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  1. The Green horseman rises as the Black horseman fails…

    The Great Turning is upon you, as the winds of war blow.
    Ask yourself, who is it that worships death?, who’s color is Green?

  2. The GREENS and the lefttist Labor are equally the worst of the worst when it comes to accepting and promoting Islamic death cult barbarism over their own wilfully perverted ideology so they can inflict it onto innocents.

    The gap will soon be filled by political parties that are not so weak willed or perverted and are rightly so and proudly….. anti-Islam.

  3. During the Crusades when Muslims first attempted to conquer the known world they invaded Italy and established an outpost with the intentions of conquering all of Europe during this time they raped every woman that they could calling it ethnic cleansing. By forcing them to have their children they replaced the indigenous population with their own people that’s why today southern Italians have dark skin and black curly hair

    • One of the reasons why I support abortion. All rapists have psychopathic tendencies to a greater or smaller degree. Who wants an inbred’s psychopathic kids? It’s bad enough seeing them breed like flies at our expense, without allowing them to pollute our bloodlines as they openly state they will do.

  4. So many of these collectivist, elitist libtards are so “gulity” about what past generations have done, that they actually DESERVE to die out and be replaced by these savages. I wish that all of them would live by example and commit suicide.

    • So true yohan, people in Aus are still upset at what took place 200 years ago, just won’t let it go, and I find their misplace anger vented on people in the now instead of the people in the past.

      I tell them to build a time machine and fuck off and vent on the people who were involved in the massacre of the indigenous.

  5. “Our city will change radically” and “that will be a good thing”. Good thing is this stupid, stupid lady is still young and will live to see the results of her actions. She may even get to see some women ‘stoned to death’ if she lasts long enough. In fact she looks a bit butch …. so she could get special Islamic treatment !

  6. That apology for a German is frighteningly stupid–it needs to spend the rest of it’s miserable days in a ‘loony bin’.

  7. We should take pen and paper make notes of every lefiest lesbians gays etc who support Muslims. Copy all evidence on memory stick before they close all pages with Evidence like BNI.
    And judge them all when We Patriots take over our country’s and government’s.
    Next president election in USA is very Important ( Trump will start Cleaning rest of the World will follow him hopefully;)
    Poland start 3 week’s ago New President and government.
    Refuses all refugees look after own people.
    Christians Judish should start make kids minimum 5 in family at list 3 wife’s take welfare and we will see what government will say?. ( we can’t’ got the same money like muslims). Muslims family min. 4 kids. 3 wife’s by 4 kids = 12 kids sponsored from our taxes Welfare money. We need to do the same think like they do wombs of our women’s will save our world survive muslims exodus.

    • Polish, It’s very common in Britain and Germany for Muslims to have four or more wives giving each Muslim male 20 or more children. Muslims, their polygamous baby factory wives and huge numbers of children are all financially supported by non-Muslim taxpayers which is why Muslim males are able to have four or more wives and 20 or more children each.

      I absolutely agree with you. We must save our people, nations and Western civilisation by having lots of children.

  8. The Germans are very close to open revolt , this idiot Dhimmi cack wont see her Utopia with a fight, Germans aren’t so good at taking shit

  9. “Supercultural”? Is that the new catch phrase from the radical left to justify their doctrine of flooding their countries with generations of (they think) leftist voters to ensure they remain in power? Here’s the squadron of neon pink elephants sailing blissfully over their heads that they refuse to recognize or comprehend:

    – Any sizeable Muslim population will NEVER acclimate to the native culture, in any way. They will, instead, supplant EUR culture with their own and every primitive tenant and brutal, oppressive societal norm that goes along with it will become the everyday reality for any indigenous peoples.

    – Islam will IN NO WAY accept or even tolerate what the socialist left considers to be “culturally correct”. Women’s rights, gay rights, children’s rights, racial equality for anyone darker than the Muslims, free speech (well, the left despises that too, just too much history and facts getting in the way of the socialist NWO agenda, so they’d all agree there) Environmental issue and humane treatment of animals – all are directly opposed to Islamic beliefs and flat out offensive to them. Outrageously so.

    – Liberal leftists honestly think that they and Islamist are, through some insane and incomprehensible leap of faulty logic, on the “SAME SIDE” with both being opposed to traditional conservative Christianity, nationalism and “right wing” views. Here’s what they’re missing: because of their beliefs-liberals will be the very first victims lashed, stoned, crucified, immolated, beheaded on street corners and sent sailing off rooftops in any Muslim majority country or region.

    Maybe that’s when they’ll realize what they’ve done.

  10. oh and lefties I am going to be decadent today, I am going to the hair salon to have a decadent hair style spending a decadent $110 so I can have a lovely head massage and a glass of champagne, I will never give a decadent dollar of mine to any charities to help you with your filthy dirty muslims, if I saw any on the street in turmoil I will decadently spit on them 🙂

  11. It goes to show just how far they are willing to go in ignoring the aim – of not only mulamics, but our very own govts – for A worldwide Islamic caliphate – a religious government – without borders.

