EUROPE: Explosions, shootouts, bomb threats, self-detonations as terror raids and threats continue

PARIS: Female Muslim suicide bomber blows herself up as police close in:

PARIS SWAT RAID: Gunfire, explosions as 3 Muslim terrorist suspects are allegedly killed, three police wounded, one passerby killed, after suspects barricaded themselves in an apartment in Paris suburb.

Sounds of gunfire are coming from the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis as police have launched an anti-terrorist operation. At least two people have reportedly been arrested in connection with Friday’s attacks in the French capital.

GERMANY: Ambulance full of explosives was found outside Hannover Stadium where it was set to detonate following a bomb threat.  The “concrete threat” triggered the evacuation of the stadium and cancellation of the soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands.

Shortly after the announcement of the discovery of the truck bomb, authorities reversed the statement. Many have alleged Angela Merkel ordered the reversal to prevent further disdain for her open border policy for Syrian refugees.

USA: Two Air France flights bound for Paris diverted after bomb threats.