Islamic State (ISIS) runs over Syrian man with a tank, crushing his head like a prune

Despite claiming it would not release any more execution videos, the Islamic State has upped the ante with a new clip showing a tank crushing an orange-clad Syrian prisoner.

Fadi Ammar Zidan, 19.

Fadi Ammar Zidan, 19.

Clarion Project (h/t Ann)  Quoting the quranic ‘eye-for-an-eye’ verse, ISIS drives a tank over a former Syrian soldier and proudly displays his remains before the camera.


ISIS has gained notoriety with its grizzly films such as the extremely graphic burning alive of four bound prisoners in August 2015. The latest film shows an Islamic State member explaining why the young man is about to be executed before showing the execution in close-up detail.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of the video:

“He said in his ‘confession’ that his name is ‘Fadi Ammar Zidan’ 19 years old and he is from the village of Sian in Jableh area in the northern countryside of Latakia, he also said in the ‘confession’: ‘I joined the Army under contract with the Air Force Intelligence, and I registered the contract in the Airport of Hama, and they sent me to serve in the field of Sha’er, and stayed for the seventh month then they sent me to area named Jazl where I remained there four days then the Islamic State brought me, and I was in Jazl area and I was a tank driver, and I  used a tank to run over bodies of the Islamic State’s soldiers’.”

The bound victim is seen hopelessly trying to hop away from the tank before being crushed under its tracks. ISIS members celebrate behind as the camera hones in on Zidan’s remains.





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  1. Hope Lord Kalki overruns the evil snake Kalee demon soon. Kalee demon is called the Hindu Satan. His story is same like Christian Lucifer. He was a heavenly musician until he decieved fellow musician & became Satan.

    First we need to burn Satan in ourselves. If god can reside in humans even Satan can. See isis

  2. The Japanese military of world war 2 pale in comparison to these monsters…ISIS fighters seem so thrilled when they’ve murdered their own people. Time to end this…maybe take out the Dome of the Rock while you’re at it.

  3. How about it, CAIR ? Is this the love, warm fuzzy feelings , wildflowers, and children laughing that you tell us islam is ?
    Or maybe you say that this army named “ISLAMIC STATE” is not islamic.
    That’s the bullsh*t Obama tells us.
    Are you going to add this clip to your presentation to students when some idiot administrator allows you to enter our schools. I bet the kids would love it !

  4. ISIS should be destroyed.

    But too many muslim men from Syria and Iraq run away and expect the rest of the world take care of the problem.

    Is an Iraqi/Syrian muslim a coward? The one who leaves his mother, wife and children in the middle of the war and he himself runs away to Europe.

  5. Be nice to see merkava tanks running over ISIS fighters screaming like little bitches on youtube. Then have and israeli and russian defecate on the remains and wipe their asses on a black flag and well known book.

  6. It takes some big balls to hop in front of a tank, i can understand being pushed but he hopped right on in front of it

    • I think if try don’t go along with it they are faced with some gruesome fd up as that was looked pretty quick.

    • Are you out of your mind? He was trying to “hop” away. Can you not see the tank turn towards him??…geeze what an idiot.

      • I think he deliberately hopped in front of the tread so he would die faster. Had he stayed in the middle, he only would have been knocked down and maybe partially run over.

  7. What is it going to take for every politician in the world to realize they need to come together and fight Islam as a whole in there own country and blow up all the other Muslim country’s together

    • only when they have a literal knife at their throats will they even begin to notice and by then it will be to late

  8. Hey Obama,Merkel,Cameron,Hollande and like minded traitors here is your Religion of peace,the creatures you created that have gone on to spread terror around the world.There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim,they all live by the words of their Pedophile Prophet which stands for rape,murder,Child molestation,slavery,FMG,lying,animal abuse and a host of other perversions,truly the Satanic Verses.

  9. Anti-Christian Hollande and his Islam-adoring, sharia-obedient French government will be EXTREMELY PLEASED with the barbaric slaughter of an innocent Syrian soldier by ISIS Monsters.

    Courageous Christian Fadi did not merely criticise ISIS. Fadi fought AGAINST ISIS Savages to Defend the Syrian people. France:
    Policeman suspended for two years for criticizing the Islamic State’s caliph

    • Yes Linda,I did not want to watch this video but I felt compelled to do so and pay tribute to the young Christian Fadi.I do feel sick and outraged by this crime,this is the type of criminals who are surging like a Tsunami through Europe,this invading Islamic horde support Issis,the murder of Jews and Christians and all Infidels.Fadi has not died in vain but there will be much bloodshed before Islam and their leftist running dogs are defeated.

  10. In a comment, Ramez says that the barbarically slaughtered man was a Christian. “Fadi is the Arabic word for “saved” as in saved by the blood of the Christian deity.”

    Dear Brave, Christian Brother Fadi, You were barbarically slaughtered by ISIS Monsters for doing what was ethical and noble — defending the Syrian people.

    Innocence and Goodness Shines out of your Eyes and Young Face.

    Rest in Eternal Peace with the Angels, Fadi. You will be re-united with your dear family one future day.

    My condolences to Fadi’s grieving family and friends.

  11. ISIS always gives you more …. than you expect …. I thought I would see a head squish …. and I saw the full body squish ?

  12. He is so young. His only “crime”? Being in his nation’s army. I wish the Russians would drop an atomic bomb over the whole area

  13. i don’t know why someone doesn’t blow this ISIS 3rd world lower than rabid animals to hell and back. if the US and brits bred these ISIS demonic entities they should be forced to do so. with borders being open to anything now all citizens need to arm up.

  14. Nasty stuff. War is never pretty that’s for sure. 19 yrs of age and all he has probably ever known is nasty stuff like this.