THE JEWISH CONNECTION? What the media aren’t telling you about the Paris theater in which 100 people were massacred by Muslim terrorists on Friday, Nov. 13th

The Bataclan Theater, where people were watching a rock concert until Muslim terrorists came in and starting gunning them down one by one, happens to be a Jewish-owned theater and the favored destination for many years of anti-Israel and anti-Zionist protests.

Bataclan Theater in Paris
Bataclan Theater in Paris

Lugenpresse  The French edition of Le Point suggests that the reason for these attacks – Jewish owners of Bataclan. Add to that, Jewish organizations often hold conferences in the Bataclan, and there were events to collect donations for the Israeli Border Police Magav.

And here we have a video from 2008, where masked jihadists threaten the Bataclan theatre because of events that are held there that support Israel. (h/t Brenda K)

Coincidentally, the rock band Eagles of Death Metal, which was performing at the theatre when the attacks took place, went on tour of Israel this past summer (below),  recalls Le Point.

A member of the Islamic extremist group, Army of Islam, told French security services in 201:1 “We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because its owners are Jews.”