FRANCE TERROR ALERT after Arabic graffiti found on fuel tanks and toilet doors of several Easy Jet planes

The graffiti was found at French airports less than two weeks after 130 people were murdered in multiple Islamic terror attacks around Paris.

Schiphol wordt standplaats EasyJet

UK Daily Mail  Arabic graffiti has been found daubed on panels covering fuel tanks of easyJet planes at French airports. An investigation is being carried out into who made the inscriptions, which were written on four planes in France. The airports cannot be identified for security reasons.

Lisa King, easyJet cabin safety manager, alerted company employees to the graffiti with an email informing them of the discovery of “four aircraft in France with written inscriptions on the inside of the fuel panel, and toilet door in Arabic script.”

Airline workers have been warned to take extra precautions around Europe after the messages were found on supposedly secure parts of the planes. The finds, made at different French locations within the past week, have sparked fears that something more dangerous than writing could be planted on a plane in future.

The scare comes less than a month after a Russian passenger jet headed home from Egypt was destroyed in mid-air.