Designated Terrorist Group CAIR alleges there have been “63 threats against mosques in America this year”

While there have been a few minor incidents of harassment and vandalism (a broken window, graffiti, one small firebomb yesterday), the majority have been phone/email threats only…most in reaction to the Charlie Hebdo mass murders in Paris killing 12, terrorist attacks in Paris killing 130, and the Muslim terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA killing 14.


Certainly not a story warranting mainstream network news coverage. I imagine if they showed you the statistics about threats and vandalism against Jews, (according to FBI annual statistics, there are 5 times more hate crimes against Jews than Muslims), you would find the numbers to be much higher (See chart below for 2014). But you rarely ever hear about them because Jews don’t whine about them to the media everyday. Did you hear (outside of BNI) about the arson fires on 7 Jewish homes in Forest Hills, NY in just the past month?