PROJECT VERITAS UNDERCOVER reveals how easy it is for terrorists to get fake passports and IDs for easy entry into Europe and the U.S.

project-veritas-0ccc6e7e4655a8fa642e4d103b09944c-250x152-6-nocropJames O’Keefe of Project Veritas confirms what we’ve been reporting here for months. For about $3,000, you can get any kind of passport or ID that you want. Arab Muslims from all over the Middle East and North Africa are buying up Syrian passports on the black market for easy entry into the EU and from the EU into the US.

Reports from Europe confirm that only about 20% of the ‘refugees’ are from Syria, and of them, up to 80% are young males of military age, many of whom are ISIS-backed jihadists embedded as refugees. The rest of them are not political refugees escaping persecution at all, but are economic opportunists looking for the best welfare states in Europe.