SWEDEN: MUSLIM FREELOADERS refuse to get off bus because they don’t like to be around so many trees

More than 30 illegal alien Muslim invaders posing as refugees refused to get off a bus that took them to temporary accommodation at a lovely holiday park on Sunday night because they didn’t want to stay in such a rural location (below).


This is not the first time the Muslim parasite wannabes refused to get off the bus in Sweden:



The Local (h/t Maria J)   Charlotte Jacobsson, a press spokesperson for Sweden’s Migration Board (Migrationsverket) confirmed to The Local that a number of Muslim freeloaders had felt uncomfortable being surrounded by so much forest. She explained that one of the buses had traveled to the holiday park from Stockholm, some 390km south of the park in Dalarna, while the other had arrived from elsewhere in the region.

“We had a situation where people didn’t want to leave the bus (…) we sent some of our staff there overnight to provide more information,” she added. Jacobsson said that the Migration Board understood that some of the refugees had since accepted places inside the holiday park, which has space for 50 individuals, but added that others remained unhappy with their new temporary home. 


Some of the Muslim ingrates are understood to have spent the entire night on the bus. 

Sweden’s Social Democrat-led government has been pushing municipalities across Sweden to take in more refugees in recent weeks amid a nationwide shortage of accommodation for a record numbers of new arrivals. Jacobsson described the current stretched resources as a “drastic situation” and said it remained unclear whether or not the parasites could be offered alternative accommodation elsewhere in the country.

Sweden’s Migration Board said last week that the total number of Muslim invader arrivals in 2015 could reach 190,000.


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