BRITISH Secondary school under fire for forcing Muslim students to lift their asses to Allah outside the school

2EFBB5A200000578-0-image-m-6_1449053837955Muslim supremacist parents are considering taking legal action against a school because they claim their children have been forced to pray outside in rain and freezing temperatures. Dozens of youngsters claim they have been left soaking wet and cold after Mirfield Free Grammar School and Sixth Form in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, refused to give them permission to pray indoors.

UK Daily Mail  (h/t siddharth) Pictures have emerged which appear to show the children being forced to pray on grass verges and even the concrete playground – and the pupils claim they are being punished further for praying, with some given ‘final warnings’.


The families said the ‘degrading’ issue had been ongoing since October 2014, when the use of a school hall was withdrawn, and that legal action was ‘a last resort’. But the school claims the hall was never used as a prayer room for the pupils. 

Akooji Badat, chair of the Masjid and Madressa Noor-Ul-Islam mosque in nearby Batley, where many of the youngsters worship, said the school had acted ‘disgracefully’. (In Islam, they are allowed to make up prayers they miss during the day later on after school)


Mr Badat said: ‘One way or another, we will sort this matter out. In all other schools and major venues – hospitals, shopping centres – the facility is there for people of all faiths to use. (A school is not a mosque or a church)

‘For children to be made to go outside in horrible conditions is surely wrong in anybody’s eyes. (Let them go to Muslim school if they don’t like it) ‘The school has acted disgracefully. I am hearing from parents that children have been soaked to the skin and cannot concentrate in lessons. (Good, take them back to Crapistan)


‘This is the second winter in a row now. We have tried everything from handing over a petition signed by 70 pupils, hosting inter-faith meetings and talking to local politicians, but the school refuses to budge. (Good for the school)

‘It is not unreasonable to ask for the children to be able to pray indoors, like they used to.’ (Yes, it is. It is offensive to non-muslims)