IDAHO: Large group of left wing pro-Muslim invasion supporters faces off with large group of American patriots

maxresdefaultHopefully, Barack Hussein Obama will place these Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists that he will be dumping in Idaho into the homes of every one of these pro-Muslim invader demonstrators. It’s only fair, don’tcha think?

SPLC  The scene last weekend on the steps of the Idaho state Capitol in Boise was a portrait of America in the wake of the Paris terrorism attacks: On one side, a gathering of interfaith allies voicing their support for refugees from Syria and the plans to help thousands of them resettle in the United States; on the other, a gathering of opponents, many of them clad in black clothing emblazoned with the logo of the antigovernment “III Percent” movement, shouting their opposition to the program” chanting “Veterans first! Veterans first!” and “USA! USA! USA!”

These trends reflect a tide of anti-Muslim hatred that has been rising in the United States in recent weeks, fueled in part by anti-Muslim rhetoric used by several GOP presidential candidates. That culminated in candidate Donald Trump announcing that if he were elected, he would tell the Syrian refugees: “They’re going back!”

The campaign to connect the refugees to Islamic terrorism has been under way in the United States for some time, manifesting itself in rural areas such as Twin Falls, Idaho, and Duncan, S.C in addition to the involvement of anti-Muslim groups such as Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy and a number of notable “women against Islam.”


Those sentiments, however, gained real traction in the media and in the political world when it emerged that one of the killers involved in Friday’s Paris massacres was believed to have carried a Syrian refugee passport, suggesting that he had wormed his way into France among the tide of refugees hitting much of Europe in the wake of attacks by Islamic State (ISIS) forces in Syria.

 The initial reports set off alarm bells in states where the anti-refugee campaign was already gaining momentum – notably such states as Alabama, Michigan, Florida and Idaho – and eventually induced 26 Republican governors (as well as the Democratic governor of  New Hampshire) to announce on Monday that they were halting the further influx of refugees within their respective states.