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  1. I see the Video is no longer available on the net ! Is that because they do not want the World to Know exactly what to expect from the Islams!!!! Or is it that ,they don’t want to show the islams what is going to happen to them in Vice-Versa Attacks,that is something to Ponder over, is it Not.

  2. Look up in the top row with all the red seats, notice thr back row there are figures standing there in black robes 😮 ?

  3. Millions of muslim pigs have died since 9/11, its safe to say who’s winning, no contest… Allah loves being a submissive bitch, just like his followers.

  4. not all Muslims are radical psychopaths with nothing inside but hatred and violence.
    soon Satan will bring you to the depths of all that is hate,murder,suicide burning HELL…. I hope you ISIS will be very happy there for eternity !
    I am very sorry that the true Muslim people have to have this violence associated
    to them all.we have to remember not all people from the Muslim community is
    Fanatical radical psychopaths with killing from the heart ….PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR WORLD…..WE NEED GOD !

  5. well this one about sums up the muslim evil::

    need to be eradicated, immediately.



    November 16, 2015 @ 2:35 am

    Hahaha kaffirs died like pigs, look at them, they were nothing in front of Allah and Islam. We Muslims all over the world will celebrate this event by praying our God. God is one he is Allah. We will show you the power of Muslims if you ban burqa or Islamic practices. We will wage 1000 years war with these kaffir dogs.

  6. Before it fades into memory – remember this – Paris was simply a test – if the Western world does not stop the refugee movement and / or not ban Islam – then the Jihadists have won again. They are simply testing the resolve of the free world. Their cultural Jihad / Islamification of the West will then continue unabatedly. It was not simply a random act of terrorism and that is why it was planned at the same time as the mass migration of Muslims to Europe

    • Why don’t you rabid muslims ever make it to Houston, Texas, USA? The majority of us are armed, and just waiting for a chance to show what we can do.

  7. If only one out of ten concertgoers had a legal concealed firearm they would have had twice as many guns as the terrorists. Those who do not understand self-defense are sheep being led to the slaughter. Guns are not bad!!! Guns in the hands of bad people are bad. It was good people with guns that stopped the terrorists from escaping and killing more innocent people. WAKE UP GUN DENIERS

    • What utter tripe, not everyone can kill on instinct (unless oh course you are a totally ignorant redneck, or haven’t you heard about all those high school killings, or rather cold blooded murders, in the states) I think this attitude puts you on par with the muslim extremists who also think they have a right to take life…. no normal person would ever want to take a life.. maybe if you lived somewhere really scary like south africa where you and your family are in ‘real’ danger from preditors both animal and human guns could be justified. I live in England, bad things happen here but I think much worse things would happen if every stupid idiot could buy a gun at tescos…

      • You do not have to want to kill on instinct and you do not have to be a redneck to protect yourself, family and friends. People like yourself is what we classify as “dumb shits”. The world can see where your country really has a handle on things there. At least here in the states we can see how our government is loosing grips on this radical muslim shit and most here are smart enough to know we must arm ourselves to protect us not only from the radical muslims but also from our own government unlike you idiots over there. So tell us, how is that gun control working out for you?

    • You are right on the button mate,You keep fighting to keep your guns,Here in Aussie our Beloved Prime Minister Disarmed us and made a deal with the Islams years ago.it will be just a matter of time when they decide to cause mayhem .

  8. Ban sharia islam, outright. No adherence to teachings of hate of others, misogyny, maliciousness, honoring murder, no tolerating of it being a death cult to any degree- that’s what has to happen for our westernized societies to survive.

  9. The media in oz would not show this. sweet jesus. and govt in oz wants un documented people in when you see what happened in paris.

