Why don’t ‘safety’ rules for Halloween costumes apply to Muslim women who wear face masks everyday?


The Insurance Bureau of Canada has offered its top ten tips for a fun, safe Halloween. For example: “Consider using makeup instead of a mask to ensure your child has a clear, unobstructed view.

But what about Muslim women who walk around in and drive cars wearing vision-obstructing face masks everyday? Where are the warnings for them? If someone driving while wearing an Islamic headbag (niqab) gets into an accident, what would the law say? If she kills someone, what would the law say? Nothing.


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  1. People need to start laughing at them and saying stuff like, “no wonder you have to cover up, you’re dingo ugly” with apologies to dingoes of course.

    No Western man of sound mind will find any of these women remotely attractive or sexy – who wants to be seen with a garbage sack?

  2. Why would ANYONE be concerned that burqas may pose a safety hazard to the wearer? “Stupid is SUPPOSED to hurt”.

  3. “Ahhhh, dis Canada…she like moron to me…”

    Some of the stupid things we do just flabbergasts me…
    Canada…home of the most pathetic legal system in the western world…

  4. Expect things to get much worse in Canada before they get better now that they have freely chosen to go down the Socialist moslem loving path.
    Let’s just hope for the sake of the patriots that when the terrorist attacks happen, that only the left wing scum are the only casualties.