MUSLIM IMMIGRATION JIHAD TARGETS TEXAS…AS FBI confirms there is no way to screen so-called ‘refugees’

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Taped Phone Call With ‘Refugee Services of Texas’ reveals how Texas is about to be overwhelmed by tens of thousands of unscreened Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists funded by a massive transfer of money from American Taxpayers.


Liberty News (h/t Rob E)  Unlike Europe, which is shuffling the Muslim invaders among ‘refugee’ camps, the US is setting Muslim illegal aliens up with a better life than many taxpayers have. And these same taxpayers are footing the bill. Barack Hussein Obama is making plans to admit from 100,00 – 200,000 Muslim ONLY invaders posing as refugees.

 Every single one of them will likely get flights, a furnished apartment, monthly cash, education, healthcare, job placement assistance and moreThis all starts the day they arrive.


Obama’s federal government has been bankrolling organizations with billions of dollars in preparation for this invasion of foreigners. And he’s been doing it all right in front of us. None of it is hidden. Well, thanks to media it is hidden… but in plain sight. Obama spent $3 BILLION of our dollars moving Hispanic and Muslim foreigners into the U.S. as refugees last year.


Texas leads the nation in refugee resettlement because unlike most states, Texas has a bustling economy, a great job market and sustainable state government. Additionally, Texas has a vast network of Muslim resettlement agencies and astroturfed (Paid grassroots) refugee communities.


The cost per refugee is unknown, but we know the Syrians coming will get flights, apartments, furniture, education, healthcare, a welcome kit that includes a lump sum of cash, monthly cash payments and job placement programs. We know this because it was all explained in a secretly recorded phone call obtained by a source in Texas.


The caller dialed one of the RST offices as a potential volunteer looking for information. During the course of the call the representative described the program along with the benefits that come with it.

Listen to the call below.

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  1. I live in Texas an I pack Iron where ever I go,if Moslems wanna try an kill me cause Im Jewish, Im gonna take as many with me that I can,My father taught me about guns since I was around 8yrs old so I can shoot an shoot straight,I would love to send a truck load of Arabs Moslems to see there nasty 72 virgin goats,all my friends an family pack Iron with them,this aint Europe where the sorry Govt took the guns out of the peoples hands same goes for Australia,so bring it on you sorry Moslem mothers.

  2. $925 per refugee as a lump sum besides all the other freebies. Therefore, if there are four refugees per free apartment, that would be $3,700 in one shot.

  3. All of this talk about getting rid of the Mexican and South American illegals too could be big mistake.

    Think about it, inspite of them being illegal and a number being mafia/gang members, aren’t they largely Devout Christian?

    If or when the shit hits the fan with the muslims, wouldn’t these hardened Christians be of benefit fighting the muslim invasion?

    I would say that they would be more valuable than some lard arsed white collar liberal.

  4. Australia is no different.. 45,000 sleep rough every night in Australia .. & that is just the youth… !!!!If only they would care for the homeless , the low -income people & the Returned Soldiers in Australia like they do with the Muslim incoming terrorists…. On Christmas Island where our refugees/terrorists go before being let into Australia there were massive riots again today.. and how does Australia deal with ???? We REWARD them…. PM Turnbull(ie TURNCOAT) since ousting Abbott without an election ) is an Islamic State Appeaser…. God help us all

  5. What a recipe for disaster, Texas, concealed handgun carry laws and AK47’s & AR15’s and high capacity magazines a’plenty.

    I wonder how long it would take an O’Bama & the U.N’s approved, ISIS trained, new arrival to get a Texan gun licence once He gets settled in to His new apartment and gets some taxpayer spending money?

    OOOP’s That’s right, you don’t need a gun license in Texas to buy or own a gun.

    Perhaps it’s just another conspiracy theory, but wouldn’t that give more credibility to the anti-gunners arguments when something goes horribly wrong as it surely will….what’s that old saying….
    Give them just enough rope to hang themselves.

    But all that said, If I was ever going to move somewhere other than this little patch of paradise I’m currently in….. TEXAS WOULD BE THE PLACE!

