NEW JERSEY School bans Halloween because it is offensive to Muslims

When a Connecticut school system tried to do the same thing, the parents revolted, and the Halloween ban was quickly overturned.


Daily Caller  Yet another elementary school, this time in New Jersey, is cancelling Halloween because it is offensive to the school’s diverse student body. (Which is code for not wanting to offend Muslim sensibilities)

Seth Boyden Elementary School in Maplewood held annual Halloween activities including a student parade, but now the pressures of diversity mean these activities are no longer appropriate, school officials say. (The only thing the school is concerned with are costumes that are offensive to Muslim terrorists)


“In the past, in-school celebrations of Halloween have made many of our students feel left out … [and as] a result, after careful consultation and deliberation, we have decided not to hold in-school Halloween activities,” said Seth Boyden principal Mark Quiles.


“One of the strengths of Seth Boyden is that we are such a diverse community, with many cultures represented, and that we truly value each one,” the principal and two Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) leaders said in a joint message to parents.

Yet everyday Muslim supremacist religious attire which is very offensive to Americans is never banned in public places.


The letter claims in 2014 about 20 percent of the student body either stayed home on Halloween or refused to participate in activities.

But that’s not all: A Massachusetts elementary school principal has lashed out against traditional American holidays, banning costumes in school for Halloween and telling teachers to “be careful” about celebrating Thanksgiving, the Boston Herald reports.



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  1. I gather no names have been mentioned on which “muslims” were offended by halloween?? I can guarantee there’d be doorknocking at theie place where men in black skimask will take them into a van to scare the shit out off them. if only names were given. funny how a fearless people hide behind anonymity but expose those who go agaibnt them. dress like a sucide bomber in frint of their pkace and see if they like it.

  2. Americans and Europeans will gladly surrender all their traditions, their history, their future and now even their present.

    It’s completely unprecedented in all of human history to watch a whole continent like Europe allow itself to be destroyed. The craze is sweeping all the countries that could be considered “of privilege”. Civilization is on a rampage to repudiate itself

  3. “The letter claims in 2014 about 20 percent of the student body either stayed home on Halloween or refused to participate in activities.”

    20% were moslems??? And 80% didn’t take part in pagan moslem rites? So?

    “One of the ‘strengths’ of Seth Boyden is that we are such a ‘diverse’ community, [show the CONNECTION between those two terms!] with many cultures represented, and that we truly value each one,” [read in the BoH™ how much moslems ‘VALUE’ the other!] the [dhimmi] principal and two Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) leaders [water-carriers] said in a joint message to parents.”

  4. moslems unwittingly “celebrate” Halloween every day of the year. I see the guy in the man dress every week when I drop my child off at school…I see the islamic women (I think they are women? ),(cannot really tell in a burqa) in the Clown outfits when we have July 4th. Parade! !!! So…happy Halloween moslems…We have a “trick or treat “for you.!!!!! Depend on it! !!!!

  5. My children use to be fearful of seeing Muslim women in the full bag gear – until I told them that they are just stupid people that think Halloween is every day.

  6. Every time we turn around, our country is caving to some small group of people that are finding something offensive about living in America. Plain and simple…if you find something that we Americans have been doing for years offensive…go the hell back to where you came from..or pack up and go to another country that you like better! We didn’t invite you here so GO HOME! If you find Halloween offensive, don’t participate or stay home. For example, I don’t like watching football on TV, so guess what…..I CHANGE THE CHANNEL. I don’t start a movement to have it banned from TV! I don’t like how Muslims treat their women…but those women have chosen to live that way…that’s their choice. If some man or religion told me to dress that way, I’d tell them to @@@ off! As long as they mind their own business and pay taxes, oh well. But when their beliefs start infringing on our American beliefs and the ways of our country – they need to leave and go back to their country! Plain and simply. Otherwise America will just be an extension of their country and we Americans will have no where to go!

    • I agree with almost everything you’ve said. Muslim women, though, have not necessarily chosen to live that way. To leave Islam involves a death penalty. I think we need to be very careful to make clear that we are criticizing the ideology of Islam (with its many horrific human rights abuses) – not all Muslims. Many Muslims – women and gays, to name two obvious sectors – are victimized as much or more than non-Muslims. It’s impossible to tell the difference between Muslims who are happy under sharia and those who are not, but we must acknowledge that not all of them are enthusiastic adherents.

  7. And the dirty flea bags freely handed out “sweets” and laughed and did what passed for a dance when innocents were murdered in the twin towers by lying, slimy ragheads. … Oh yeah, and then they wanted more financial aid from us.

    Everyone should dress as a suicide bomber, or a hairy, stinking bhurka’d woman.

