1939 ALL OVER AGAIN? Except it isn’t Nazis rallying for Hitler in Germany, it’s the IslamoNazis rallying for ISIS

A large group of scary-looking Muslims stage a demonstration in the streets of Germany allegedly in support of the Islamic State (ISIS). There are a lot of police but they don’t seem to be arresting anyone.

Just think, a year from now, they’ll probably have about a million more willing participants.

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  1. Having listened to the video, I am pretty sure it is from May 1st 2012, when ProNrw (it wasn’t ProDeutschland, but they are affiliated) showed pictures of the prophet to the salafists in Solingen. That is why near the end of the video an older bearded muslim keeps talking excitedly about the “rasul” (the prophet). One of the posters the salafists display also says in German: “We are not provoking you, you are provoking us”.
    If you type in “Solingen, Salafisten (The German word for salafists) 2012” at YouTube you will find plenty of German videos of the event.

  2. This video shows Denis Cuspert alias Deso Dogg who went to Syria years ago and committed atrocities for the Islamic State. He is supposed to be dead already. Didn’t you Americans achieve that? The video must be several years old unless Cuspert wasn’t killed again this time. I only watched the video without sound for now. My dog is asleep and freaks out completely if she hears muslims screaming their battle cries, so I must wait for her to be outside. Telling from their looks, these guys are salafists who already injured our policemen with knives years ago as our police were protecting “Pro Deutschland” activists wanting to show pics of Mohammed. At another Anti-Islam event in Munich (before we knew about ISIS) I asked the police if the flag shown wasn’t an illegal Al Kaida flag. They had to ask their experts and told me it it was the flag of Jihad which was not illegal in Germany. It is black and has the shahada on in in white arabic letters. Might be the same flag on the video.
    Anyway, if the video is old it does not make the situation any better. To have witnessed salafists in action several years ago (as I have) and still let a million muslims in pretending that we, the Germans, can integrate them better than e.g. the French or British, is the same evil arrogance Germany already displayed once before with the known results.

  3. At a PEGIDA Rally in Germany a while ago the protesters cried out:



    Ethical Putin would never betray the Russian people like our evil, wicked, demonic traitor leaders willingly and eagerly betray our people.

  4. http://www.breitbart.com
    EU’s Pro-’Diversity’ Forum Cancelled Due to Security Situation Caused By Pro-’Diversity’ Policies

    26 Nov 2015
    A major European Union (EU) diversity conference has been cancelled at the last minute, after host-city Brussels’ ‘diverse’ population were judged as a terror threat, rather than something that needed celebrating.

    ……..Enacting policies to force diversity on member states, this celebration of diversity has fallen foul of the unintended, yet clearly foreseeable consequences as mass migration destabilises Belgium.

    The national government has been forced over the past two weeks to place the capital into lock-down and is now batting off accusations that a nation at the heart of Western Europe is now a “failed state”.

    The capital city has been on the highest alert since the Paris massacre, which was revealed to have been launched from Belgium, a so-called “sleeper country” where radical Islamists can hide and plot without disturbance from the security services.

    • “diversity conference has been cancelled at the last minute, after host-city Brussels’ ‘diverse’ population were judged as a terror threa”

      Not even the above will stop them from trying to ‘save’ the world’s poverty problem. A few things wrong with the way they are going about it, but the one that sticks out most for me is that they are trying to solve it from an angle that created it, corruption.

      There’s definitely no wise people in the house! just oppressors, war mongers, and money money money.

      You’d think that countries around the globe would have solved their own countries poverty problems first before taking on a bigger project. No common sense or logic applied at all. Very poor planning indeed, how do these people get their jobs!

  5. Half a dozen Browning M2 50 cals in the back of strategically place vans and the problem ends.
    There can be no quarter given for these suckers they have to go.

    • You’re gonna need a lot of Vans lol these vermin will keep popping up all over the place . Its us against Millions 🙂

  6. Not content with colonising Europe with 52 million Muslims, the EU, UN, US and OIC – the 56 Muslim nations of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, wanted to speed up Muslim conquest and enslavement of European infidels

    EU leader Merkel invited the Huge Muslim Third World to invade little Europe…

    Several months ago ISIS declared that thousands of their terrorists were in the invader boats and planned to carry out Muslim terror attacks in Europe.

    Instead of immediately stopping the Muslim invading army which included many thousands of ISIS terrorists; closing all borders to our nations, warning the invader boats that if they didn’t turn around they would be blown out of the water. NO rescues.

    And erecting high steel fences with high electric voltage with towers manned by armed guards warning any invaders would be shot

    Our traitor leaders increased their rescue efforts. Increased their call to invade little Europe.

