Sweden is being raped to death while being bled dry by an insurgency of welfare-dependent Muslim migrants

Sweden is on the edge of a brutal collapse due to a wave of entitled, unskilled Muslim immigrants who have gone on a rape rampage, attacking Sweden’s women at a rate of 53.2%.

theothersweden Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, experienced ethnic violence between groups of immigrants. The gangs, described as “youths” by the Swedish media, used guns, bombs and hand grenades to mark their turf. In August the Swedish Migration Board, Migrationsverket, recorded almost as many reports of threats and violence in asylum accommodation as throughout the whole of 2014.

A just released study by Swedish Police revealed that Muslim men, who constitute only 2 percent of the population are responsible for 77.6 percent of rapes, giving once peaceful Sweden the highest rape rate in Europe and the second highest in the world, next to South Africa.”