WITH OPEN GATES: The forced collective suicide of European nations…and any country that opens its borders to this Muslim invasion

0ca6e56f0aef858d435c63d3c9ae10-vi‘With Open Gates’ is a slick, hard-hitting film about the massive Muslim invasion crisis that is going viral in Europe. BNI readers have seem most of these  clips here already, but the effect of viewing them all together in one video is truly chilling. If you still aren’t convinced of the danger that millions of Muslim economic migrants, rapists, thugs, and potential terrorists pose to Europe, just wait, it’s going to get a whole lot worse…and Europe might never recover.


Breitbart  Although the 19-minute film may feel like a dispatch from the future, it is cut entirely from recent news reports, police camera footage, and interviews.  “At current immigration levels and disappearing birth rates native Europeans are destined to become a minority in their own countries within decades. This is already the case for many of Europe’s largest cities.”


“Millions of young Muslim men leave behind their family, pay thousands to criminal traffickers to reach the land they have been promised by European politicians illegally. Dubbed by the media as “refugees”, they cross through 6-10 safe countries to reach wealthy nations like Germany or Sweden where they hope to receive a better life at the expense of the taxpayer.

Although the main thrust of the film is to goad native Europeans against mass migration and the negative effects of multiculturalism, the film also paradoxically takes a swipe at one European minority group that stands to lose almost the most from millions of new Muslims in Europe – the Jews – whom Britain’s Nick Griffin of the BNP blames for the invasion, while ignoring the fact that Jews in Europe are the group most often under attack by Muslims.  A Muslim migrant-filled Europe is now hostile towards Jews at a level not seen in decades.


Only a fraction of theses migrants are Syrian, as they enter unfiltered, without any documents and without any legitimate right to claim asylum. Women and children are rarely seen, except in the cherry-picked sob stories of the media.” Also, there’s a hot market for fake Syrian passports and ID’s, which Muslims are buying up by the thousands for easier entry into the EU.

“At current immigration levels and disappearing birth rates native Europeans are destined to become a minority in their own countries within decades. This is already the case for many of Europe’s largest cities.”

Apparently, Youtube has blocked this video. Click screen below twice.

If it won’t play, click this link where there are several copies of the video:


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  1. The video is marred by two retarded Nazi lies. The first is BNP head Nick Griffin blaiming Zionists for immigration to Europe. This is quite misleading. The most vocal supporters of mass immigration are anti-Zionists on the left. As for the
    Eurabia is plot to create a fusion of Europe and Middle East to counter the US and initially the USSR. Its founding action was the French betrayal of Israel in 1967. Just as the importation of millions of Muslims necessarily leads to the death of Jewish life in European and the ethnic cleansing of Jews, the creation of Eurabia means that European countries take anti-Israel positions. Hence, even those claiming to support the right of Israel to exist are functional anti-Zionists. They want Israel to commit suicide by creating another Palestinian state with all of Israel in rocket range, and for Israel to take in millions of so called Palestinian Refugees.

    And then we have the cowardly Nazi lie at the end of this video. It has Barbara Lerner Spectre speak about the “Jewish role” in immigration. But it is a nasty lie of ommission based on absolute cowardice. The clip comes from a 30 minute Israel Broadcast Authority piece on the declining situation of Jews in Sweden, how the socialists and Muslims are making Jewish life unbearable, and shows Jews fighting this including in a rally, where the Jews were physically assaulted for protesting. Spectre gave the government response to the video. The Nazi untermenschen refuse to acknowledge this and more than the Israel Broadcast Authority have ensured that the original video has been scrubbed from the internet. Everytime it is posted, it is taken down for licencing issues. But it isn’t the IBA complaining to Youtube, it is Nazi untermenschen cowards.