  8. You’re better off not dressing up in a costume or coming to school today, because everything is offensive to the Muzzies and Commies.

  9. ridiculous Halloween is on a weekend this year so kids don’t have to go to school in costumes but they shold be allowed to go trick or treating Thanksgiving can still be celebrated at home

  10. The communications director for the school is a Ms. Turner.
    She can be reached at 973 762-5600 extension 1834

    Or just call the school directly at 973 378-5209

  11. Stories like this infuriate me. As an Australian we are culturally influenced so much by the USA. Celebrating Halloween is one of the most American traditions I can think of. Even though it’s origins aren’t American. 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Jewish Holidays etc… if you don’t like it get the hell out of America! Don’t go there!

  12. Everything which is not related to blood, gore, rape, chopping body parts, seems to offend Muslim “sensibilities”. Looks like they were taught the wrong things since birth.

    • Many Halloween costumes involve gore, body parts and blood. You’d think muzfucks would LOVE it. That New Jersey Principal is getting an email from me!

      • Greek W, the difference is that Halloween gore isn’t real so it is a great disappointment to Muslims. Now to get them laughing you need some hand chopping, hangings, stonings and don’t forget to cut the babies’ heads in the street while Daddy slashes his naked back with a blade on a chain.

  13. Every day is Halloween in the Dar al Islam. At best their get-ups are absolutely creepy and the black hijabs and burkas are sinister. They scare the children; they even give me the heeby-jeebies!

  14. Jesus Christ, American is turning into a land of apologists who feel the the undying lust to bend over for their Muslim overlords….Wake up America you are doing nothing wrong here. You don’t have to change your culture for others. If I come to your home I better learn to adapt to your culture not the other way around! Stop falling into this Muslim’s tricks and becoming submissive, docile infidels! No matter how much you bend over you’ll eventually be treated like a piece of turd in the Muslim world or eventually beheaded because you’re s kafir!!

  15. I happen to suffer from a skin condition called rosacea, do you think I could get the Christmas song, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer banned, or how about Red nose day in the UK ?
    I could sue for millions for being offended ! 😀

  16. If we do not elect a conservative president ( and with the California governor passing the law that when younget a drivers licence you are registered to vote. But illegal,aliens get DL as ID and are automatically registered bybthe system. The Gov says the DL can determin whomis entitled to cote and who,is not butvthe DL people themselves say they cant, because of the sheer number of people and the way the system is made. Maybe a good hacker could get in and fix the problem!! This will skew the electoral colleges. The illegal aliens will vote for whoever promises the citizenship and welfare benifits and more free stuff. And its the Liberals that will do this……not to mention all the other voter frauds that habe been uncovered as haplening innthe last election.) but if we dontbget a man in the presidential office that will do something a out this, we will need an actual, honest to God revolution or armed uprising ( as provided for in the constitution when a goverment becomes a tyrant) in order to fix things, or I should say begin to fix things. ….I was reading anout a Domestic Terrorism organization the federal goverment wants or is going to impliment that uses the Southern Poverty Law center’s Hate List to target people not because they actually did anything but just because of a person or group’s ideology!!! This reminds me so much of the Nazis or Russian crack down on citizens that protest the acts of their goverment……I am afraid all this will,be in place and if we try to revolt, the militarized police will,arrest us all ……

  17. WHY are they even paying attention, much less ass-kissing, a group that are such a small percentage of the population? Their votes wouldn’t even register.

  18. The celebration of Halloween and Halloween parties at school was banned here a long time ago. They have a fall party now. I was disappointed and upset when my daughter was in elementary school ten years ago, but it was because fundamentalist Christians were offended by it. It’s such a shame, it’s a fun season in our culture, and also the traditional time to remember deceased loved ones: our church invites us to leave photos of dead family members to display in the gathering space all month. It’s ridiculous to cave to fundamentalists of any kind. Will Christmas trees be next?

  19. I mentioned in another Halloween post here that my local school district did this in the elementary school. We’ve had an influx of Turkish Muslims move into the area. I found out tonight that our school took pork hot dogs off the menu. Our schools will cave first because they are run by liberal college educated multicultural nut jobs. My school district is small and actually full of good old boy country types. The Muslims moved into a new construction area. I guarantee of this influx continues these two types will clash with violence.

  20. I don’t recall Halloween being one of the things our forefathers fought so hard for. No, I don’t give a damn about the Muslims, but kids are kids and no child should be made to feel left out. It’s just a common kindness that we are born with. Save your energy and attitudes for the adults. We will need it to overcome and stop this Muslim invasion. Personally, I think we should outlaw the covering of the face. It is scary and you don’t know if a man is under there. Either they adapt to our customs or they can go back to where they came from.

