ITALY: Two Algerian Muslim illegal aliens set fire to a woman in her bed, then watch her nearly burn to death

Caserta police were horrified when they arrived at a shocking crime scene involving two Muslim illegals from Algeria and a young woman near Naples. Had they arrived just minutes later, she would have been burned beyond recognition.

Algerian illegal alien Muslim savages
Algerian illegal alien Muslim savages

Mad World News (h/t plj) ANSA reports that on December 9, heroic police saved a 30-year-old Kazakhstani woman from being burned alive in her own bed.

Police confirmed that a Muslim illegal invader, Bach Sais Rachid, and the woman’s boyfriend, Fakir Ali Cherif, poured alcohol all over her body as she lie sleeping, set her on fire, and watched her burning alive on the mattress just before authorities arrived on the scene.

Fortunately, the officers managed to put out the fire using bed sheets, saving the woman from a painful death. But the young woman remains in critical condition with burns covering 60 percent of her body.


Both of the suspects are 47-year-old illegal aliens from Algeria, a country with a 99-percent Muslim population.