    • I watched many Documentaries on the Holocaust of WW2. There were a couple comments that all the survivors of the atrocities that had stated that stuck to my mind. ” They would not do that to us” and ” The world will not allow this to happen “. The Nazi banked on this mindset as they easily filled the gas chambers with willing victims. It was an important world lesson as how to control a large group of people and have them submit to whatever fate that came their way. How does this apply to the Invasion of the European and American Continents by the Islamists? As you can see, the government in Germany has turned on it’s own people and went on raids to shut down what they consider right wing racists. Calling opponents of the invasion Nazi’s. Yes they have had a law against displaying or propagating the Nazi agenda. But, what still remains is that there is still free speech. Just like any other western civilized nation. We all fought and died for this principal through out history. In North America we have those idiot Westburough Baptist church members, the KKK stormfront and list goes on with many other groups we disagree with, but they have their right to free speech. Now here is the kicker, new laws are passed all the time to circumvent free speech, we are slowly letting our governments take away our rights, right from under our noses. In Canada there was a hate crime law passed to protect minorities from being targets of racism. That same law could get me arrested for hate crimes if I should protest against muslims and their religion, yet those same people can attack my Canadian heritage and call for the demise my culture. Are they getting arrested? no, not a chance. Because the police do not want to be labelled racist.

      Our governments won’t let our Identity be wiped out and replaced with Islam, the world will not stand allow the globalization of a tyrannical and subjugating religion. We will keep believing this as they kneel us down to behead us. Wake up people, before it is too late, if it is not too late already. We must defend ourselves with the same fervor and ferocity as ISIS is with their globalization of their Caliphate. As ISIS said, you are either with us or against us. We as a western Civilization need to take back what we lost. We have lost Germany, we have lost Sweden, We have lost England. We must resist even our own governments and the bleeding heart Liberals if necessary to protect our way of life. We need to pressure our own governments to end this stupidity once and for all. If not, our lifeless eyes will meet each other as our heads are affixed to a pike and put on display.

  2. These Are Invaders!…look more like well fed and well worked out football players for some NFL team! NOT starving migrants! Why are these guys in Germany? The UK and the rest of Europe?

  3. Primitive third worlders swarming Europe from Africa with ZERO work skills, believing their superior to women and expecting free housing and cash stipends ALONG with despising any Religious/Cultural ICONIC symbols of Christianity or Judaism.


    That’s going to work out swell.

  4. And we wonder why we get labelled neo-nazis and far right extremists?

    I groaned when watching this video because of its pathetic attempts to spin the narrative off into ‘blaming the jews’. The number of people who are against mass third world immigration and blame the jews are a tiny proportion, and they are allowing the establishment to portray us all as Nazi cockroaches.

    Cant someone edit out the retarded gibberish about Jews and zionists, and repost it? Theres a lot of valuable information in the video but it is ruined by the insertion of the ‘blame the Jews’ bullshit.

    Nick Griffin = Bloated Freemason piece of shit.

  5. neil griffin has it wrong. For as long as I can remember, billions have been poured into africa andin makes little or no difference. There are a handful of countries that are progressing like Botswana, Namibia and Ghana and guess what,they are not islamic which is why. Europe wants to give more money to africa instead of penalizing countries that abuse the human rights of their citizens. What a dark age we live in when so many people in positions of power are so moronic.

  6. Hundreds of millions of “liberals” are coming smack-dab with having to living face to face with what they once thought were mere far-flung theories and silly ideologies and such.
    The USA isn’t in any better shape either.
    The people who engineered all this are going for broke as fast as they can, trying to be faster than the internet can expose them

  7. I’ve shared this video over Facebook for two days now, and the people are amazed. Please share this far and wide. This is needed to wake people up. Before it is taken down.

  8. The only muslim country in the southern hemisphere is Indonesia, so boumedienne isn’t exactly long on geography, but that’s par for the course for a muslim, after all they still think the world is flat!

  9. the difference is we still have the right to bear arms.. for now. when it comes we will put it down.. and then we’ll go after the ones who allowed it to happen, and they’ll be no protection for the traitors. never forget it’s our right to bear arms that has kept these savages from getting very far with their plots here so far. once chaos erupts the authorities will be too busy dealing with the Muslims to try to come and take our weapons. they are eyeing us but they know we’re not defenseless cowards like the Europeans

    • Being defenceless does not make us cowards. The EDL was started in Britain and other parts of the world followed. People suffered beatings to get the truth about Muslims aired.

