Islamic State (ISIS) releases video warning countries participating in Syrian airstrikes will suffer the same kind of terror attacks as Paris

151116091315-isis-new-video-paris-attack-washington-npw-00002224-full-169The terror group also specifically threatens to ‘strike Washington DC’ because of America’s central role in airstrikes in Syria. And it warns European countries that Islamic State terrorist are ‘coming to you with booby traps and explosives.’

Daily Record  The message, which appeared online today, was delivered by a man dressed in fatigues and a turban, named as Al Ghareeb the Algerian. He said: “We say to the states that take part in the crusader campaign that, by God, you will have a day God willing, like France’s and by God, as we struck France in the centre of its abode in Paris, then we swear that we will strike America at its centre in Washington.


“I say to the European countries that we are coming, coming with booby traps and explosives, coming with explosive belts and (gun) silencers and you will be unable to stop us because today we are much stronger than before,” he said. As I always say, when Muslim terrorists tell you what they are going to do, BELIEVE THEM!

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  1. I have thought that maybe if Muslim terrorists hurt or kill someone famous, a politician or their family, An important American landmark, or if it involved a lot of people or it was particularly brutal and bloodyand it was “smack in the face” obvious it was done by uslims, obeying the Koran amd Islam, …our traitor goverment couldnt ignore it or brush it off and say it had nothing to do with Islam it would PO American people and the politicians would be forced to acknowledge Islam is a problem and do something..
    But, seeing the blatent un Constitutional and criminal acts and lies Obama is getting away with, I dont know if even ISIS blowing up the white house or anything in Washington DC would make our traitor president do something. He is so obviously in Islam’s camp, that only his death or removal from office would any thi g be done in DC about Islam……
    I am really afraid that Obama will use this ( or a ything else) as an excuse to declare Martial Law. And if he does that we are screwed.

  2. IS will be suffering a few terror attacks themselves. I hear the French and Russians have teamed up and increased the intensity of their attacks. Hopefully Raqqa is now a wasteland.

  3. Islam Demands the Blood, Agony and Mass Barbaric Murders of Non-Muslims.

    For decades, Western leaders have financed, armed and trained barbaric Muslim terrorist savages to replace legitimate governments

    ISIS perpetrated the COWARDLY savage slaughter of unarmed innocents in Paris.

    U.S. and Western leaders and Turkey are PARTNERS with ISIS.

    U.S. and Western leaders are the biggest state sponsor of Muslim terrorists in the world. Compared to the Satanic Monsters Obama wants to replace Assad with, Syria’s Assad is a saint. Russia’s Putin and Russia’s military are heroes.
    DECLASSIFIED 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document reveals: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

    The document shows that as early as 2012, U.S. intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a U.S. strategic asset.

    Western governments fundamentally see ISIS as their own tool for regime change in Syria…

    CIA sending Al Qaeda rebels weapons to fight the Syrian military.

  4. okay threaten all you want that’s not going to work BTW soccer match in Germany cancelled because of bomb threat

  5. Our TRAITOR leaders give their FULL COOPERATION to Muslim TERRORIST ATTACKS by continuing to Massively Import hundreds of thousands of Muslims whose Blood Soaked Quran commands Muslims to wage Eternal WAR against Non-Muslims until all Non-Muslims are conquered and ENSLAVED under Barbaric Sharia.

    If our leaders possessed ANY ethics whatsoever, they would Seek Our Protection.

    Permanently END ALL Muslim immigration/invasion.

    Close ALL borders to our countries. Deport ALL Muslims — The Merciful way to deal with our enormous danger from Bloodthirsty Islam.

    And instead of financially supporting Muslim imports and their huge families, spend our tax money providing ALL NON-Muslims with military training, guns and lots of bullets for the planned, HUGE JIHAD of our nations.

  6. Colonise your nations with mega millions of Muslims.

    Don’t require Muslims to work but financially support Muslim imports and the huge numbers of children they then raise up — 20 or more children for each Muslim male who has four or more wives.

    And this is how ISLAM REWARDS bringing in the Muslim Fifth Column. EXACTLY as EXPECTED by the UN, EU, OIC – the 56 Muslim nations of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and Big Muslim-lovers Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Tony Blair, Jack Straw and Brown.

    When ISIS Monsters announced several months ago they were sending thousands of their terrorists in the invader boats to carry out terror attacks in Europe, Merkel and the EU elites gave their FULL COOPERATION to ISIS TERROR ATTACKS. The EU increased their rescues. Ensuring their ADORED ISIS Killer Monsters made it to shore.

    EU leader, Merkel, INVITED the Huge Muslim world to INVADE little Europe — ALL Muslims — ISIS, Al Qaeda; every Muslim terrorist organisation on earth and millions of invading Muslims CELEBRATE. They, and the massive numbers of children they will raise up will LIVE AS PERMANENT PARASITES — FOREVER

    And wage JIHAD in OBEDIENCE to BLOODTHIRSTY Quran Commands.

    Is ISIS making threats in public whilst SENDING PRIVATE THANK YOU NOTES to Merkel and other EU ruling elites?

    Merkel and the EU have the BLOOD of the Slaughtered Innocents in Paris on their Hands. And the Blood of ALL Future Victims.

    Bible, Genesis 4:10 And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.”

