AMERICAN MUSLIM HIJACKER: Man screaming “I want to meet Allah” tries to get into cockpit of Lufthansa flight

12336413_10153787070633674_1460750798_nAn American Muslim of Jordanian descent (photo right) tried to enter the cockpit, then threatened to open the cabin door in mid-flight while shouting unintelligible “Arabic phrases” and saying he wanted to take all of the passengers “to Allah.” Fortunately, a group of  Eastern Orthodox Christian men from Serbia helped the crew restrain him.


USA Today & Shoebat  (h/t John H) Passengers had to forcibly overpower a man who allegedly demanded to be allowed into a plane’s cockpit before threatening to open its doors mid-flight. 

A Jordanian man with an American passport who threatened to open the cabin door of a Lufthansaflight over Europe was restrained Sunday by members of a handball team, officials and witnesses said. The attacker held a US passport and went by the name “Laken.” The plane was a German Lufthansa airliner, flying from Frankfurt to Belgrade.

Two Eastern Orthodox Christians, Alexey Rastvortsev — from Russia — and Milan Mirkovich — from Serbia — who are both handball athletes, took the Muslim down

Alexey Rastvortsev

Alexey Rastvortsev

Milan Mirkovich

Milan Mirkovich

The exit doors don’t open during flights, and Lufthansa Flight 1406 from Frankfurt continued uninterrupted to Belgrade, authorities said.

Milan Djukic, president of the Serbian Vojvodina Handball Club, told the the Belgrade daily Blic the man looked suspicious even before the incident. Djukic said assistant coach Milan Mirkovic and player Aleksej Rastvorcev wrestled the would-be attacker down so quickly that many passengers were unaware of the incident.

Djukic said the man was placed in a business class seat and closely watched for the duration of the flight, which takes about two hours. The suspect was taken into custody when the plane landed, and a Serbian prosecutor ordered him held pending a hearing, the Associated Press reported.