    • How dare you call us cowards! Yes, you are right about the defenceless part but this was taken from us years ago. Just be thankful that your guns have not been taken from you in America. If they do take all your weapons can I then call all of you a bunch of defenceless cowards?

      • I guess you problably gave your guns away believing in the peace preached by the UN /EU, as you gave catholic faith away believing in the liberal left and in the modernist clergy, that led to low birthrates and so on.

    • Just wait, your government will find a way to pave the way of disarmament of the population. Your bleeding heart liberals will see to that. Every year, every new government that comes into power, every new president will gnaw at your constitution until it is nothing. You honestly think the German people wanted this nonsense, you think the People of France wanted this? I do not think so, but it happened anyway. Just as it will happen in Canada and the USA.

  10. what will they do when there is no one left to provide them with the welfare they want so badly?
    if they don’t like the refugee centers go back home
    i fear the world will never recover from this long and horrific fall into darkness

  11. Afew counties have refused these lying no good muslims entry ..this needs to happen all across our nation,,send them back where they came from..they are an invading army incouraged by Obama.

    • Daisy, the problem with your statement is that most people who come to this site are already aware of the problems with islam. This isn’t the type of site you just come across.

      As far as the politicians and leftists are concerned, we are just the racist lunatic fringe.

      What BNI publishes has to go mainstream before it will have an immediate impact. BNI and others have done an excellent job of keeping the issue current, and providing a resourse to help educate others, but unfortunately, BNI is fighting a battle against government sponsored mainstream propoganda.

      If you speak with people you will realise that the majority believe whatever the mainstream media tells them.

  12. The horrific thing that is hardly ever mentioned is that there are few Jews left in Europe yet they are targeted by Muslims and both left and right wingers and it’s the chic thing even for middle of the road Europeans to hate both Jews and the U.S. This is a mess that is spiraling into a disaster. I wish more people knew of websites like this. I tell and post about this website and people thank me because they atrn’t even aware there are alternative sources of news. Thank you for your courage in having this website.

      • A criminal/terrorist that says the existence of the State of Israel is justification for their personal and pre-meditated choices to murder innocent people should and need to be dealt with.

        Those who would war on Civilization need to be utterly destroyed, post-haste.

  13. Just watched the BBC NEWS, and again more propoganda, however, the most FRIGHTENING FACT that they matter of factly dropped into the story was,


    YES, 60 MILLION PLUS AFRICANS. And not any concern shown by the BBC.

  14. Wow and a good morning to you all, what a breakfast!!!!!

    My stand against this will be on the 22nd Nov. All Europe is concerned about is how they are going to survive into the future without this invasion, absolutely crazy.

    What I take away with me from watching this is the leaders of Europe have embraced the invasion to secure their futures, when what is happening is the invasion has come to cease their future, I don’t think Merkels Crew have connected the dots there yet.

    If Europe wanted to be the leaders in transforming not only their world but ours, how awesome would have it been to say, well we don’t have enough people to secure our financial future in this world, but what we do have is land and (european) people, we can do away with money, we will sustain ourselves for our people in Europe we don’t need to be part of this ‘economic’ spin anymore.

    Now that would have been the great start to a better future for all of us, stepping away from the old game of monopoly. That would have been a more positive creative solution than to invite invasion and destruction and finally your own death.

    For European leaders it’s about money so they can stay in the game, for the invaders, it’s about conquering and expressing their anger jealousy and hatred towards a race of people who had nothing to do with the ineptness of their own leaders in their own countries that bred them that way. Europeans had nothing to do with that, but it seems the Europeans have become their punching bag for it.

    There is no way they can take back Europe, sorry, but there is just too many brainwashed europeans over there, it’s even in their schools and adverts on TV, it’s in too deep, it’s why I have felt the only way is through killing it out, not a nice way out, but how else can you rid it from Europe and eventually our own countries?

