Muslims squatting in America bash Donald Trump after he pledges to close terror mosques

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR and Muslim groups in the United States condemned Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after he said at a campaign rally that he would close terrorism-linked U.S. mosques if he elected president.


Telesurtv  Responding to a question from the audience about closing down mosques and revoking the passports of people as part of counter-terrorism policies, Trump said: “I would do that, absolutely. I think it’s great.”

VIDEO HERE: donald-trump-not-only-would-revoke-u-s-passports-from-muslims-who-join-terrorist-groups-he-would-shut-down-the-terror-mosques-in-america

Just last month, Trump also came under fire after he saying he was “going to be looking at that” in response to a question at another rally about the Muslim “problem in this country” from a man who asked, “When can we get rid of them?”

Trump is not the only Republican candidate who has exploited fear of Muslims as part of his campaign. In September, his closest rival, Ben Carson, said that he doesn’t believe the country should elect a Muslim president because Islam is “inconsistent” with the Constitution.

A Pew Research survey last year found that Republicans – and Democrats – view Muslims much more negatively than they view members of other religious groups. Muslims make up about 1 percent of the U.S. population. 

Other religions don’t advocate killing all unbelievers and actually do it on a regular basis.