    The hands of European and British leaders are forever stained with the BLOOD of our French brothers and sisters slaughtered by ISIS monsters in Paris. And the BLOOD of ALL future slaughtered non-Muslims.

    Determined to Enslave Despised Infidels under Barbaric Sharia, Triumphant Muslims, make Victory Speeches in our streets — Financed by our APPROVING leaders with FREE Homes, FREE Money — FREE Everything.

    Do Muslim-adoring, sharia-loving EU elite God-haters hold big halal banquets with ISIS monsters, Al Qaeda savages and other barbaric Muslim terrorists?

    It’s very common in Germany and Britain for Muslim males to have four or more wives giving each Muslim male 20 or more children each — all financially provided for by infidel taxpayers.

    Muslims could never provide for their polygamous, baby factory wives and huge numbers of children unless the infidels do it for them.

    Massive Muslim Immigration, Massive Muslim Invasion, Massive Muslim Breeding

    It’s how the EU, UN, US, OIC seek to bring about Muslim conquest and our enslavement under barbaric sharia and

    The ANNIHILATION of Western Civilisation, and

    The Destruction of Christianity and Judaism from off the earth.

  7. Shame on angela merkel and the german libtards.

    Good thing i dont rule germany. Because i would escort their asses to the prison.

  8. Is the Nurenburg, Nurnburg, Nuremburg (help, Bonni) Stadium available …. just hoist the Crescent Moon and Venus …. voila ?

  9. Disgusting and loathsome losers who should be rounded up with their many wives/spawn and shipped back to whatever hell hole they are from.

    On side note I would recommend to all here to wish any muzzies they see a BIG ‘Merry Christmas’.

    I went thru the McDonald’s drive thru and one took.my money all dolled up in A She Devil scarf…Got my change and much satisfaction from that. I will purposefully be going thru ANY Muzzie clerks registers and doing that as often as I see them.

    • Jean, that won’t do anything. Next time, place your order and if you see a muslim at the window, ask to have a non-Muslim wait on you. If she says no, drive away. If enough people do that, they will remove her from the window and think twice before hiring another. It’s only fast food, there are others you can patronize.

      • BNI,

        I will not buy from McDonalds or Kentucky or Subway since they all went Halal. And I refuse to buy anything from Muslims.

        I will always walk away.

        Don Laird Canada clashed a couple of years ago with a Muslim when he came out to sell him petrol. When Don realised the service station was Muslim owned he refused to buy the petrol.

        Don is like me, neither of us are afraid to always put our full name, State and Country on the table. He gave me permission three years ago to always quote him.

        His comments will be included in my future books.

        I am now having second thoughts about buying from Aldi, many of their food products are made in Germany, and now after the Islamic invasion, I no longer trust supplies from Germany.

  10. The left are getting very vicious in Germany. One of the women targeted “has taken a strong stance against the threat arising from immigration.”

    German-hater Angela Merkel, will be DELIGHTED.

    Please God, protect our people.

    BERLIN, November 20, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) — Five defenders of marriage and family in Germany were portrayed in a Berlin theater last month as zombies that can only die by receiving a bullet to the head.

    Within hours of the premiere, one of the women portrayed had her vehicle torched and destroyed by arsonists. A week after that, another woman portrayed also had her vehicle torched, with the fire spreading to her pro-family business, gutting it completely.

    The van and business of pro-family ‘Demo for All’ was destroyed by arsonists Nov. 2, 2015.

    “The battle for life and the family is moving to a new stage, as attacks start to shift from verbal to physical,” said Gabriele Kuby, one of the women portrayed in the play, to LifeSiteNews.

    On October 24, Berlin theater Schaubühne premiered “Fear,” a play by homosexual Falk Richter that literally demonizes what he calls “proponents of simplistic world views” who advocate for defining what it “means to be a man, a woman or a family…in the most one- dimensional terms.”

    In “Fear,” actors appear on stage wearing facial blowups of pro-family activists taped to their heads. They read portions of speeches given by the people they represent, which are then mocked and derided.

    At various points in the play, the pro-family activists are portrayed as Nazis as well as zombies risen from the grave. At another point, actors viciously poke out the eyes from the images of the protagonists, leaving gaping black sockets.

    “The battle for life and the family is moving to a new stage, as attacks start to shift from verbal to physical.”

    An actor tells the audience at one point: “The zombie dies only when you shoot directly into his brain and his brain dies. That’s the only way. The zombie seeks world domination. The zombie is directed against the survival of humanity. He is the undead.”