  10. This fighting has been going on since biblical days, it will never end. This Muslin breed of people know nothing different than fighting. They do not know what it is like to live a quality life and experience freedom. Instead they live like pigs, goats, cows in dirty waste lands of sand and rock fighting over religious causes. It will never end…

    • Well now, “muslin” ? Really? It is Muslim you dumb ass, and your post is exactly what is upsetting to all people and not just Moslems… calling them goats, pigs etc… Who is the pig? You, that’s who stupid, ignorant idiot… Oh I was born in France of centuries old Catholic family background… And I don’t like what you’re doing or saying, you are disgusting.

      • I think you’re gonna have to learn to live with being hated. As will all Catholic priests and as will all bike riders in peak hour traffic. We feel bad when we meet the nice genuine ones like yourself but it’s the ad eggs in your group that ruin it for the rest of you.

      • after bataclan you can say that.their religion is hate.The Koran:

        Sura (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution of Muslims is worse than slaughter of non-believers…and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”
        YOU better wake up BEFORE it happens again mon cheire

      • Isabelle ~

        Those that you protect, Isabelle, are now targeting Catholic priests. Do you applaud their slicing the throat of the priest at the alter while he was holding daily Mass; do you, Isabelle? IF you do, I will have no sympathy for you when they behead you or any of your family members. You’re a fool, Isabelle, you’re an absolute moron.

        See this recent video – time is wasting – they MUST be stopped:


  11. First off I want to.send my thoughts and prayers to the french public on what happened this can’t happen anymore to many innocent lives lost over religion r the miss reading of a book written 100s years ago time to grow up its a handful of scum that done this uneducated fools thinking that there going to a better not every Muslim is like this no one seems to be mentioning man who saved countless lives when he stopped a suicide bomber going into the football stadium he was a Muslim that man is one of many unsung hero’s of this tradity


  13. looked like the drummer was hit? was he? i saw a report that a member of lthe band’s crew was killed. was he American or French?

  14. Photo of bodies inside Bataclan Theater looks authentic, but is only partial view of the crime scene, limited view, with maybe some cropping on the right side, and only one photo made avail. Do not see evidence of the 80+ bodies of victims reported killed. I see about 20 victims in the photo. I do not see any bodies of the 4 terrorists, nor their weapons, or shell casings from the rifle shots fired inside. In the photo there maybe some police in black tactical gear in the dark shadows in the back, but no other police, EMT’s. or crime scene investigators , or other personnel appear clearly. What are we not seeing?

  15. This is so horrific.Islam is a cult of monsters.

    These monsters along with their muhammad the pig should burn in hell for all eternity.

  16. I’ve copied this graphic image to my f/b page, I’ll see how long it lasts or if I get booted ‘again’. This needs to be promoted, this is not islamophobia, this is islamoreal

  17. As gruesome and heart breaking as this image is, it need to be shown on all news broadcasts and printed in every newspaper to show the real legacy of Islam.

  18. Time to round them up and push them into the sea, fish food, shark bait, whatever, gone from among us but never forgotten as to the horrors they bring with them and the rejoicing they do at savagery. These people cannot be changed, they don’t want to change. Self defense is not murder, what these a**holes did and those who enjoy their work need to be eradicated, immediately.

  19. Hahaha kaffirs died like pigs, look at them, they were nothing in front of Allah and Islam. We Muslims all over the world will celebrate this event by praying our God. God is one he is Allah. We will show you the power of Muslims if you ban burqa or Islamic practices. We will wage 1000 years war with these kaffir dogs.

        • Good idea; leave the posts from the wicked muslims so the world can see what they are – what they promote – and what they intend to do.
          Admin – there is a very good website that might be useful to you;
          (politicalislam.com) MUCH information there from a professor that has studied this cult for more than 40 years. Do what ever it takes to awaken the people – teach them in case there comes a day when they will meet head-on with these vipers from hell.

        • Admin, thank you! Huge gratitude for your work. I know the long hours and devotion that goes into teaching the masses, but it must be done. As a long time reader, and follower, I so appreciate all that you do!
          Yes, the professor’s work is very good and his videos very telling.
          I especially like the ‘Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret’

          He also did a very interesting interview on John B. Well’s show; Caravan To Midnight. The entire intro was excellent (listen closely at minute 23:35), and the good professor comes on board at minute marker 26:25. If you haven’t yet, have a listen as it is time well spent as the professor describes the ideology, and explains what it’s doing.

