MARYLAND MUSLIM MAN arrested for receiving almost $9,000 to finance a terrorist attack in the United States

635857207340971845-MdISISMohamed Elshinawy (photo right), 30, of Edgewood was charged with attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, obstruction of an investigation, and making false statements. “According to the allegations in the complaint, Mohamed Elshinawy received money he believed was provided by ISIS in order to conduct an attack on U.S. soil,” Assistant Attorney General Carlin said in a statement.

CNN A criminal complaint filed by the FBI said Elshinawy received about $9,000 for “nefarious purposes” from people overseas he believed were connected to ISIS. The money came through Western Union and PayPal accounts, the complaint said.
He spent some money on a laptop, several pay-as-you-go phones and personal expenses, the complaint says. The complaint does not mention spending money on any weapons. The FBI traced his social media communications and discovered he pledged allegiance to ISIS on February 17, telling a childhood friend that he was “a soldier of the state but was temporarily away,” according to the complaint.