Donald Trump’s ‘temporary ban on Muslim immigration’ is far less radical and ‘Hitler-like’ (as leftists call it) than the anti-Jewish bans in Muslim nations

There has been a lot of hysteria over recent comments made by GOP presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, on Muslim migration to the U.S. Trump’s modest proposal is that we should halt Muslim migration for a time, due to concerns over Islamic terrorism.


Freedom Force  The leftist anti-national defense cabal would rather see hundreds (perhaps thousands) perish than to admit that their alliance with Islam has had devastating effects on our culture and our nation.


Times of Israel Where is your equally indignant outcry over the fact that Saudi Arabia – currently chair of the UN’s Human Rights Council – will not allow Israelis into the country? More than that, Saudi Arabia has also tried barring all Jews from entering the country but was forced to reluctantly back down because quite a few high-ranking US diplomats are in fact Jews.

More so, in Saudi Arabia, no churches or temples or synagogues are allowed, and religious books whether Christian or Jewish are confiscated at the border. More than that, Saudi Arabia has roads – public highways – that are barred to non-Muslims. Read that again: Saudi Arabia, which calls Donald Trump an anti-Muslim racist, cheerfully imposes apartheid on the basis of both nationality and religion.

Of course Saudi Arabia is not alone in imposing bans on the entry of entire groups of people based on their nationality and/or religion. Here’s a selection of Muslim countries that refuse to allow Israelis to cross their borders. Some even forbid entry to those who have an Israeli visa in their passports.

Where is the outrage from Trump bashers on this? CRICKETS.