First Germany, now SWEDEN: Third Muslim illegal alien center in a week destroyed by fire

8f1ed499de16029b4ebe64386dd5a6a292d7aa1d9272047c3461f83070432ef4A string of suspected arson attacks have hit three facilities intended to house Muslim asylum seekers in Sweden this week alone. The country is preparing to receive almost double the amount of refugees this year than the previous record, set in 1992.


RT  (h/t Maria J) An old school building in Onsala in the affluent area of Kungsbacka, some 30 km south of Gothenburg, caught fire on Saturday night. Twenty firefighters responded to the emergency call. The building, part of the otherwise demolished Furulidsskolan, was to be prepared to greet asylum seekers in the affluent area of Kungsbacka.

“Half the building has been damaged by fire,” said Mikael Lindgren, the lead operator of the emergency services in Greater Gothenburg, as cited by The Local.


Two months ago, two refugee centres were the targets of arson attacks. There have been a suspected 14 arson attacks on asylum centres since the start of the year.

The officials did not immediately identify the cause of the fire, saying a technical examination of the site was necessary. The incident happened just a day after a school in Smaland, which was to be used to accommodate refugees, was destroyed by a fire.


Late on Tuesday, a building in Arlov Skane, where children seeking asylum in Sweden were meant to be hosted, was badly damaged by a blaze. The incident happened a day before its scheduled opening. 


Sweden, a country with one of the most generous welfare systems in Europe, has already received more refugees this year that any year in the past, surpassing a record set in 1992 when 84,016 people asked for asylum following fighting in the Balkans.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said Friday that the number may rise higher than 150,000 by the end of the year.


MirrorSpectrum If Muslim migrants choose to go to Scandinavia, smugglers promise to provide them with “free blond Swedish girls”. Smugglers are targeting anyone who is trying to get to Europe. Those people are not just from Syria.

Many offers can be found online and they include asylum in Sweden and accommodation in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense. In addition to free luxurious housing, a connection with free, young and blond girls from Sweden is also being promised.


Earlier this month two EU migrants were injured and four caravans burned when a camping site in Gothenburg was attacked.

Violence against ethnic minorities is growing in Sweden with other high profile cases in recent months including shots fired at two homeless EU migrants sleeping in a car in Boden in northern Sweden and two migrants assaulted in central Stockholm by a passerby who threw acid at them.