    Germany’s homosexual magazine Männer said the title of the play is meant to ridicule those who fear to embrace the changing moral and cultural landscape where homosexuality, transgenderism, and multiculturalism is all the rage. “[Their views] are nothing else but homophobia,” a writer in the magazine stated.

    The play targeted five pro-family activists:

    Beatrix von Storch, Member of the European Parliament for Germany’s “right-wing” party Alternative for Germany [Alternative für Deutschland] (ADF). The party opposed the legalization of homosexual “marriage” and has taken a strong stance against the threat arising from immigration.

    Hedwig von Beverfoerde, head of Demo for All [Demo für alle], the pro-family organization behind the regular demonstrations in Stuttgart protesting the implementation of an aggressive LGBT school curriculum.

    Birgit Kelle, a high profile journalist, who advocates for a “new feminism” where women can decide to stay at home and raise their own children without discrimination.

    She has described movements pushing for “gender equality” and gender mainstreaming” as “brainwashing.”

    Gabriele Kuby, sociologist, author, and social commentator, well-known for her criticism of “gender ideology.”

    Hours after the premiere, on October 25 near midnight, pro-family politician Beatrix von Storch became the first victim of an arson attack on her car.

    Then, one week later, arsonists torched the van of traditional-family advocate Hedwig von Beverfoerde. The fire spread to the nearby headquarters of her family’s business, completely destroying it.

    Von Beverfoerde connected the attack to the Berlin Theater.

    “It’s striking that this insidious attack from the extreme left-wing milieu happened only a few days after the premiere of the play ‘Fear’ at the Schaubühne in Berlin,” she posted on Facebook November 2.

    Von Beverfoerde said she would not be so easily dissuaded from continuing her demonstrations on behalf of protecting children’s innocence.

    “Demo For All cannot be burned down. Our commitment to marriage and family is unchanged,” she said.

    When German Catholic blogger and philosopher Dr. Josef Bordat reported and commented on the arson attacks, he received several death threats, forcing him to suspend his blog out of fear of assault.

    “Their ready use of force seems virtually limitless. The complete, even physical, destruction of their enemy is the goal they want to achieve,” Bordat wrote on Facebook.

    But “gender ideology” critic Gabriele Kuby thinks otherwise. “The entire play is simply a mad incitement to hatred and violence,” she told LifeSiteNews.

    “We are portrayed as zombies and as dangerous, hateful Nazis. People are told how to shoot zombies in the head. And now there is physical violence — putting cars on fire — against people working to protect the family,” she said.

    Kuby said that lawyers are investigating the theater for possible charges involving slander. In the meantime, “Fear” is scheduled to run again in January.

    Contact information:

    Berlin theater Schaubühne
    Maren Dey, Public Relations
    Ph: + 49.30.89002-147
    Email: mdey@schaubuehne.de
    Twitter: @schaubuehne


  11. Have you noticed how those poor poor little refugees trekking up from Greece through the Balkans to Germany were all western looking clean shaven cell phone carrying young men. Now as soon as they have been processed into Germany they have become full bearded mustache shaved black flag waving Islamonazi ISIS supporting rioting bastards. I said back then that I would give it till Christmas for the shit to hit the fan. Well now it’s starting. Good luck Germany! The only semi bright spot in all of this is that if anyone in Europe could possibly deal with these scum ruthlessly its Germany. Let’s hope they can.

  12. Destroy the EVIL ISIS – NOW !!! Merkel – YoU ARE AN IDIOT !!! This PIGSLAM Terrorist ARE DANGEROUS SNAKE and must be DESTROY !!! The German PEOPLE must be UNITED to destroy this DANGEROUS SNAKE. ISIS is SATAN Religion of PIGSLAM !!! Merkel – you better go to hell with ISIS Terrorist because you one the one who IMPORTED THIS DANGEROUS SNAKE !!! IDIOT MERKEL is the one who EMPOWER this ISIS PIGSLAM TERRORIST !!! ALL CHRISTIAN EUROPE MUST BE UNITED TO COMPLETELY DESTROY THIS DANGEROUS SNAKE !!! DO ALL YOU CAN NOW NOW NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE !!!

