You don’t have to speak German to understand the passion with which thousands of angry Germans are calling for Chancellor Merkel’s resignation over her suicidal Muslim invasion policies

Thousands of protesters gathered in Erfurt to demonstrate against the EU and Germany’s Muslim ‘refugee’ policies. The demonstration was organized by a right-leaning Eurosceptic party ‘Alternative fur Deutschland’ (AfD). The party’s spokesperson Bjorn Hocke – who has been accused by leftists of hate speech – accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of causing the failure of Germany and Europe, and demanded that she resign.

And in the Czech Republic, the same kind of anti-Muslim invader passion is exhibited by angry protesters in Brno. Fortunately, the Czech leader  agrees with them. Around one thousand people gathered at Freedom Square in the Czech city of Brno to protest against the arrival of so-called ‘refugees’ from Islamic countries into the Czech Republic.

Also in the Czech Republic, around 1,000 anti-Muslim migrant demonstrators gathered in central Prague to protest against recently introduced EU policies on Muslim so-called refugees, the majority of whom are not refugees but economic opportunists. At the same time, a tiny group of about 50 counter-demonstrators demonstrated at the Namesti Miru square to show their solidarity with Muslim freeloaders.