    • I live in Texas and we all go through background and criminal checks, along with a 10 day waiting period before our firearms are handed over after purchase. Get it straight please!

      • OOOPS, My bad.. I read, researched & quoted Wikipedia and a few other sites before typing so don’t blame me if I get it an little wrong…after all ..American gun laws in some U.S states are cutting edge and the envy of the modern civilised world.

      • Dear Rhonda, Further to my last post, perhaps you could enlighten us as to how a government department would do a firearms background and criminal record check on someone who has a name they made up and recently entered the U.S.A on false documents or has no documentation & an equally bogus name & location they came from and claimed asylum?
        They cannot.

  6. The rules were always that in order to be accepted as a resident in America you had to either have a sponsor who guaranteed that they would be financially responsible for you so that you would NOT be a burden on the state, or

    You had to show that you had a job waiting for you in America.

    AMERICA IS BANKRUPT. And thanks to American-hater, Muslim Obama, America is now 18 trillion dollars in debt. Guaranteeing the Financial Destruction of America.

    Islam has many jihads. FINANCIAL JIHAD is one of them.

    It’s absolutely unheard of that anyone — in this case ADORED Muslims — huge numbers of whom will be hardcore Muslim terrorists, will be provided flights, a furnished apartment, monthly cash, education, and healthcare, etc.


    Devout Muslim Christian-hater Obama recently deported several Chaldean Christians who had fled to America seeking to escape severe Muslim persecution.

    If you are Muslim Terrorist Savages who Persecute Christians you are WELCOME in America.

    If you are Christians desperate to escape severe Muslim persecution you will be sent back to your deaths.

    Didn’t Christian-hater Muslim Obama declare that “America is no longer a Christian country”?

    Why are Republicans ALLOWING the Muslim Invasion of America by many thousands of terrorists and ALLOWING Christians Desperate to Escape Severe Muslim Persecution to be DEPORTED?

  7. No way to vet them, but let them in anyway, huh? Caw Mobama say.

    Oh, well, good target practice, if nothing else.

  8. I posted the linked article at all the FB pages for the Texas Refugees Services. They have offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, &, Amarillo.

  9. Nations’ leaders that colonise their country with Muslims crave for their country to be ruled by Muslims and Barbaric Sharia Rules that ANNIHILATES the Freedom and Rights of Hated non-Muslims.

    Most Muslim imports want sharia enforced on non-Muslims. American, European and other Western leaders are neither ignorant or naive and know what the Blood Soaked Quran teaches,

    that over a period of 1,400 years, Muslims have barbarically murdered hundreds of millions of non-Muslim innocents and captured millions of non-Muslims for Slaves and Sex Slaves.

    The Quran instructs Muslims to forcibly convert, kidnap, rape, gang rape, torture, perpetrate satanic atrocities, mass barbaric murder non-Muslim innocents, behead, crucify, and capture non-Muslims for Slaves and Sex Slaves.

    Muslims have been massively imported into our nations by our leaders so that Muslims can Obey the Terrifying Satanic Quran commands against non-Muslim innocents.

    Western leaders regard Muslims as so Valuable that Muslims and their descendants are NOT required to work. Ever.

    All British and European leaders require of Muslims is to live lives of Leisure as Permanent Parasites and pop out as many Muslim babies as possible for the planned Huge Jihad of Europe.

    In Britain many Muslims have 20 or more children with their four or more polygamous, baby factory wives. All financed by native taxpayers — the White Christian Slave Worker Force for Muslims.

    Now Americans are a White Christian Slave Worker Force for Muslims.

    Many, if not most of the 200,000 imported Muslims will be ISIS Monsters, Al Qaeda Savages and other Muslim terrorist barbarians — ALL EAGER to live as Parasites off Hated Infidels who are Forced to Pay Jizya,

    and impatiently waiting for the Planned Big Jihad of Hated Infidel America


    Form Defense Groups quickly.