  15. Violent Muslim Gang Rapists KNOW that the Satanic UN, the Satanic EU, the Satanic OIC – The 56 Muslim nations of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Merkel, George Soros, Cameron, Hollande and other Satanic ruling elites are on their side against Islam’s millions of terrorised non-Muslim Savagely Violated Rape Victims and Sex Slaves.

    The cries and prayers of the Rape Victims and Sex Slaves in Iraq, Britain and Europe fill the heavens. The earth is soaked with their tears.

    Bible Psalm 56:8 Put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?


    Sweden: Woman is raped twice outside Muslim asylum facility – police refuses to describe attackers
    Posted on August 25, 2015 by Admin

    Read this report on a double rate by Muslim gangs roaming around outside their asylum centers. The police is refusing to release any details of the perpetrators….

  16. I want EVERYONE of our non-Muslim females and males to be given military training starting in childhood (Muslim monsters rape little children); provided with sub machine guns and LOTS of bullets to send the Muslim Filth Rapist Savages – Sons of the Devil, to HELL.

    DEATH SENTENCE FOR MUSLIM SEX ATTACKERS — the Spawn of Satan. Deport all of their family members and relatives.

    It’s an Excessively WICKED Crime to give Free Homes, Free Money and Benefits to Muslim Parasites. These are homes, money and benefits that are STOLEN from our native people and gifted to Muslims whilst our people — thousands of homeless vets and other desperate thousands of homeless native Brits and Europeans are INTENSELY HATED by Wicked Ruling elites.

    Our homeless live on the streets, DENIED HELP because they’re Non-Muslim, white native Europeans.

    The INJUSTICE and ABUSE of our people has to stop now.

    Muslims must be stopped from entering our countries. Muslims who successfully invaded must all be sent back to their hell hole countries.


    On Judgement Day, God will give back to the Evil Filth the vile things they perpetrated on others.

    Bible, Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

    Bible, Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord.

    I’m waiting for Judgement Day.

    Sweden: Muslim “refugees” spat at victim after coordinated double gang rape
    Posted on November 11, 2015 by Admin

    Spat the victim in the face after double rape

    Published 10 November 2015

    [Translated with Bing and Google into English]

    The woman was sexually assaulted and raped twice by two different men in Strängnäs over the course of an hour. Two Arab asylum seekers have now been indicted for the crimes at Bert Karlsson’s asylum accommodation Hotel Mälarblick.

    The two men, a 39-year-old from Algeria and a 31-year-old from Syria, were in the same restaurant as the woman in Central Strängnäs during the night of August 23 this year.

    – The victim goes home just after 2 p.m. and is caught up by a [Muslim] man who pulls her down and rapes her. When the offence has been completed and the man goes on his way, she puts herself together after a while and walks toward the center of Strängnäs.

    Just a short distance from the site of the first rape she is assaulted once more by two [Muslim] men carrying out another rape against her,” said Deputy Chief Prosecutor Henry Olin to FriaTider.

    The second rape, committed by the 31-year-old in partnership with an unidentified person, is referred to in the indictment as violent. The woman would have been held and raped both vaginal and anal by the accused Syrian, who was also spitting her in the face.

    Both the two Arabs were living at the time on Bert Karlsson’s asylum accommodation Hotel Mälarblick and the rapes took place in close proximity to the accommodation. They claim that they are not familiar with each other, something that the Prosecutor does not believe in.

    – “They deny that they know each other. But they have lived in the same housing, they have been at the pub that same night, and they carried out these crimes right after each other. I think that the only reasonable explanation is that the offender who is charged with event number two somehow was aware of event number one,” says Henrik Olin.

    The 31-year-old is to be prosecuted for another case of sexual harassment against a second Swedish woman at the restaurant earlier in the night. He had violated her “sexual integrity, by, with his clothes on, pressing his crotch against her body and trying to kiss her”.

    The woman managed to just escape to get raped.

    – When she goes home together with a friend, she is stalked by one of the accused men and goes out to the area where the actual rape later takes place. She and her friend run away from the scene,” said Henrik Olin.

    It was thanks to the sexual assault of the first woman that the 31-year-old could be identified.

