MICHIGANISTAN: Catholic school parents incensed that part of the school has been turned into a mosque for Muslim students

BrotherRiceHSMichiganLogo_1449777448030_28203972_ver1.0_640_480Michigan has the largest Muslim population in the country, with mosques and Muslim schools in virtually every neighborhood, so why do Muslims want their kids to attend Catholic schools? What’s next – Muslim students filing a lawsuit to have the “offensive” crosses removed as they did at Catholic University in Washington DC?

How many Islamic schools have a special room just for Christians or Jews to pray in? And how many Islamic schools even allow non-Muslim students to attend them?


Opposing Views  Some parents of children who attend Brother Rice High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, are furious that Muslim students have been allowed to use a prayer room in the Catholic facility for years (video below).

“When the question was [from Muslim students], ‘Is there a place that I can pray?’ The answer that evolved was, ‘Yes, we’ve got this sacred space available for you if you want it,'” the school’s president John Birney told WXYZ.

They mean THEIR God, not yours
They mean THEIR God, not yours

One angry mom told the news station in an email that the allowing Muslim kids to use the prayer room was “unconscionable,” and that her child’s religious education was going to be “undermined.” Birney says that he has consulted the Archdiocese of Detroit and is awaiting a response.

In another educational-religion controversy, a teacher at Shiloh Middle School in Gwinnett County, Georgia, asked a 13-year-old female Muslim student, who wears the hijab, if she was carrying a bomb in her backpack on Nov. 7.


“It was very disrespectful,” the teen, whose name was not revealed because of privacy issues, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ” I came there to learn … At the end of the day I will still get my A or B and leave her class.”

Sloan Roach, a spokeswoman for Gwinnett County Public Schools, responded: “The remark was not appropriate, but based on their conversation and investigation” school officials determined that the teacher did not have any “ill intent” and was trying to get students to put away their backpacks.