How many ways does Halloween offend the perpetually offended Muslims in America?

393d50d8a513630ce1425720368699-viMuslims and their useful idiots on the Left have been out in force railing against Halloween costumes that they consider offensive to Muslims (which they erroneously label “racist”). Excuse me, this is America, where we have the right to offend you, in case you are ignorant of the Bill of Rights endowed by OUR creator (not Allah)!

Business Insider  Khloe Kardashian captioned this photo of herself and Scott Disick “Sheik Pussy.” This has led to a wave of backlash, with many calling both her comment and Scott’s Halloween costume offensive and Islamopbobic:


At Penn State University, students are expressing “outrage” over the “Jager Bomber” for Halloween. Students make “Jager Bombs” by dropping a shot of Jagermeister into a glass of Red Bull and downing both drinks at once. The student’s costume is a play on that. He imitated traditional Arab Muslim clothes, then wore an army vest stacked with Jagermeister and Red Bull cans. 

Here’s the costume:


Here’s the response:




The ‘Jager Bomber’ stands his ground:


The “moderate” Arab Muslim Clock Boy costume:


The “radical” Arab Muslim after he steal’s Clock Boy’s clock to create a real suicide bomb costume:


From 2013: Four Washington University in St. Louis (BNI Alma Mater) college students dressed up for Halloween in costumes resembling SEAL Team 6 members holding water guns toward a fifth student dressed like Osama bin Laden with the American flag draped in the background.

Muslim student Mahroh Jahangiri whined: “This photo implies that not only are Muslims not American, their lives are expendable. They can (and should) be brought to their knees with guns pointed at their damned faces. This photo makes a costume of the lives of the thousands of civilian Muslim men who have been murdered during our ‘War on Terror’ and the countless others who have been mutilated, robbed, and stabbed to death in hate crimes across the United States – very much because of the vehemently racist discourse such photos represent.”