    – “The first of the accused is singled out in a confrontation with the woman who was the first victim of a sexual assault at the pub. A DNA test is taken from him and it matches the DNA traces from the rape victim.

    The other accused gets caught because we do surgical swabs on a large number of people and his traces match,” says Henry Olin.

    Police have secured DNA traces from the third man who took part in the second rape, but he has not been identified.

    Prosecutor calls for both men to be expelled from Sweden after serving sentences.


    Expelled? They will get REWARDED by walking free and illegally relocate to another country, where they target yet more women and children?

    The vermin need to be sent straight to Saudi Arabia and be executed according to Sharia.

    They want their Sharia, so send them off. We should have no pity or lenience to these Muslim animals who are far below human conscience.

    They pose no safety in any near or distant future for neither European or Muslim women and should never be allowed to walk free to rape others.

  17. Bonni: about half way through some guy is claiming that leftists and “Zionist Supremacists” are responsible for breeding native Europeans out of existence. What’s up with that? Jews, and especially Zoinists are not behind any of this. Well, Soros and anyone on the left who is Jewish, maybe, but blaming the Jews is insanity, but all too typical of Europe.

  18. I posted this on BNI at the beginning of the year and got only to 2 replies.
    What option would you choose for Europe’s “Broken Arrow” ?
    I choose option 3
    If I am going to be erased from my homeland – then I would make sure the land uninhabitable for these fuckers…….

    “It’s been a long time since I posted here on the BNI forum and come here to see and hear what the liberal, treacherous socialist dogs and their bastard media lackies don’t cover or lie about on these muslim civilization destroying leaches, followers of the psychopath, multiple rapist, paedophile, mass murdering warlord and slave buyer/seller mo-ham-mid (pbuh -pigs blood upon him) who is now being buggered by allah (Satan) in the darkest and deepest corner of hell. One day all muslims will follow him there for eternity. This bastard of a deceiver (in longevity and effectiveness) has set brother and sister on this Earth against each other, in ways not imaginable or conceivable even if you tried your hardest. Let the name mo-ham-mid be a curse on humanity until the dawn of time.

    Europe is fucked my fellow bni brothers & sisters. We are in the death throes. We have been overrun by a cult of freaken evil Satanists. Aided and abated by the liberals, socialists and armies of ‘human rights’ whores. Where is my human right not to be enslaved by this cult of death?

    The evil muslims have used the simplest, crudest and yet highly effective weapon – the belly of their women.
    With all our Western technology, nuclear arsenal, sophisticated weaponry and high tech gadgets we could not stop this evil cancer of Islam from taking hold in Europe.

    For decades the green-hug-a-tree nut jobs, liberals & socialist dogs have brainwashed the European people that having babies was bad. It was bad for the planet, blah blah blah – drilled into our children at school and at every stage of their development. Our women ended up super gluing their vaginas! Nothing was going to come out – no babies. Babies were bad, babies cost money to bring up, the government will look after you in your old age so don’t worry – you don’t need babies, think of the nappies, hard work, etc. Sex yes, babies no. Then to cap it all, the European women when she became pregnant had the ‘easy’ option to abort the baby. We must have slaughtered millions upon millions of unborn babies in the last 30 years in Europe. Poor bastards. Shame on us Europeans.
    We needed 2.11 children per couple to maintain our society, and what did we have – 1.7 average. Our women wanted to be, wait for it – astronauts, deep sea divers, scientists, doctors, X factor contestants, a good time girl, etc. – anything but a freaken mother.

    Meanwhile these muslims baby making machine whores were pushing out babies like bread in a large baker’s shop. Paid for – yes you guessed right, by the same stupid Europeans who did not want babies. You could not make this shit up if you wanted to.
    See & read Mark Steyn’s book on why Europe collapsed:
    America Alone: The End of the World as We Know it by Mark Steyn (ISBN: 9780895260789)

    Most Americans will remember the film, Platoon. Near the end of the film, the Vietcong soldiers had managed to breach the defences by sheer weight of numbers and where all over the Americans in their dugouts. Where upon the captain (or whatever rank) took the ultimate decision to save his men from oblivion and certain death. He decided to call in the code word “broken arrow” to HQ. Meaning we are fucked and just drop what you have on these co-ordinates, prompto. Thus knowing full well that the bombs would also kill his own men. But give his men a chance of survival.

