French President shows some cojones…refuses to bow to Muslim demands

A meeting between Francois Hollande and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani was cancelled after French officials refused a demand for Islamic Halal (barbarically-slaughtered) meat and a liquor free table.


UK Daily Mail (h/t John H)  French president Francois Hollande and the hardline Islamic ruler had been due to dine together during an Iranian state visit to Paris next week. But the meal has now been cancelled because the Iranians would not eat at a table that was ‘offensive to their Muslim values’, and France is said to has refused to bow to their religious demands.

Officials at the presidential Elysee Palace said making the food and drink ‘Iran-friendly’ was contrary to France’s republican values, it has been reported. In an attempt at compromise, the Elysee suggested a breakfast meeting instead, but this was reportedly rejected by the Iranians as being ‘too cheap’.

A diplomatic source told RTL radio: ‘A meal had been planned but fell through. The leaders have missed out on a great opportunity to meet in the relaxed environment of a meal.’