EUROPE: Protests against the invasion of illegal alien Muslims are bringing EU patriots together

GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE & more ………… Continuing protests by huge crowds of citizens outraged at the growing insurgency of Muslim invaders posing as ‘refugees’ and spreading like the black plague.


Fights with police erupt as pro-migrant counter protesters in leftist Bologna try to disrupt the much bigger proterst against the Muslim invaders staged by the Northern League.


Riot police clash with counter-demonstrators at Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof station on Saturday as they try to disrupt the much larger protest anti-migrant rally staged by the ‘Alternative fur Deutschland’ (Alternative for Germany) party.

‘Foreigners out!’ Anti-refugee protest turns violent in Heidanau

Muslims taunt and harass Europeans in Germany and Belgium


Anti-Muslim invader protesters rally in Calais (a huge dumping ground for Muslims trying to get to the UK) call for “remigration” of Muslims back to where they came from. A small group of leftists tried to counter with calls for “No Borders.”