          Again, I can’t thank you and your staff enough!

          • Thanks Hannah, but my staff consists of me, myself and I.

            I used to listen to John Wells when was on Coast to Coast in New York. Always loved his voice.

    • Dying like pigs is better than living like pigs, i.e like Muslims. ‘They’ re nothing in front of Allah’ you say about infidels. Well I don’t like a Muslim being in front of me in a queue for the toilet, especially Muslim males. Pee all over the seat and floor and pubic hair in the hand basin.
      And you don’t want the burqua banned because Muslim women have been caught on camera at airports etc dropping a turd, believing no-one will notice.
      You destroy musicians because you can’t understand their work. All you and your pals can do is use violence and make threats. Muslim men all want to be Mr Big, but they just look silly.

    • You low life piece of goat shit, You dare to spread that garbage you and your scumbuckets will meet Allah in Hell …No Virgins, No Paradise just fire & brimstone…..”Molon Labe”

    • Nothing in front of allah? Think the term you are looking for is defenceless in the face of cowards with guns.
      The entire world is coming for you evil sub-humans. You will be bombed to dust and removed from the face of the earth like the insignifcants you are.

    • Abdullaha listen to me and read carefully. There is no God. And it is your decision to live your life in an illusory world of thoughts.

    • No, they died like innocent, unarmed civilians, shot by spineless brainwashed dirt-worshipping cowards. Here’s the happy truth: there is no Allah. You have killed for nothing, for a figment of your imagination, as a slave to a man-made ideology contrived a thousand years ago to control simple minds like yours. You continue to invoke the ire of civilized nations, who will invade your backward countries and bomb your people and, regrettably, create more misery and orphans. Go martyr yourself to your non-existent fake god by stepping in front a train.

    • Are you for real, buddy??! I really am trying to not use language anyone wouldn’t want their children to see, but it’s really hard. You do not know YOUR ASS FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND!! There is ONE GOD.The GOD of the BIBLE. HIS name is NOT allah. HE did not have a prophet named mo or mu hammed.

    • I’ve reported your comment to the authorities – another sheep extremist who has nothing going for his sad pathetic life so joins Isis….yawn. Hope the police catch up with you and you rot in hell along with all the other NON MUSLIM TERRORISTS #terrorismhasnoreligion 🇫🇷

    • Come to me, Abdullah. Strip off your clothes and show me your manhood. Maybe, with a magnifying glass and an extra pair of eyes, we can find it. When we do, I will remove it from it’s place and shove it up your ass! We all know how moslem men love prostate stimulation! Worthless wannabe. Let me show you how to be a man.

    • Hahaha… Yeah, you and whos’s army again? Oh right, the pathetic bunch living in the MiddleEast, those who are stupidly beheading people like assholes they are? Do you really think we, in the West are afraid of your dorky cohorts? I, a woman, am not, neither are my friends, give me 5 minutes and I’ll show you who’s boss ,doorknob…

    • Hello Abdullah,
      For every one of us you kill, 1000 of you muslim pigs will die !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Your destruction is your only future!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Thats the problem with dirty muslim scum like this piece of shit.
      All musims should be transported to a remote island and nuked.

    • think im gonna go burn a fuckin burka in your name asshole. And Mohammed, that evil bastard….a no good piece of shit….and you worship THAT???? What a total Dumbass you are. Imma go enjoy a ham sandwich. Nite.

    • Hey schmuck…you talk tough because you hide behind this email. The murderous terrorists think they’re tough because they attack innocent unarmed civilians, women and children. You’re actually cowards! You guys want a war then man-up and step on the battlefield. You guys will meet allah faster than you can blink your eye

    • Abduhula or whatever your name is we have been kicking you goat humpers asses for 2,000 years and we will keep on doing it. I hope I get the chance to take care of you and shove a pigs foot up your ass before I off you.

