SEWER OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS University of Missouri’s college RINOS apologize for denigrating students who wear Palestinian terrorist neckscarves

The Mizzou College Republicans deleted the Monday morning tweet and said in a follow-up tweet that the post was “the opinion of one individual” and not “a reflection of our organization.” The group didn’t identify the person who sent the original tweet and didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Called the the Kaffiyeh, the scarf is readily identifiable with the anti-Israel violent jihad and are quite distinctive, just as are white hoods associated with the KKK. 

“It is an absolute disgrace that students on an American college campus choose to associate themselves with terrorism by wearing Keffiyeh styled scarves, the wide recognition of which has become part of a visual acceptance of cultural and violent  jihad. 

From 2010, interesting encounter between David Horowitz and a keffiyeh scarf-wearing member of the Muslim Student Association who is forced to admit she supports the genocide of all Jews.