GERMANY: 4-year-old boy beaten up and stoned for kicking soccer ball being used by Muslim invaders

A four-year-old boy has been hospitalized after having been roughed up and hit with a rock by a resident of a raucous German illegal alien center which has seen riots and Muslim vs Muslim violence.


Breitbart  The young boy, who has not bee identified, suffered “massive bruising” after he inadvertently interrupted a soccer game taking place at the state of Thuringa migrant centre in Suhl, Germany.

The child entered a gymnasium looking for his brothers when he kicked a soccer ball, enraging another migrant. The child was then beaten around the head “several times” with the ball until a supervisor stepped in to end the violence.


Unluckily for the small boy, his assailant then caught up with him again after the game, and threw a rock at his head.

Admitted to hospital for serious injuries, police said the boy had “massive bruising” reports None of the Muslim illegals will identify the migrant who caused the injuries to the child.


The shelter has been the scene of horrific violence and rioting in recent months. It was built to house 1,200 migrants but its population swelled to a staggering 1,700 after Angela Merkel opened Germany’s doors to an unlimited number of Syrian refugees.

This is not the first time the Suhl migrant receiving centre has made headlines recently. Breitbart London reported in August after residents staged a major riot at and around the buildings. The disturbance started as sectarian violence, as an Afghani migrant tore out pages of a Koran and stuffed them down a toilet, and was instantly set upon by fellow Muslims.