    Folks – I am calling in code “broken arrow” for Europe. We have been overrun, our defences are gone, and the muslims are everywhere. The followers of the death cult are now in every nook and cranny of every major European city. We are fucked.

    So what’s left for Europe – where is our ace in the pack that might save us? Buy us some time? Give us a chance of survival of being free men & women again, of having the freedom of speech back. Freedom of conscience and equality for all. And not live under Sharia as slaves as our grand c hildren will surely be. I can only see 3 options left for Europe, some of which are non-palatable but necessary to discuss as time is running out:

    1) To counter the cancer of Islam and the civilization destroyers – the muslim plague.
    We could import millions of non-muslims – from India, America’s, Africa or China. I have no problem with skin colour and rather fancy Indian/African/Chinese girls than those
    in-bred, carpet chewing, brain dead (add your own here) muslim leaches becoming the majority in 2050 in every major European country. This way they are never the majority to enslave my grand children or my neighbours grand children. This should give us time to re-educate our women in having some freaking bambinos for god sake, so we have a future. No more abortion (unless it’s going to kill the mother-medical, or in rape situation, etc.) no more flushing the baby down the loo. We need them!

    2) Fight the death cult muslim sewerage – this is going to be messy and dirty. It will make Bosnia (btw shame on you yanks for going against the Serbs) look like a tea party. House to house, street by street. Stalingrad – you have seen nothing yet. It will be like getting an eel out of a vat of swarfega and it’s going to take time. This option is resource intensive – we will need men (and women) of fighting age, neither will be in great quantity in 2050 as Europeans are old and tired. We will need arms – flame throwers, grenades, ammo (lots of it) and every conceivable gun you can think of. All cost money.
    The drawback is whether we will have the stomach for such a war? We may even need to combat the liberals and those double crossing socialists c*nts.

    3) This is the most brutal option I fear my European brothers & sisters might use. But the outcome will be highly un-certain. A virus war.
    If Ebola (or any other virulent virus) is changed to attached to or target specific genes – say in the Pakistani, Turkish, or Arab gene pool – what would be the outcome? I am not a scientist and have no knowledge of genes/genetics but those who do – can I ask what the scenario would be?
    If they tried to enslave what would be left of the Europeans indigenous population we could call their bluff.
    If my children were about to be enslaved or for sure slaughtered for not submitting to Islam would I be in my rights to defend myself with the viruses? To damm right I would.
    Sure this is like using a flame thrower to light a gas cooker. It could mutate to go after other gene pools, for example Indian, Chinese, etc. and I would not want to harm Pakistani Christians for example. Would there be anything else left in Europe to save after the viruses? Would I be bothered?

    What option would you choose as my “broken arrow” for Europe?

    I am a free man, I will not submit to islam. Death to islam and shove it in the dustbin of history were it always belonged.

    Know Islam = No Freedom
    No islam = Know Freedom

    • European, it is still not too late to save yourselves, though the time is getting shorter. I’m afraid things must get much worse for the average person before millions of people stand up and say ENOUGH!

  19. While in school, we were always told about over-population. Now, the governments are importing people that have zero respect for the planet, but only want their Sharia Law to rule the lands while they take all that is given them and want more, while they are a main reason for over-population. The governments are insane thinking these hoards will bring in more taxable income. It is time to just say “NO” to the non-Christian refugees and remove all that have immigrated back to their country of origin!

    • Of course it’s the Jews because the Muslims are such good friends of theirs. F’ng morons who say that. Remember a week or two ago when some Muz savage attempted to choke out an Israeli on an airplane? Muslims hate Jews more than anything in the world, even leftist Jews know that. Taking their side would be suicidal so Nick Griffin et al are fucking apes.

