ALL TOGETHER NOW: “The Islamic State (ISIS) has nothing to do with Islam”…say all the spokesjihadists from designated terrorist group CAIR


New Jersey Muslim groups say “The religion of Islam is against terrorism and Muslim terrorists do not represent Muslims.”

ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and if you say so, you are an “Islamophobe.”

“Refusing to accept Syrian jihadists posing as refugees flies in the face of American principles.”

“Stopping unscreened refugee outreach is not fighting terrorism.” (Except when the terrorists are unscreened refugees?)

Ewwwww, a Florida mosque got a threatening phone call. Call in the Feds.

Oh, lookie here, an ex-Christian in a Muslim headbag working for CAIR says “we shouldn’t fear Muslims.”

“We have to bring in as many unscreened Muslim terrorists posing as refugees as possible or else the terrorists win.”