UH OH! Did a top advisor for Republican candidate Ben Carson just sabotage his campaign?

2620519010_noi_seal_answer_1_xlargeOr is Ben Carson, perhaps, not what he appears to be? Ben Carson said he would not want a Muslim to be president of the United States. But his key adviser, Armstrong Williams, a conservative commentator, has, unbeknownst to the good doctor’s supporters, been praising Louis Farrakhan, leader of the radical Nation of Islam group and notorious Jew-hater, who has been urging Chicago to hire Nation of Islam security guards to fight crime.

Ben Carson K& Armstrong Williams
Ben Carson & Armstrong Williams

Daily Caller  In a little-noticed Times column the day after the hate monger’s 20th anniversary Million Man March last Saturday, “To Curb Chicago Violence Bring in Nation of Islam,” Williams argued that only NOI toughs can help stem the tide of killings there and temper other inner-city pathologies by fostering greater self-respect among residents.  

wpid-img_20151023_183436The Hill published Williams’s piece on October 6 under the headline, “The Nation of Islam Could Be Chicago’s Savior.” If taxpayers foot the bill, of course. Williams argued that the “NOI brings to the table things other private security firms and the police don’t — credibility within the community. The NOI is one of the few community-based organizations that actually recruit in prisons and also offer transitional services to ex-offenders.” The hate monger Farrakhan famously tried to incite his followers to kill the Washington Post reporter who exposed Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown” slur in the 1980s. More recently, Farrakhan urged blacks to “rise up and kill those who kill us” unless the federal government intercedes on their behalf. It seems that journalists, whites and cops are the ones who need guards—to protect against Farrakhan.

In a rhetorical sleight of hand, Williams writes that, “Extremist elements of the NOI should be sternly and unequivocally condemned.On the other hand, more moderate Muslims have made it a point of standing up for their communities.

For Williams, what counts as non-extremist elements of the Nation of Islam? Do the moderates disagree with the late Farrakhan aide Khalid Muhammad that Jews are “blood suckers?” Centrist members of Farrakhan’s quasi-cult disagree with their leader that Hitler was a “great man?” They just think he was an o.k. guy?


Regardless, any money the Nation of Islam were to receive from contracts would be controlled by Farrakhan, not the so-called moderates. He has been called on to disassociate himself from Williams’s proposal and possibly send him packing. (Let’s wait and see if he does)