  20. Dear Americans: Please volunteer for Trump’s campaign and do whatever you can to actively ensure he is elected. Trump seems like our last hope.

    • Trump with Carson or Cruz as his running mate. Cruz would be the cream of the crop as AG! We need to get the DOJ back to supporting our Constitution! Jindal (who sadly dropped out) as head of Dept. of Ed. and West as Sec. of Defense or head of Veteran’s Affairs. I trust that Trump has enough business savy to appoint competent staff to support his agenda. Being in business for yrs. (and successfully) means that he has learned how to delegate. That alone would give me reason to support him, but he needs a strong, trusted team. First order of business : nullify all executive orders by o’asshat. Cruz stated that that would be his first action as president. I would like to hear the same from Trump.

  21. It’s horrible to even imagine it, but think for a second what the family members of these young people would feel if they were to watch these pictures. What a tragedy, what an injustice, it makes my blood boil. Hope there are 72 hells awaiting them in the afterlife.

  22. We all know how is accountable for the executions, those ‘people’ are even worse
    and more dangerous than the ones who had their fingers on the triggers.

    The ones responsible MUST be brought to justice, and those people WILL learn the
    hard way what the Nürnberg trails was all about. We shall never forget what was
    written in blood on that horrific day, may it haunt those ‘people’ for all eternity!

    The true nazis are those who use censoring, deception and intimidation against
    its citizens, they are those who cry nazi and racist when you try to spread the truth.

    How much truth is needed ? Do we sit and wait until ‘someone’ figures out how to pop a NPP ? You know that scenario’s been in play for quite some time, right ?
    Think i am paranoid ? do your own research!

  23. Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Brown, David Cameron, Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande and other EU elites are responsible for the Muslim slaughter of innocents.

    Ruling elites are responsible for every attack; every rape; every gang rape; and every murder of our people by Muslims.

    Ruling elites STOLE our cherished inheritance — OUR nations, and gave them away to the Huge Muslim Third World who hate us and whose blood soaked Quran commands Muslims to perpetrate satanic atrocities and mass murder non-Muslims.

    Dear slaughtered French brothers and sisters, Rest in Eternal Peace with the angels. You will live forever in the hearts of your loved ones.

  24. I am so angry at our politicians , leaders and goverments……I dont know too much about foreign policy but even I can see we have screwed up. And we have compounded our mistakes by underestimating Islam and by mot calling the threat by its name of Islam and allowing both our naguran inclination of tolerance , compassion and respect for what we consider “religion” to allow Islam inside our countries to be the cancer that will eat us from the inside……….I dont know if anything like this will haplen her but if it does I pray would happen in congress. It seems that Islam has a different plan for taking over America and thats to take us from withing, making a mockery of every freedom and right we have ever believed in to abuse those freedoms and rights , to allow their totalatarian system called religion to eat us from the inside like cancer………sorry, I am in tears of grief and anger, and so damn frustrated at not being able to just destroy Islam…….I pray there will be a reckoning, that justice for all those hurt or killed because of Islam will have justice and if not justice, well vengance would suite me just fine…..

  25. i realize they need to show what monsters muslims are but they are also probably watching and passing out candy and celebrating now.

  26. For the past two days the media has been going out of their way to keep the reality of this carnage away from the eyes of the public. Just as they did after 9/11. If you don’t see it on CNN, then it isn’t really real, is it?

    In 1945 General Eisenhower ordered that the scenes at the liberated Nazi death camps be recorded as thoroughly as possible so the world would not forget. Much of the world forgot anyway. Todays “enemedia”, to use Pam Geller’s apt title, are trying to keep us from having access to what we need to remember. Thank you, Bonni, for your fearlessness in thoroughly documenting the atrocities of Islam.

