PHILADELPHIA Mosque staffer blames Donald Trump for the pig-toss at the mosque from a passing car

555-viThanks, Donald. How nice of you to be the scapegoat, rather than all the anti-Islam bloggers, so Muslims can blame YOU for every single alleged example of anti-Muslim sentiment (perceived or otherwise). Gee, I guess Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department is really going to be busy prosecuting you.


The Guardian (h/t Susan P)  Surveillance video at a Philadelphia mosque appears to show a pig’s head being thrown from a car window at the building on Sunday evening. Marwan Kreidie, a caretaker at the mosque, told police he found the head near the door of the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society when he arrived around 6am Monday. Kreidie said the incident could be considered a ‘hate crime’, and blamed the recent rhetoric of Republican presidential candidates, such as Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the US.

Check out the alleged pig toss on the pavement below.