  13. The similarities are many and shouldn’t be lost on anyone. This is an apocalyptic cult, as assuredly as the Nazis. They must be stopped, or we will all be forced to submit or be picked off one by one — and we can’t play games with each other like we did the last time, as these people have bigger numbers and maybe even bigger ambitions.
    I’ll be honest, I don’t have any faith in our potential and present allies; I don’t even trust many of my own people to do what is needed — but you go with what you have; I hope we are successful. I hope it happens soon…then maybe more people can be spared (not the least of which are the ones that I love).
    Back shortly after 9/11 that old guy with the Christian wife I’ve spoken of here made the comment that the only way to stop this was to “rip the guts out” of the Islamic world — that’s pretty much verbatim what he said — that had to be done; the place would have to be wrecked and some sort of enforced jurisdiction would have to be put in place probably for a very long time — as the culture would have to be changed, if it could be. He also thought the only country that had the military capability to spearhead this was the U.S., but the rest of the world would have to get behind her, and there would have to be the will to go after the major power brokers (he named Turkey, but also Iran and the Gulf States, possibly Pakistan and one of the N. African countries; Gaza/West Bank needed to be crushed and routed out — he said a lot of the instigators were coming from there). Otherwise it would only get worse, and the odds of winning would go down. There could be no deal making, no compromising, and that it would take a long time and lots of sacrifice/effort. That it should have been done before then. He was pretty adamant about this — everyone thought he was an old man who was just disaffected, possibly getting senile and paranoid.
    As he was originally from that world and did not appear to be lying, I tended to take his word for it although back then I thought perhaps he was being extreme (I did not understand the enormity the way he did at the time). Now, I really think he might have been prophetic.

    • Me too. I could see police allowingba pro refugee, pro islam rally ut a rallynin support of ISIS complete with ISIS flag? Dear God! Its ush worse than I thought, and believe me, I thought it was really bad.

  14. Staggering isn’t it. Turn up and incite everyone and they just draw strength from the weakness shown. Can they actually charge them with supporting ISIS and making radical hate speech….can they charge them with anything? Can they actually be arsed to? Probably not.

  15. Words fail me but I’ll try… This is so disgusting and shameful that the German government allows these FAT, “refugees” to protest and condone ISIS in their new country but that Muslima merkel stomps on patriotic groups by labeling them nazis and right wing racists!! And arresting them! Shes comfiscating private property to house the savages, making YOUNG SCHOOL GIRLS N BOYS CLEAN THE SAVAGES REFUGEE HOMES.. Clean up their shit wash their clothes make their beds and cook their meals under the guise of hospitality training.. That’s going to work out real well when they start gang raping these young blonde German girls n boys.. But Muslima merkel is contentious of her people like our mullah n chief she despises Germans and Germany and like her doppleganger obola seeks to destroy them forever for having the audacity to be born white and German! She should be taken out n shot! I just don’t understand how this leader can bring such devastation and no politician shouts her down! Here at least we’ve a few brave souls that take the monster mullah to task! Germany is done for!! Say aufweidersein everyone!!

  16. Merkels (Stasi agent/Informer) New Germans,waiting for their AK-47s and grenade launchers to bring Germany to civil war,there can be no other outcome,this will spread across western Europe very quickly,city to city making Paris look like a picnic.Muslims will do what their Koran orders,the slaughter of the unbeliever,the end of Europe as we know it is coming.

  17. So much for Obama and Merkels “moderate muslims” and lies about ISIS being just a bunch of extremists. And yet still the people won’t wake up.

    If they would only come to this site and take a look at the horrifying fotos and videos they would know what’s coming to them on their own streets within the next 20 years.

  18. 1938? We should be so lucky? Rome two or worse maybe? Dorian Gray? We have been in bed with the Devil himself for a good few decades now. Confused boys and girls are no match for the Merkel, Cameron, Obama, Erdo and their massed bands of Muslim savages conspiracy?

  19. In the good old days before the capitulation I used to walk around and in moment s of extreme cynicism sometimes think “Ripe for conquest”. Jesus I really didn’t mean it but it is happening. We had better get the Muslim refugeejehadi running in the opposite direction or we are all dead meat.

  20. It’d be like KKK given rights to rally in the street promoting death to black people. No western country would allow it, but here we have germany allowing ISIS to promote itself, death to non muslims. But then ISIS has rallied in all of our countries, maybe not under the name of ISIS, but nevertheless Islamists have gotten together in rallies in all of our countries and our govt tolerates it, strange strange times folks.

    • Indeed.

      (1) Not only the demonstrators in the video were displaying ISIS flags, which are supposed to be illegal in Germany, but if you pay attention, (2) towards the end of the video their leader in front of the camera was repeating the Arabic term “al Yahud” (“the Jews”), spreading propaganda that Jews were the cause of the fact that Europeans are resisting Islam. This is very much in sync with the Nazi propaganda, but the German police did nothing to stop the rally even though spreading antisemitism is illegal in Germany, just like Mein Kampf is illegal there.

  21. Why were they not arrested? Isis are a illegal organisation/terrorist organisation, so surely they could be arrested for that? If not then start buying weapons to defend your family and country and don’t for get the traitors who welcomed these savages/terrorists in!