      • I heard Fox News referring to them as islamic terrorists.. Dr. Nasser was talking with Judge J. Pirro that Islam needs reforming..she didn’t hold her hopes for it to happen. I don’t understand that man , why would he be a muslim knowing how violent and hateful the religion is. It’s like being a member of a violent murderous gang and wanting its members to change… just quit the murderous gang!!! I wonder how sincere he is…

  27. ON JULY 15, ISLAMIC STATE had predicted that the streets of Paris would ‘RUN WITH BLOOD’!! Did anyone listen?? N O ! ! Expect lots more bloodshed and innocent lives lost until World Leaders stop with the politically correct BULLSHIT

  28. Sand at 3100 degrees becomes glass. I have had enough of the entire Middle East. It is time to send every damned Muslim in the West back to their hell hole, ban Islam, level every Mosque and nuke the whole frigging Middle East. It’s a shame that the innocent have to die too, but this has to happen. Wake up people!!!

  29. they will not show any sort of photo like those they will only show sanitized pictures because showing the real aftermath of what the islamic terrorists are doing to people will only enrage them more and so called main line media are afraid of that and what the people would do showing shots of the outsides of buldings with candles and flowers makes it look a bit civilized but the savagery of the islamists must be exposed to people and let them see what the politicians are implicit in causing in europe and america

    • Actually I have read that a newspaper in GERMANY believe it or not, has plastered this exact photo on the front page without pixilating it. If it is true, then maybe the Germans have had enough to do this.

      • Well i guess that must be a rumour. I am from Austria and the news over here are full with Merkels politically correct speeches about tolerance and humanity and bla, bla, bullshit. Which is quite funny, because Germany is our neighbour. OUR politicians stragedy is to wait what Merkel is doing next and then we have to do the same thing. It is so tiring over here…everytime someone is speaking the truth about what’s happening right now, you are a racist, a nazi……yes, we have our neverending chapter in history books all over the world. And that is why our politicians are willing to let all of this happen, so nobody will ever call us Austrians Nazis again. Democracy is dead over here. We watched the news every day…9/11, Syria, Africa, India, Great Britain, France, Iran, Irak, Afghanistan…everybody was watching. All the hypocrites talking about all those horrible, terrible things. But hey, who gives a fuck? As long as it doesn’t happen at your front door, right? And the first traitor on tv is…….Obama Hussein Bin Laden. Acting like, oh my god, I am so, so, so, so, sad for what happend 10 seconds ago in France. But don’t worry, I got your back. Because I effing love to play war in every country, where I can steal resources. And all my playmates ( Merkel from Germany, Faymann from Austria….) are doing the same. Yes we can!!!! Destroy the world, that’s all you can! Lean back and keep watching!

    • I see people criticizing Daily Mail for posting pixeled pictures of the deceased ones in Paris and also pictures of the victims when they were alive. The trolls say it’s in bad taste and disrespectful.
      After the liberation of Europe Eisenhower made the German people visit the concentration camps and see everything and all the emaciated corpses stacked up. No BS of hiding the reality so people would not be offended like today.
      The reality of 9/11 I saw here on BNI, because the MSM hid it.It was horrible and the world should have seen it and what these satanic moslem do.I have no desire to ever visit the 9/11monument. It angers me and breaks my heart at the sane time for all the innocent victims who perished a horrible death due to the innactivity and corruption of our politicians..
      I am seething with anger mostly at the politicians who allowed this to happen. They have coddled these people so much and persecuted those who tried to warn about the evil cult of islam, and have flooded Europe and the USA with these monsters whose aim is to kill us and take over. A friend sent me a video about the islamic invasion that will nake your hair stand up.


      I’ll try to send it to BNI . It should be played in every movie theatre, TV, and displayed in electronic billboards throughout America and the world. It’s about what’s going on in Europe now but the MSM doesn’t show.

  30. Nothing else to say but:
    Islam is shit.
    Kill all islamist if they dont repent and change religion.

    Quran is vomit.
    Mohamad is a pig adorator