MY HERO! Courageous black woman goes on angry rant against Muslim bagheads on a London bus

British media are calling her a “racist.” They should be honoring her with a medal for saying what most people are afraid to say. Unfortunately, all the really good parts of her rant have been bleeped out of the video, but I’ve posted them below.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Mother with a stroller taunts Muslim bagheads whom she called “sandbags” and “ISIS bitches.” In what appears to have started because two of the Muslim women were speaking their own language, the foul-mouthed woman, who had a child in a pram with her, goes on an ignorant rant in front of the whole bus.

The black woman, who appears to be extremely annoyed by the Muslims on the 206 bus, shouts: ‘Talk your f***ing language. Keep laughing. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. With your bombs hiding underneath your clothes.”


‘I don’t f***ing like you people because you’re f***ing rude. You come to England and you have no f***ing manners. Go back to your f***ing country where they are bombing every day, don’t come here where we are free.’

When one of the Muslim women tries to reply to her, the racist woman says: ‘Shut your mouth’. Another woman sitting at the front of the bus intervenes, but the animated and very angry woman resorted to more abuse. She said: ‘F***ing sandbags. F***ing Isis bitches.’


The bus driver then intervenes and tells everyone to relax, but the abuse still carries on. At one point, the child who the black woman is with, appears to ask what is happening. Crouching down to speak to the baby, she replies: ‘What happened? What happened? Isis got into the country, that’s what happened.’ 

The woman then stares at her victims, as the other passengers sit silently. But it only took a matter of seconds of silence, before the woman went on another rant at her targets.  She said: ‘Have you both got the same husband? Have you? Are you still sleeping with the same man? Is that how it works?’


She points to another Muslim woman at the front of the bus, saying: ‘Are you sleeping with her husband? Do all your kids live in the same house together? ‘Dirty, dirty people. All that living together, all that 20,000 wives – I think that’s disgusting.’

The Muslim women try to ignore her by speaking among themselves, in their own language, as she carries on ranting and pointing. But she waded in with threats of violence to get their attention again.


She said: ‘I will kick you in the stomach. I will pull that down and kick you, so you never have a kid again. I will donkey kick you. It will be the first time I’ve ever resorted to violence in public.’

One of the Muslim women can be heard asking her to ‘finish’ and ‘stop’, but she replied: ‘Make me stop. Make me stop.’ At this point the bus driver got out of his cabin and asked everyone to ‘relax’ but he seemed overwhelmed by the incident and returned to drive the vehicle.


The woman carried on: ‘You shouldn’t even be in this country. You’re lucky I don’t work for immigration, I would run the flipping … erm … what do you call it?… Thing.’

As more people make their voices heard, the woman shouts: ‘You’re the devil. You’re an Isis b****.’ A Muslim woman and child walked to the back of the bus and had ‘Isis, Isis, Isis’ barked in their faces.

After verbally abusing the Muslims on the bus and threatening them with violence, she then took out her phone and recorded them. 


One woman was not happy about being filmed and tried to take the phone out of her hand. Three times the verbal attacker shouted at her: ‘Touch me again, I’ll punch you in the head.’ ‘Dirty sandbags, dirty sandbags’, she continued. ‘

The bus driver was forced to get out of his cabin for a second time in a bid to diffuse the situation and again repeatedly shouted ‘relax’, as the video recording came to an end.

Not surprisingly, Islamopandering Youtube has deleted the video but you can watch it without all the bleeps: (COPY & PASTE the link below)


UPDATE: Sadly, the woman was arrested. Not a surprise.