DRESS FOR SUCCESS! ‘Cutting-edge’ Gaza style -what the well dressed Arab Muslim will be wearing this year

gaza-hitler-store-with-knivesFashionistas like to tell us that ‘accessories make the look.’ In response, a Gaza clothing store, aptly named ‘HITLER’ has created a very fashion-forward yet highly functional look by adding knives to its mannequins…Because you never know when you’ll bump into an Israeli in need of a stabbing.


Truth Revolt  Among the hottest looks this season for the fashion-minded Palestinian murderer are these displayed on mannequins out front of a Gaza store, according to IsraellyCool.com. Fittingly, the store is named “Hitler,” which must be like the Arab equivalent of Urban Outfitters.


They feature camos (with the sleeves stylishly pushed up), balaclavas (only in basic black), Palestinian scarves for a dash of color — and knives for the stabbing intifada currently underway against Israeli Jews. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the UN to issue a “strongly-worded” condemnation.

Here we have the cutting edge “BLUE” look: