NETHERLANDS: Muslim freeloaders threaten to “go back to their country” if they don’t better food, TV & fridge in their rooms, etc.

complaining-Syrian-420x315In a performance of ingratitude so staggering it would make good satire, a group of newly arrived Muslim migrants in the Netherlands have declared their accommodations so unacceptable, they want to go back to Syria.

Breitbart (h/t Benda K)  Clearly used to appearing in front of a television camera, a glamorous, well-coiffured and made up Syrian migrant launches into a tirade against the generosity of Western European states.  

Gesturing to the modern accommodation building behind her, the clearly middle-class Syrian complains in perfect English: “This is not a life when you get inside to a room without a TV. Just a bed, there is no fridge, no lockers, no privacy.” “Maybe we should go back to our country… I think it’s fair enough.”


Telling the television crew why the group of 15 had walked out on their free accommodation and food, the woman said: “we’re going to stay outside because we don’t want to eat this food, and we don’t want to stay in the room. We’re running away from our country because of the situation, and now we live in a jail.

ENGLISH begins at about 00:10