IDAHO: Concerned citizens rally on steps of Capital to protest the state’s program to help resettle thousands of Muslim freeloaders and jihadists from Syria

Leftist traitors and Muslim sympathizers are calling the protest “the latest example of how American right wing extremists patriots are helping to fuel a bonfire of ‘Islamophobia’ in rural areas.”


Idaho State Journal  Waving American flags and several large black banners emblazoned with their movement’s “III% Idaho” logo, and flanked by gun-toting men in flak jackets, close to 200 people marched to the College of Southern Idaho to protest the school’s refugee placement center on Sunday afternoon. The march was organized by the Three Percent of Idaho, one of a few groups that have recently been vocal about shutting down CSI’s refugee center.


“Now, refugees coming from Islamic hotbeds of terrorism, don’t you think that poses a threat to Idaho communities?” shouted III% of Idaho spokesman Chris McIntire into a bullhorn.

Ex-Muslim Shahram Hadian Warns America of the Subversive Forced Resettlement of Radical Muslim Refugees Into Idaho.

The protest was not only against the refugee center at CSI, but also to advocate for H.R. 3314 — the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015.  The Act would suspend the admission of refugees until Congress passes a joint resolution that gives the Department of Homeland Security authority to admit refugees and requires the Government Accountability Office to submit a report to Congress on refugees who receive any government assistance.

SPLC  Across the street, however, a much smaller crowd of counter-protesters gathered in a park facing the Capitol steps. And their message was clear from the large banner they unfurled: “We Welcome All Refugees to Boise.”


The object of their ire was the College of Southern Idaho’s MUSLIM refugee resettlement program, which has been helping Muslims looking for free handouts and ISIS-linbked jihadists  resettle in the Twin Falls, Idaho. In recent months, as word spread that the program planned to take in several hundred Muslim so-called refugees from Syria’s bloody civil war, resistance to the program has become a hot political topic in the Magic Valley, much of it reflective of the recent nationwide tide of Islamophobia.


“The refugee program poses several risks,” McIntire declared to the crowd on Sunday. “the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have stated numerous times that the refugees coming in from Syria and other failed states cannot be properly vetted. That means that their identities cannot be properly verified.”

Indeed, federal authorities have identified the security risk because of the total inability to complete background checks on Syrian refugees. FBI head James Comey testified before Congress and the House Homeland Security Committee, that it was not possible for the U.S. to properly vet the Syrian refugees because there are no data points that would show the past activity of the vast majority of Syrians.


Protesters complain that such terrorist organizations as the Islamic State (ISIS) have vowed to manipulate the refugee crisis by placing “sleeper” terrorists among their ranks. 

“Now, there are many terrorist organizations out there who have stated numerous times that they will manipulate the refugee crisis to spread radical Islam,” McIntire told the crowd on Sunday. “We are seeing this in Europe. We have seen it for the past several months, where refugees are rioting in the streets, they are waving Islamic flags, they are praying to Allah, they are demanding Sharia law, which includes the second-class treatment of women!”