NYPD under fire over cop who pretended to convert to Islam in order to conduct surveillance of radicalized Muslim students which led to arrest of two of them involved in a terrorist plot

watching-you-mosqueNot to worry, folks, Muslim panderer ‘dhimmi’ Mayor Bill DeBlasio has virtually disabled the police department’s ability to spy on potential Muslim terrorists in New York City. So when the next 9/11 takes place, you’ll know where to direct the lynch mob.


RT  Muslim supremacists are speaking out about revelations that an undercover detective with the New York Police Department “converted” to Islam in order to spy on Muslim students at Brooklyn College over a four-year period. That work led to the recent arrest of two Queens women allegedly involved in a terrorist bomb plot.

The NYPD has already been under fire for running a demographics unit which conducted blanket surveillance of the Muslim community after 9/11 in New York and New Jersey. (A program that was opposed by both Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Gov. Chris Christie)


The revelations about the NYPD’s undercover operation came from a Justice Department release announcing the arrest of two Queens women, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui, on conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction in April 2015. It revealed that a detective from the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau was heavily involved in bringing the girls to justice and foiling the bomb plot, according to the Gothamist.


“The work of the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau, its undercover Detective, and its seamless collaboration with the Special Agents and the Detectives of the Joint Terrorism Task Force…should serve as a model for early detection and prevention of terrorist plotting,” said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton in a press release.

The Justice Department alleged the girls had researched how to construct bombs to use as a weapon of mass destruction on American soil. They obtained bomb-making instructions and materials, and used instructions provided by Al-Qaeda’s online magazine.

Muslim asslifting in the streets of Brooklyn
Muslim asslifting in the streets of Brooklyn. Disgusting!

Muslim rights attorney, Lamis Deek, said: “The complaint only lists actions that these two girls took from August onwards, from the time they met this undercover informant and she built a relationship with them,” Deek said. “What we see instead is the Joint Terrorism Task Force informant was in the very least inciting them to engage in these actions that would later lead to their arrest.” (If they weren’t already so inclined to engage in terrorist activity, they couldn’t have been incited to do it)