“RACIAL HATE MESSAGE?” Since when does a tiny sign on a Muslim student’s door that says “Killed Paris” have anything to do with ‘race?’

2015-11-15-uconn-rally-1Hey, sharia-compliant media whores – Islam is not a ‘race.’ The message is merely a statement of fact. Holding an anti-racial hate demonstration is par for the course for today’s college crybabies suffering from the infectious disease of political correctness. When will they demand the resignation of the University of Connecticut president?

FOX61  University of Connecticut authorities are investigating after the words “killed Paris” were written beneath a UConn student’s dorm room name tag.


The roommate of UConn Junior Mahmoud Hashem notified authorities Saturday when he discovered somebody had written “killed Paris” under Mahmoud’s nametag on the door of his dorm in the Nathan Hale Inn residence Hall. “I automatically knew it was a hate crime,” said Hashem’s close friend and UConn student Kkhaled Hashad. (So, now, the truth is a hate crime?)

Mahmoud Hashem, a junior, says he cried when he saw the writing. (Oh, BOO HOO) “Why you judge me like a terrorist? I don’t look like terrorist (Oh, yes, you do), I don`t like to hurt people, so I don’t deserve that,” Hashem said.


After the incident (2 tiny words on a sign does not an incident make), the UConn Office of Residential Life held a meeting with students living on the same  floor as Hashem.

“What has happened to him could have happened as easily to me, when he told what happened, I felt an extreme sense of indignation and extreme sense of injustice,” said Hashad. (Imagine what the dead people in Paris felt)


Members of the UConn Arab Student Association  want the university to do more, and plan to ask university leaders to incorporate mandatory tolerance and diversity training.

sit-in will be held Monday at noon on the Storrs campus for UConn students who feel unsafe due to the “racist atmosphere on campus.