  10. this report is damn disturbing Texas ! what are you going to do about it ? always playing the big shot around the rest of the western states now’s your chance to earn that big mouth you got under them ten gallon hats . we got a New Yorker says he will kick their ass back out of Texas best side with him else we north of the pecos may have to get into the fence building business , you cowboys down there best get with this muslim roundup find yourself another judge Roy Bean … Cruz can fill his boots give him some rope

  11. Obama and the psuedo Christian based charities (who get paid a $$$ bounty for each “refugee” they dump on USA communities) must be looking to turning the USA into Sweden/Third World.

    Sweden to become a Third World Country by 2030, according to UN

    . . .especially when you add in not only the millions of illegal aliens but also the numbers of legal immigrants:

    “In a further confirmation of the danger that legal immigration poses to America, new figures from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have revealed that 90 percent of all US citizenship naturalizations in 2013 were made by people originating from the Third World.

  12. This makes me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!! (the phone call) We don’t take care of OUR OWN HUNGRY AND HOMELESS PROPERLY!!!! HOW MANY EX-MILITARY KILL THEMSELVES EACH DAY?? Why isn’t this freaking government helping them?? It is absolutely INSANE!!!!

  13. You are right on the money with this post. In Houston they have moved a bunch of refugees in the southwest area near 610 and south of 59. This area is predominately low income , illegal alien apartment housing. The neighborhoods are notorious for illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin American countries. Normally common folk don’t really pass through these Barrios unless you got business there or know someone. People drive past these places since they are in between major streets and the actual Barrio activity is kind of hidden behind the buildings off the main streets. What shocked the hell out of me is when I was cutting through a side street being I have lived in these apartments before, I saw a bunch of women walking around , wearing full blankets. Not 1 or 2 but say 6 to 8 groups of 3 or more Hajis walking. I was looking around for my Latin American friends and it looked like maybe they Were being pushed out by these new parasites. At least your south of the border people wanna work and are Christian predominately even though I’m not for illegal immigration. They have put a lot of these people back there unknown to the public since no one will complain or know unless they go back there. We don’t want these people here. They have no desire to shed their old world habits and want the best of both worlds. I see a lot of unique escorted women driving wearing their hijab. Alot. And going to the market alone. We all know what would happen in Saudi Arabia if they did this and that’s a flogging or maybe losing a hand. Hypocrites promoting ideals they refuse to obey when not being held to the Muslim standard in a Christian country. Freedom of religion was meant in reference to Christianity. I’m sure the founding fathers would of outlawed Islam if they would of known fully and experienced this infectious mental disease void of God. My God heals and promotes life. Their God promotes death, destruction and atrocities. These people are massed up in this city and you see a few in Austin. But no where else. People of Texas won’t tolerate this Muslim crap or their jihad garbage for long if they wanna act up. Most people I know pack iron including me for self defence and that makes me feel safer when you see these stories of Muslims inciting violence against the populus.

    • Thomas Jefferson had experience with them when he negociated with the Tripoli Pasha ( aboutvthe US paying trinute or jizya to the muslim Pasha) and ended up building the first US Navy to fight the Pasha’s ships …you would think he would have done something to keep them out, he read the Koran and knew how evil,they are. I need to do some research into Jefferson’s papers and see what he said about Islam and muslims.

  14. Sadly, we’ll require another 9-11 to shake the general public out of their complacency. Even then, the rabid Leftists will continue their enabling of these savages. Beware Leftists! You WILL Be Held Accountable as Collaborators.

  15. We have so many videos from Europe that our taking in of unvetted “refugees” is the epitome of stupidity. We have a clear choice of taking in refugees who have families and who are clearly Christians, persecuted by all the other “refugees” . We could make a dangerous program work for ourselves and our inclination to help others. As for the United Nations . . . we should have thrown them out of New York after the Rwanda massacres and locked up those who don’t pay parking fines.

  16. The Boston Marathon bombers’ family got 20 years of refugee payments and free college tuition. If you want to know how Arabs in America feel about Americans, go to Dearborn, MI.