  20. Sorry folks. But I had it. Germans, French, Italians, Canadians, Americans…. are figures walking, eating,…. BUT WITH NO BRAINS. during any war there are those countries which recognize the danger of the enemy and they fight back. We are now in war, we recognize the danger of our enemy, BUT we welcome them with open arms.
    If any one can make any sense of what is happening now, please let me know. Because, like I said I’ve had it.

    Those people are not crazy. Crazy people have dysfunctional brains and so with all mental illnesses, but like I said those people who are welcoming those garbage in their countries they are brainless and making me sick to say the least. They are major child abusers including their own children. After all what they have seen and informed with the nature of those animals, the y are welcoming them instead of gunning them down at their boarders. Sorry, but I am going to bring up.

    • Certainly was.
      I DID do Sun City, by the way.
      Several times in the last twenty years.
      Great place for a family vacation – bit of a long flight, though.

  21. Thank you Bonnie for putting this on BNI. It shows the stark genocidal truth of our future, if we do not start to acted now. Not by violence, as that plays into our enemy’s hands. We will tell the truth. show the truth and know the truth.
    If we do noting we gain nothing. I believe this film will wake up many people sitting on the side, will cross the line in the sand, stand up and be counted for freedom.
    Here in Australia we had a dog chase a wombat down its hole and was lost in the maze that wombats dig. The rescue specialist gave up after days of digging.
    But the owner with his mates and locals persevered and founded the dog.
    The moral of this story is keep on fighting even if others give up.

    • I’ve had the video for over a week but didn’t want to post it because videos like this one ALWAYS get taken down from Youtube because of all the Muslims who come here just to flag them. But now that it’s been out for a week or so, it seems to be staying up, so I decided to take a chance.

  22. is importing??? it is already here in the form of mexicans, illegal ones. 70% are on welfare and 50+ percent of the native ones are on welfare. and that is just the mexicans! both muslim and mexicans practice uncontrolled breeding at the expense of the ability of the earth to support them in the future.

  23. Richard Coudenhove Kalergi is the man whose ideas seem to be followed to the letter today. He believed that Europe should be mixed with Asians and Africans to ruin European identity.

  24. This gave me the same feeling I had watching Fitna.
    Very sad and this goes to the leftie pricks welcoming them all, SHAME ON YOU!

    Guarantee they will be the first to complain when thins get ugly towards them.
    Tool up, WW3 is coming.

  25. I am watching a program about the Social Housing Crisis in the UK.

    ▪ 1.3 MILLION Waiting List.

    ▪ British families waiting many years, some never qualify.

    ▪ Problem, a growing population.



    • Angry, Our people are Despised and Hated by ruling elites. There’s no housing for our people because it’s all been given away to Muslims who go to the front of the queue for housing and EVERYTHING from the moment they set foot in Islamic Paradise on Earth Britain — without ever having worked.

      Taxes are paid by our people all for the benefit of Muslims and their huge families our people are FORCED to financially support. WHAT AN INJUSTICE.

      In addition to all that, our TINY island was NEVER meant to support ALL these people — Millions of Muslims from the HUGE Muslim Third World and their mega millions of future descendants .

      An IMPOSSIBLE, unsustainable situation for our small island — guaranteeing a Frightening Future with such Massive Numbers of People in such a tiny, tiny space.

      There will be no green belt left. No green and pleasant land. No farms. Everything built over for the Muslims. Britain utterly DESTROYED for Muslims.

    • “Our” governments/politicians consider We the Taxpaying People to be the vermin.
      Look everywhere across the globe and see how we citizens and taxpayers are being treated by these arrogant corrupt swine who are trying to collapse society and civilization for their own personal profit.
      That’s exactly what’s going on.

  26. Any sane people left in Europe must now cope with both invasion and civil war as the traitors among them throw away their civilizations and freedoms to the new Barbarian Hordes. Increasing birth rates can do nothing to save Europe now. Does anyone really believe that could be achieved by forcing European women to pump out a baby every year? What good would that do when those children are being brainwashed into greeting their destroyers with balloons and welcome signs and kisses? All that is left is resistance, by any means and by anyone still willing to resist.