Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has a list of 12 allegedly ‘vetted’ MUSLIM refugees/jihadis charged with supporting terrorism including terror attacks against the U.S. just during 2015

U8XbY00In an attempt to block Obama‘s plan to admit at least 10,000 Syrian refugees next year, Senator Jeff Sessions has given 12 examples where radicalized refugees that have slipped through the cracks. The Republican from Alabama released the list ahead of the December appropriations debate, during which Congress will decide how much federal money to give the president’s refugee program.


Breitbart  Obama has promised that refugees will be strictly vetted, but Republican leaders have been calling for even tougher measures over fears that Syrian terrorists could be attempting to sneak into the country posing as exiles.

This year, Obama is promising to bring in an extra 10,000 low-skill, potentially difficult-to-integrate Syrian migrants into the United States. Sessions and other critics fear he’ll use his many powers — and Congress’ autopilot funding for refugee programs — to bring in far more than 10,000 migrants.


In fact, from 2010 to 2015, Obama has allowed more than 200,000 low-skill migrants from Central American to enter the United States, and then disappear into the nation’s growing population of at least 11 million illegal immigrants. Obama says the new refugees will be vetted. But top security officials say the Syrians can’t be vetted because the U.S doesn’t know what they were doing in Syria before they applied for refugee status.


Besides, many of the jihad attempts in the United States are launched by the children of Muslim refugees and migrants. That list include the two Chechen brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon, and Anwar al-Awlaki who was killed by a U.S missile strike when he fled to Yemen after the 9/11 atrocity. That means the Americans’ federal government is actively importing national-security problems that will eventually cost billions of dollars to manage, but cannot be eliminated.


“Yet the president wants a completely blank-check [in the appropriaitons bill] to fund not only all of these existing refugee programs from across the globe, but to add a permanent Syrian resettlement program to it — funded directly out of Americans’ paychecks and retirement accounts,” the aide said.

The new — but incomplete — list of refugees-turned-jihadis include 12 refugees who have been arrested, indicted or convicted in 2015 for terror charges

Liban Haji MohamedAF2EC68B-B789-47BF-9A48-F60219CD4909_w640_r1_s

A warrant has been out for Liban Haji Mohamed’s arrest since January, for allegedly providing material support to the terrorist groups Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda. The 29-year-old is believed to have fled the country to join Al-Shabab in Eastern Africa three years ago, via the Mexican border after being put on a no-fly list. A former taxi-cab driver in Washington, DC, Mohamed first came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia.

Carl Ghattas, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Washington, D.C. Field Office, said it was important to locate Mohamed ‘because he has knowledge of the Washington, D.C. area’s infrastructure such as shopping areas, Metro, airports, and government buildings . . . [t]his makes him an asset to his terrorist associates who might plot attacks on U.S. soil.’

Abdinassir Mohamud Ibrahim (not pictured)

Abdinassir Mohamud Ibrahim moved to the United States as a refugee from Somalia in 2007 at the age of 22. In February, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for providing material support to Al-Shabab. He also admitted to lying on his refugee application, saying he was a member of the minority Awer clan in Somalia that was being persecuted by the majority Hawiye clan. In fact, Ibrahim was part of the Hawiye clan and related ‘to known Somali terrorists’.

Abdullah Ramo Pazara


Abdullah Ramo Pazara came to the U.S. as a Bosnian refugee and left to fight with ISIS in Syria just eleven days after officially becoming an American citizen in 2013. Pazara has not been charged with supporting a foreign terrorist organization because he is believed to be dead, however, six of his fellow Bosnian natives (follows) were arrested for supporting terrorism in the Middle East. According to reports, at the time of his death, Pazara had climbed the ISIS ranks to become a deputy to one of the organization’s top commanders.

Ramiz Zijad Hodzic


Alleged Bosnian war hero Ramiz Zijad Hodzic, who came to the U.S. as a refugee, was charged in February with conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists, with providing material support to terrorists, and conspiring to kill and maim persons in a foreign country. 

According to the indictment, Hodzic purchased military equipment to give Pazara (number two on this list) to use when he joined ISIS including ‘United States military uniforms, tactical combat boots, military surplus goods, tactical gear and clothing, firearms accessories, optical equipment and range finders, rifle scopes, equipment, and supplies’.

Sedina Unkic Hodzic


Ramiz Zijad Hodzic’s wife, Sedina Unkic Hodzic was also charged in February with conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists and providing material support to terrorists. Sedina, according to the indictment, raised funds for ISIS and wired the money abroad. She is also said to have shipped six boxes of U.S. military uniforms, combat boots, tactical clothing and gear, military surplus items, firearms accessories, rifle scopes, optical equipment, first aid supplies, and other equipment to foreign terrorists.

Armin Harcevic


Fellow Bosnian Armin Harcevic was charged in February with conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists, and with providing material support to terrorists. He allegedly collected money from third parties to sent to terrorists abroad.

Nihad Rosic


Like the other Bosnians, Nihad Rosic was charged in February with providing material support to foreign terrorists. But he is also believed to have been planning to leave the country in order to join jihadist in Syria as well. Before his arrest, Rosic was a truck driver and former mixed martial arts fighter, who had a criminal history including a charge for punching a woman in the face while she held a child and beating his girlfriend with a belt.

Mediha Medy Salkicevic


Bosnian-born Mediha Medy Salkicevic worked at a cargo company operating out of Chicago’s O’Hare airport before her arrest in February for providing material support to terrorists. She allegedly raised funds and then wired it to terrorists, along with her own money.

Jasminka Ramic


The final of the Bosnian group, Jasminka Ramic, faces charges of conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists and providing material support to terrorists.

Abdurahman Yasin Daud


Abdurahman Yasin Daud was born in a regfuee camp in Kenya, to a Somalian family, and eventually came to the U.S. at the age of nine, going on to become a permanent resident. He was arrested along with six others for attempting to flea the country to Syria to join ISIS, according to an criminal complaint filed in April.

Guled Ali Omar


Guled Ali Omar was also born in a Kenyan refugee camp to Somalian parents and immigrated to the United States as a child. His older brother Ahmed Ali Omar, left the United States in 2007 to fight with Al-Shabab and another one of his brothers, Mohamed Ali Omar, was convicted in March for threatening federal agents. Omar himself was arrested in April for conspiracy and attempt to provide material support to ISIS. U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota, Andy Luger, said that Omar previously tried to leave the U.S. and ‘never stopped plotting’.

Fazliddin Kurbanov  


Fazliddin Kurbanov came to the U.S. with his family as a refugee from Uzbekistan in 2009. Kurbanov was reportedly born a Muslim, but his family later converted to Orthodox Christianity. When he came to the U.S., it’s believed he converted back to Islam and radicalized. 

In August, he was found guilty on charges of conspiracy and attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization and possessing an unregistered destructive device. U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Carlin Kurbanov ‘conspired to provide material support to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and procured bomb-making materials in the interest of perpetrating a terrorist attack on American soil.’