts to speak their mind. Muslims get what they deserve for trying to force their evil ideology on everyone. Everything the black women said about the Muslims is true. Many are part of a group marriage. And their all getting welfare at the working class expense. Finally it will only get worse as more of these Sandbags are let into the UK and europe.

  25. well done that girl..i hope a lot more black people see this…im outraged she was arrested..fookin dopey laws here in the uk

  26. Ruling elites and mass media failed to indoctrinate the black lady with their non-stop lies.

    The lady is clearly aware that WHEREVER THERE ARE MUSLIMS, NON-MUSLIMS WILL NEVER BE SAFE, and that,

    The Quran book of Hate, Mass Murder, and Eternal War instructs Muslims to:

    Forcibly convert, steal from, kidnap, rape, gang rape, perpetrate satanic atrocities, crucify, behead, mass murder non Muslims and capture non-Muslims for slaves and sex slaves.

    Because of horrific Islamic teaching, European, British and other Western ruling elites regard Muslims as the MOST DESIRABLE beings to Colonise, Criminally Overpopulate and Conquer our countries with.

    The lady is clearly distressed that non-Muslims are wickedly forced by evil ruling elites to finance the destruction of our people, our nations, our culture, and Western civilisation — creating future great satanic horrors…

    • That is why i hate this cult.I am so ashamed that i was born into a muslim family.I hate muhammad( may pigs shit on his cursed corpse and he burn in hell for eternity).The mentally sick tyrant who started this evil cult.

      May God bless the black women.She has the right to freedom of speech
      I admire her

      • Larry, Don’t be ashamed. We don’t choose the family we’re born into. You can rejoice greatly that you are not a Muslim now. In your heart you were NEVER a Muslim. Praise God!

      • Laraib, it’s alway so wonderful and encouraging to hear people who come from a Muslim family who have seen the light. Bless you.

  27. Truth is you need to think with your head not your heart now . This lady in her naievity has given unnecessary defence fodder for the jihadist mindset . In the aUK when Qatar refurbish certain residences , foot the bill . When the Middle East community buy up parts of London left right centre and I do t mean old Kent road , more of the Kensington Hampstead Canary Wharf areas , when if is am correct in this history suggests they supported the Ottoman Empire against the house of hasbergs , the defence deals and arms deals UK has with Saudia , the fact Is the list is endless .
    You see the much I understand her sentiments I believe one has to be astute and accurate ..going off like this just makes you look a little dullally , and subjects you to Ello ello ello governer types
    if the shoe was on the other foot I know and I think we all know who is going to be arrested and who is going to be …protected kissed loved bathed and serenaded in gold silver and diamonds …got to accept they have/ are playing this game well and most of us are just too polite forgiving understanding see the best in people etc types

    To win a battle heart is needed to win a war you need head and heart as they say ..well along those lines
    I read Sun Tze Art of War is very apt for many aspects of today .

      • Touché I can accept another point of view — and still have drinks in a bar with each other , alas not always possible with Islamic mindsets

        but I have been in the uk I know where this will end for non Muslims , it will be twisted to gain sympathy and they will get more laws protecting this group. The law will become punishable by jail time , job losses etc . Naturally it a will apply to all — except it won’t .Just look at the hypocrisy about WMD in Iraq and its invasion , the inconsistent reporting on Syria/ ISIS scene , to the blind eye of human rights abuse in Saudia and even China by the UK for economic political gain.

        You and I can both see how this video can be portrayed to gain perks/concessions with the Islamic world so as to speak

        Fingers crossed there is no further special laws and treatment eg Muslim only buses -( where only they are -prevent this issue happening again mantra you know ) given to this group due to this incident albeit understandable sentiments in a lot of cases

        The danger is ..if you make it against the law to say anything do anything against Islamic ideology but do not extend it to other faiths religions ideologies and do not punish perpetrators in the same way ….it is becoming shariaesque which is what we do not want but it looks like it’s creeping in the back door ….

        Hence BNI and colleagues head over heart .

    • Roy there are special rules for muslims. Theresa May has made so islamophobic (no such thing) attacks are recorded seperately to all other ‘Hate Crimes’, so attacks on muslims are treated more seriously than attacks on Jews, Gays, Disabled etc.

      In a recent case involving the rape of a muslim girl, the Judge passed a higher sentence stating that the shame felt by a muslim girl was greater than any other girl.

      What about the tens of thousands of innocent white English girls raped, tortured and pimped out by muslims? In the eyes of the law they don’t count.

      If I critisise islam or muslims I will be arrested for a Hate Crime, but when a muslim attacks me for wearing a cross or an Israeli badge there is no action.

      I have been physically assaulted in my job, yet the police will not take action.

      So NO this is not only on buses.

    • Heroine is now politically incorrect. Haven’t you heard that the leftists are trying to rid the world of gender pronouns?

      My hero has a better ring to it. And nobody ever says “My heroine.”

      • Yeah…. I guess one could say in the past she is my heroine, but the phrase my heroine itself does not have the ring to it that my hero does. This pc nonsense is driving people mad, however. PC is nothing more than the doubling down of Marxism not just to economics, but everything else: race, sex, language; etc. As bad as Marxism is in the economic sense, in the cultural sense its effects are just driving people mad or zombie like so they can vote for Obama or Hillary.

      • Underzog,
        Marxism as Marx explained it is mainly a CRITIQUE of Capitalism. Marx only described how capitalism works and what workers should do to rectify matters so that they gain power. Neither the Soviet Union nor China were founded on Marx’s principles–which were to grant workers–not dictator political parties–power. Marx had contempt for Muslim societies which he labeled as “Oriental Despotisms”.

  28. It is true that it is very rude to speak in your own language in front of us, especially if its done so loudly.

    Trying to speak your host country’s language will be appreciated.

    Some British people would probably complement such foreigners and help them to improve their English

    It is just basic manners – not so difficult

    We entertain no illusions as to what would happen to us if we behaved in an offensive manner in countries foreign to us, so, come along, lets build bridges, not barriers between each other

  29. Sounds to me like a fed up, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore” kind of thing expressing all of our frustrations. In other words, she sounds like the type of person leftards hate the most, a patriotic citizen.

  30. I read she’s just been arrested. They’ll throw the book at her. They will make a big example out of anyone who dares to criticize their precious muslim savages, whom they desperately want to re-populate Europe with. Doesn’t matter if a lot of what she said was true, they have successfully portrayed her as a vile “racist” in the eyes of the unthinking public.

    But of course they won’t do anything when a muslim savage rapes or kills a native.

  31. Honestly I never thought in 1 million years that I would be rooting for a loud black woman on public transportation!

  32. Now we have two minorities so how do we decide who is racist? Which “favored ” class is most favored? To be racist is to judge on race alone. What race is islam? You go sister!!! All women need to stand together against this creeping cancer in our midst. We have the most to lose!