    Whether some polluticians are conscious of this fact or not does not excuse their ignorance and absolute denial that they have blindsided themselves thinking that their IDEOLOGY of supercultural will be a success, signs are right infront of them that it doesn’t work, but hey, to hell with the generations that are alive today, these gens can be spared for the greater goal.

    And these destructive selfish people ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of the global patriotic world are what we can call LEFT EXTREMISM, the undoing of civilisation.

    See I knew it all came down to feeling guilty because our worlds have been a success, not perfect, but a success, feeling guilty because we were able to become humane over the centuries, and successful at creating a relatively peaceful and positive environment, so now the left have turned that into, we should be ashamed of ourselves for not sharing our decadency. It is not decadent to live a normal happy positive life fulfilling our dreams of being able to afford to travel have a good job create beauty, eat out, share a drink with our friends, laugh love breath and live.

    To say that we have no right to this is human injustice, that we are to be punished for this is insanity. To be blamed for the ME 1st century way of life is insanity. Sp take your left extremism and shove it deep down inside your rotten soul and implode into infinity, or simply put FUCK OFF.

  12. Supposing that the Muslims are a majority at some time in the future, does this necessarily mean that this Muslim majority can destroy the existing German laws and government? We know that whatever the majority is in most governments, such majorities are not allowed to alter the constitutions and entire legal system. Why should it be any different if and when Muslims become a majority in any particular nation?

    In the USA we have three branches of government, each with different responsibilities. Under a fully Islamic system, the government and Islam are one thiing. In the USA and Western democracies, conversely, it is completely illegal and unconstitutional, for any religion to be unified with the government as one system, although members of any religion can take a government post by being voted in or by being appointed.

    Obviously most Muslims would intend to make “all of Germany” part of Islam, rather than having Muslims simply take part in the German government structure as it currently exists. Most Muslims would prefer also that Germany be part of their “worldwide caliphate.” In that situation, the government of Germany would be completely annihilated, and the country of Germany would no longer exist as a nation separate from other nations; it would be part of a worldwide entity.

    Neither the annihilation of the Government of Germany, or the Government of EU as it exists today, nor the annihilation of Germany as a separate country, or of the EU as a governmental authority, by any majority such as the Muslims or whomever, is an acceptable outcome at lleast the way Germany and EU are presently set up.

    In fact the Muslim annihilation of this country and region simply by gaining a majority, would be an unconstitutional event. It would bring a military response if Muslims somehow assumed power as the majority in order to wipe out the German nation and or the government of EU. It would be fought as an unacceptable, unconstitutional event. I wonder if Muslims have any concept of what they are demanding and how unacceptable it is. I think it’s time they should find out.

  13. There is nothing like a self hating,self loathing lesbian leftist German.Supercultural (That’s a new one) Germany she proudly vomits,well all these failed Trotskyist/Leftist/Green homosexuals are the same living off the public purse as Politicians/Public Servants/Uni Sudents and Lecturers while they try to destroy the state from within,they should be sacked from Public Office or Public Service if they want to demonstrate treachery to the hand that feeds them.The average German who this bitch describes as FAR RIGHTISTS must have had a gutful of creatures like Merkel and assorted Lesbian traitors.

  14. Good thing? My arse is it, stupid biatch!
    I so want to fast forward 20-30 years, to see the suffering the lefty morons are being subjected to and just look them in the eye and say, “I told you so”

  15. that’s disgusting racist stupid treason. Planning to replace a countries people with leftist voting right wing islamists.

  16. Stupid bitch. She’ll find out how “good” it is, when she is forced to wear a burqa, and her daughters are raped and sons beheaded on their own streets.

      • Marxists are taught to above all hate the white race, white-inhabited countries (excluding themselves, of course!!!), white culture (forgetting that the overwhelming bulk of their heroes were whites – Marx, Engels, Ljéñin, Stáljin, Kún among many others), white achievements (forgetting that it’s the whites that have enriched this whole world FAR MORE than any other culture!!!!!), &c.

        They really are taught to wish in essence for the entire world’s destruction without realising it… However, it dovetails nicely with their Moslem “allies” intentions!!!

        The sad part of things for Germany is that ALL their major parties are leftist or hijacked by leftists: CDU (Merkel), FDP, SPD, Greens, Die Linke. Only the CSU (Christian-Social Union – basically a wing of the CDU – isn’t totally corrupted…

        This kind of state of affairs is EXACTLY the kind of thing that could make the Nazis and other anti-democratic forces (which the SPD, Greens and especially Die Linke – this last group’s name literally translates as “The Left”, and it includes the Communist “Party of Democratic Socialism” which ruled East Germany – will ALL be cheering for!!!!) come back to prominence!!!