GREECE: Now that they’ve driven away virtually ALL the tourists, Muslim invaders are attacking newly arrived Muslim invaders posing as ‘refugees’

Violence erupted at an over-crowded Muslim invader camp on the island of Lesbos as new Muslim illegals were attacked by a mob of Afghan savages already there. Wielding big sticks and other objects as weapons, the warring Muslims mainly from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, are creating havoc and present an imminent danger for the locals.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Greece has witnessed a surge in illegal alien Muslim arrivals in recent days amid fears of worsening weather and closing borders inside Europe, the United Nations and Greek authorities said. The UN refugee agency said it had registered a clear ‘spike in arrivals’ that left some 27,500 packed on Greek islands by Tuesday morning.

A high-ranking Greek police official told AFP that of the 8,000 people who landed in Greece on Monday, 5,000 crowded onto the already overwhelmed island of Lesbos.


Newly-arrived migrants were waiting to be processed at the increasingly overwhelmed Moria camp when tempers flared.

Sticks were used as weapons and punches thrown as thousands continued to arrive in makeshift rafts and boats to flee conflict in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries.

The Greek police official suggested the hike was ‘due especially to milder weather, which makes the journey easier, and to the serious concern among refugees about the ongoing closure of borders in Europe.’


Meanwhile, in a sign of the worsening weather large groups of migrants have been pictured wrapped in blankets and huddling up warm by camp fires as they continue their journey across Europe.

Tension was building among hundreds of men, women and children as they remained stranded in cold and wet weather near the crossing border between Serbia and Croatia.

They were seen close to the village of Berkasovo in Serbia today, as they try to continue their journey north in their search for a better life in Western Europe.


In previous years, the numbers crossing the Mediterranean to Europe have dropped off sharply as winter approaches, but the International Organization for Migration said Tuesday that recent arrivals, averaging around 9,000 a day, far exceeded the summer peaks.

‘We are alarmed at how much this is continuing through the cold weather,’ IOM spokesman Joel Millman told reporters. Millman suggested that people smugglers were rushing their business out of concern Turkey would soon start cracking down on them, following a recent agreement with the EU.


Greek newspaper Kathimerini quoted police sources hinting Turkey is allowing more departures to put pressure on the EU and improve its leverage in discussions with the bloc, but the high-ranking police source told AFP that was a ‘hypothesis, which is not held by the authorities.’

Nineteen people have died crossing from Turkey to Greece in the past nine days. The Greek coastguard said five migrants, including a baby and two boys, had drowned while trying to cross the Aegean Sea on Sunday.

At least 3,135 people have died making perilous journeys across the Mediterranean this year, according to UNHCR.