NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #145: Muslim sues ‘Bed Bath & Beyond’ for firing him after he grew out his Muslim supremacist beard

Trump You're Fired_1Unfortunately, there always will be some applicants who sneak in under your ‘raghead radar’ by pretending not to be a Muslim. Jose Alcantara (photo below), a Muslim man who alleges he found his faith as his mother-in-law was dying from cancer says he was fired from Bed Bath & Beyond because of his bushy beard that looks threatening to customers.

NY Daily News  He claims he was subjected to months of torment after he revealed to co-workers that he was growing his facial hair in adherence with his Muslim faith, according to a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.


His colleagues repeatedly referred to him as a “terrorist.” Alcantara claims the HR department ignored his pleas for help. And the harassment culminated in Alcantara being canned — ostensibly for missing work days after a supervisor tampered with his vacation schedule, the lawsuit says.

“When I was being called a terrorist, it made me question everything — my religion, my beliefs, myself,” Alcantara said. Bed Bath & Beyond defended itself in a statement to the Daily News saying,  “We disagree with the characterization of the separation that was provided. We will respond to this matter in the appropriate forum, should any further legal action be taken.”


In February 2013, Alcantara recalled that he was approached by a human resources manager and asked a highly personal question. “What’s going on with the beard?” she asked, (its scaring away the customers) Alcantara explained that he was growing it as part of his religious practice, prompting the HR manager to ask his religion.

Almost immediately, Alcantara alleges in his lawsuit that one of his co-workers began greeting him differently: “Good morning, terrorist. How are you terrorist?” Another co-worker joined in, even after he begged them to stop, the suit says.


Alcantara had a disturbing meeting with an HR manager a few months later when he was asked if he was “seriously following the Muslim religion,” the suit says. The HR rep said the store manager was harassing her about the beard.

“I’m still following my religion and there is no problem with my beard,” Alcantara shot back, the suit says. Marsalli, the store manager, soon became “short-tempered, abrupt and extremely hostile” toward Alcantara, the suit says.

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