Muslim women wear headbags to draw attention to themselves as Muslim supremacists

Then they whine that they are being “bullied” when someone correctly links them with Muslim supremacists/terrorists on social media. 


CAIR-NJ today called on public school officials in that state to address the issue of bullying of Muslim students after an incident in which a graduate of Colonia High School in Woodbridge Township who wears an Islamic head scarf reported that a photo of her was posted on social media with the word “Isis.” “This and other cases of bullies targeting Muslim students points to the need for a statewide review of policies and procedures relating to bullying,” said CAIR-NJ Executive Director James Sues. “Students of all faiths and backgrounds must be able to achieve their full potential in a positive learning environment free of harassment and intimidation.” He noted that CAIR’s California chapters will release a new report this week documenting bias-based bullying of American Muslim students in that state’s schools. A 2013 CAIR report documenting bias-based bullying of American Muslim students in California schools revealed that almost half of Muslim students said they had been subjected to some form of bias-based bullying. Visit: WWW.CAIR.COM to learn more. #antibullying


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Happily, the Woodbridge School Board declined to take action against a fellow student who posted a photo of this Muslim supremacist, Saira Ali, on social media with the word “ISIS.”  “After 4 months of ‘investigation,’ the Woodbridge Township School District has come to the conclusion that when I was unknowingly taken a picture of at lunch, in school, by another student, and posted on Snapchat as ‘ISIS,’ I was not ‘harassed, intimidated, or bullied.’ Saira Ali wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday. “Apparently, according to the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, it’s entirely acceptable to take pictures of strangers and post them on social media with derogatory, inaccurate, slurs,” she wrote.  

Hey, Saira, grow up, bitch.