    • But Halloween is part of our way of life, and its a non religious holiday. If muslims can claim to be all offended and enraged by Halloween and het it ban ed, dont you thinkmthat our religious holidays will be next, Like Christmas. You know how any Jewish or Christian sympol offends muslims. And in many places it has already happened, no Christmas or decorations in schools and its not “Christmas Break” or Easter Break” but Winter Break and Spring Break. ……The whole point is we shouldnt alllow any of our way of life to be eroded…..
      I am not advocating this but instead of banning Halloween altogether they could have just put up that poster BNI has pictured and said dont make a costume that will,hurt someone”s feelings. Kids understand not hurting feelings……But I wouldnt have even done this.
      Crap on the Muslims, every other immigrant group thatbhas come to the US has integrated and enriched America and our way of life. Muslims create paralelle no go zones where sharia is enforced among themselves. Islam seeks to dominate all cultures and getting rid of our customs and way of life is a way to begin that process.

  21. I think the wearing of costumes and parades at school should be stopped. Many kids are not able to afford costumes and many Christians believe it represents satan’s holiday. What’s wrong with a simple harvest or fall party with pumpkins, iron leaves between wax paper, make a craft with paper plates and construction paper? Eat popcorn and drink some kool-aid. Kids are just as happy and no one feels left out. I found lots of simple things for my grandkids to do on Pinterest. It’s much better for kids to use their imagination anyway.

    • Because it is forcing one group’s desires for no Halloween onto others who do want to celebrate a traditional Halloween. Its find if you and yours do not celebrate, that is your right and I defend that. But it is nor yours or anyone’s right to force your beliefs or opinions on others. Thats the point I am making. You celebrate your way, I celebrate mine, we are both happy.

      And I grew up dirt poor in the Applachia Mountains of East Tennessee,…..I didnt have an indoor bathroom until I was a teenager, ate only what we could grow or raise, and while I didnt really go hungry I ate an awful lot of pinto beans and fried potatoes, used a tiny coal buring stove as heat that always went out in the night.

      Yet, with my mother ,grandmothers and my imagination we always came up with a home made costume for me every year. And some years I wore my costume to school, There were wealthy kids as well as kids from very religious families at my school but no one was allowed to make fun of anyone else, no matter what they wore or even if they didnt wear any constumes. We did the crafts you mention,some hears there was a party with cake and punch and we couldnt wait till school was over and we could go trick or treating. Those holidays , with sweets and thinking up a constume that could be made at home, working with my mon and nanna to make them are some of my most cherished memories, bright spots in an extremely poor childhood.
      As for stopping hollidays……It was Christmas I didnt care for and wished would just go,away. I never got much under the tree ( a sweater or pair of pants if I was lucky or maybe some cheap toy donated by a charity) I really hated seeing all,the wonderful toys and books in the catalogs and stores that I knew not to ask Santa for.

      • I used to hate Christmas when I was kid because all my Christian friends were busy with family and fun and we Jews would hang around waiting to go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, the only one open on Christmas. You could also get a good seat at the movie theater that day. One year, when Dec. 25th fell during Chanukah, I asked my parents to put my present under the fireplace so I could wake up on Christmas morning and have something to open.

        One of my best memories from childhood was helping a widow who lived alone decorate her Christmas tree every year.

        I don’t hate Christmas anymore and feel angry when store people wish me “Happy Holidays.”

  22. Muslims only pass out free candy …. when they kill a young Jewish soldier …. that offends me !

  23. Americans stand up for your right. Our Founding Fathers gave their lives for our Freedom and this Great Nation America.

  24. Cultural diversity… Pooh pooh!

    More like sabotaging the culture we already have! Can’t we just all be Americans instead of trying to cater to every social, religious, and culture group out there. Whatever happened to trying to be American? While I believe that some diversity is good for a community, this is just simply going too far.

  25. Who cares what offends Muslims? We are at war against Islamofascism. Offending the enemy is what you do when you are at war. Certainly you don’t kowtow to the slightest whim and wish of the enemy and/or its supporters and its associated community. The fact that some Muslims are Islamofascist and some are not, has little bearing on the situation. Muslims who seek to change local customs to fit their own warped view of the world, are part of the enemy cultural advance force, infiltrating the USA. Offend them, by all means. And deport all new Muslim immigrants due to the extreme danger of allowing immigrants from Muslim Islamofascist groups during wartime. This is not acceptable, and is absolutely insane when there is little or no screening or “vetting” of any immigrants. It’s national PC-based suicide, is what it is.

  26. The school administrators will get the typical Islamic reward for their dhimmitude. It will resemble something out of Halloween, you know, the movie.