  7. WBRZ is reporting that one of the Syrian Muslim “refugees”, which Catholic Charities sneaked into New Orleans, has gone missing. Catholic Charities says it is not their job to keep track of these “refugees”. Clearly CC job is to gobble up taxpayer dollars to bring in Muslim “refugees” and dump them onto USA citis and towns for taxpayers to support.

    • God gave Europe to Christians, NOT Islam.

      The Universe and the Entire World belong to Almighty God, our Magnificent Creator.
      I’m sick and tired of Muslims claiming the world and everything in it belongs to Muslims and therefore, Muslims can TAKE everything from non-Muslims.

      Muslims have been ARTIFICIALLY Introduced — MASSIVELY Imported into our nations by our leaders. Otherwise, Muslims would NOT be in our countries.

  8. If they are going to make a cowardly attack, I hope they find themselves in an area of the US where the citizens are heavily armed. I bet they wouldn’t get away with killing as many as they would in Paris. In Australia, we have all been unarmed by our traitorous leaders so we are at the mercy of the terrorists.

  9. No doubt that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are sending emissaries to authentic islam/ISIS to beg them to restrain their affiliates and sleeper cells until emir Asperger leaves D.C. John McCain has meet with ISIS leaders in the past but unlikely to show his undying dhimmi treason with Donald Trump watching.

  10. Every western country should become isolationist and let them sort it or themselves. It’s not our obligation to fix the world. Time for these counties to diet it out themselves. If it leafs to bloodshed, so be it. Not our problem.

    • completly agree. It’s bleeding us dry and killing and raping our people and they bring their crap with them. cut them off like a black sheep in the family. they not worth dying over.

    • I somewhat agree, we should stop interfearing innother countries. Look atgthe billions poured into Africa and most of that didnt even get to the people or profects kt was intended for. Corrupt leaders, warloards seizing goods and selling them, as well as coruption by the charities.
      We do need to trade with other countries, and if a country asks us for specific and shirt term aid and that country has something to offer us, resources, goods, land that we want to use for something,and that country is an ally of ours then we could offer short term, very specific aid….
      ……I signed a petition for the US to withdraw from the UN. I believe alot of our problems come from us belonging to that group….
      Like many Americans, I am sick of things like Mooch promising, of her own authority, not authorized by congress, just her authority, 80 million dollars for women and girl education in Pakistan. This is the same country that shot a girl child in the head for going to school! ……Since women are not allowed to even go, outside their homes or work at a job unless given permission by a male relative or husbans, what good is an education going to do these oppressed women? I agree reading, writing , math and science would be great, but they are forbidden all secular ,learning, so we are paying 80 million dollers to teach women and girls the Koran, amd more Islam based education.
      The ideology of Islam causes these women to be oppressed and not be able to get an education in their country. Un,ess we change that ideology, or remove the women from its influence, we are just throwing away 80 million dollars…….
      All over the world , we fail to see , or ( maybe we do see must wont acknowledge )the ideology of Islam. We attribute FGM, honor killings, oppressing women as “its their culture” and regard “culture” as sacred and we can never change or condemn another persons culture. Until we can reconize this we are wasting time, money and the lives of our military, treating the aymptoms but ot the disease that will keep causing the symptoms of FGM, oppression of females, jihad, honor killings and on and on and on.
      Its the same with the latest horror in Paris, we condemn the perpetrators of the horror, offer sympathy and support to the victioms, yet we again refuse to even mention , much less condemn, the ideology that gave birth to this massacre…. And until,we do acknowledge and deal with that ideology, the massacres and horrors will just keep happening over amd over with no end in sight…..

  11. This is what I find ‘conflicting’ – these savages are cowards and attack unarmed, vulnerable victims. What happened in Paris was unexpected by the public. By giving warning, they are alerting security and putting people on guard…unless this propaganda is just to knock morale, and whilst security is heightened in the threatened areas, they strike elsewhere?

    • As long as they can keep the west trembling and running to and fro securing their countries, they have won their objective. They thrive on fear and intimidation.

      What the west needs to do is to go in, unannounced, and flatten them; obliterate them. Carpet bomb, napalm, whatever. Just annihilate them everywhere they’re holed up.

      We need to start taking care of “business” with a serious resolve. No more pussy-footing, “Viet-Nam-type”, political battles. KILL THE ENEMY wherever he is found and DO NOT bicker about collateral damage.

      Either we go in with the intent to UTTERLY DESTROY THEM or go back to hiding under our beds.

    • If you try to figure out insanity, you will go insane. This is part of their psychological warfare. There is no conflict in what they say or do, except to our way of thinking. Our way of thinking is not applicable. No matter what Muslims say or do or how such appears to us, their goal is the caliphate and rule by sharia and the sword. If you pretend they are simply aliens from another planet that are speaking in some language you can’t understand, it will be much easier because that is exactly what they are and are speaking. Just watch what they do and you’ll understand instantly.

  12. that much is true….. despite the rhetoric, when IS say they will do stuff, when the deny stuff or whatever….. they always tell the TRUTH! The US had better take NOTE!

    • Daga, their threats are truthful but their reasons are not. They say that the concert venue was a place of ‘prostitution and vice’. This pretend holiness is meant to whip up indignation among the Muslim idiots, but it is Muslims who have sex in public, eg the Westfield Shopping Mall and girls’ changing rooms in Swedish swimming baths.
      ‘Prostitution and vice?’ Get to meet the musicians and their followers. I have. They are often family men and women, Christian, kind, faithful to their partners and not inclined to bay for the Government to put severed heads on poles.
      Muslims are liars.