Remember how a viral email convinced you that there are no Muslims in Japan?

At least 12 people have been wounded in clashes that erupted between Turkish Muslim nationals and Kurds outside the Turkish embassy in Tokyo, Japan,  after Kurds tried to display the flag of a pro-Kurdish party.


Japan Times “I was attacked by Turks all of a sudden while I was in a car with my friends,” a Kurdish man whose shirt had been torn off told broadcaster TBS in front of the embassy, which was heavily guarded by police.

 Footage of the incident showed police interrupting the scuffles between Turks and Kurds in front of the diplomatic mission in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo on Sunday. Two police officers were among those injured in the confrontations. The clashes erupted amid the Turkish army’s military campaign against members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).


NHK quoted a Kurdish man who saw the clashes as saying about 10 young men including Turks and Kurds were already fighting each other in a parking lot at around 6 a.m. NHK also quoted a Turkish man who witnessed the fight around the same time as saying Kurds escalated the fight by shouting profanities at the Turks.

Some 3,600 Turkish Muslim citizens are reportedly residing in Japan. A toy store near the embassy was temporarily closed due to safety concerns for children.