French journalist could be fined 10,000 Euros for telling the truth about Muslims…AGAIN!

Muslims who regularly torch cars and riot in the streets of Paris, while refusing to obey French laws, barely get a slap on the wrist. But dare to criticize a Muslim and a French judge will throw the book at you. Just ask Eric Zenmour.


Liberation  Political commentator Eric  Zemmour is charged with incitement of hatred toward Muslims for some benign yet factual remarks. The Paris prosecutor requested a sentence of Friday 10,000 euro fine against Zemmour, for remarks to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in October 2014.

In the interview Mr Zemmour said Muslims ‘live among themselves’ in suburbs which French people have been forced to leave.  He said Muslims “have their civil code of law, the quran. The interviewer then asked: ‘Then what are you suggesting? To deport 5 million French Muslims?’ Mr Zemmour is said to have replied: ‘I know it’s unrealistic, but history is often surprising.

The interviewer protested that Mr Zemmour was ‘speaking of exoduses triggered by immense tragedies’, to which he replied: ‘I think we are heading for chaos. ‘This situation of a separatist people, will lead us to civil war.  ‘Millions of Muslims live here in France and refuse to live in the French manner.’

Muslims in Paris
Muslims in Paris

In his indictment, the prosecutor Philippe Annabelle felt that the remarks “stigmatizing”, “unfair,” aimed “the entire Muslim community.” The polemic about the “repeat offender,” said the judge, have “primary purpose of opposing the Muslims and the French.” At the helm, Eric Zemmour argued that spoke of “Muslims in the suburbs are organizing and trying to form a separatist enclave within France governed by sharia.

Muslims in Paris
Muslims in Paris

Eric Zemmour had already been sentenced in 2011 to two fines of 1000 euros for incitement to hatred, after stating on television that “most Muslim traffickers are black and Arab, that’s how it is done. “More recently, on September 25, he was released after being mentioned in a chronicle of “bands” foreigners “who rob, or spread violence” but the prosecution appealed.

Born in France to Algerian-Jewish parents, Zenmour has written a book in which he accuses the French of committing suicide as a result of their insane immigration policies.


UK Daily Mail Zenmour’s book The French Suicide, which argues France’s identity is being destroyed by factors including immigration, homosexuality and feminism, has sold more than 250,000 copies. 

France was engulfed in a free speech row after a TV commentator was sacked for appearing to suggest all 5 million of the country’s Muslims should be deported to prevent chaos and civil war. The comments by Éric Zemmour prompted outrage and led to him being dropped from an 11-year stint on a chat show.

2437506900000578-2883275-image-a-25_1419237414146Many sprang to the best-selling author’s defense including the far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who declared the move ‘loathsome censorship’.