Wanna see what a train carrying a load of Muslim so-called ‘refugees’ into the EU looks like after they get off?

The train indicates its destination was Sweden. No wonder the Eastern European countries are refusing to allow the Muslim invaders onto their trains. This is the garbage that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is bringing in to Europe by the hundreds of thousands. 25,000 are headed for Canada and up to 200,000 could be headed for the U.S. soon. The images  are from asylkaos.wordpress.com 

migrants-in-sweden-by-train3 migrants-in-sweden-by-train6

migrants-in-sweden-by-train9 migrants-in-sweden-by-train10 migrants-in-sweden-by-train11 migrants-in-sweden-by-train15

migrants-in-sweden-by-train8 migrants-in-sweden-by-train16 migrants-in-sweden-by-train12


h/t David Y